MBA in IT Managment


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Program Description

The MBA programs of KBTU Business School are aimed at educating and preparing students for leadership positions. We encourage global vision and an understanding of transnational culture and develop students’ abilities to find creative and rational solutions to the challenges of doing business in today's complex interconnected world. Our graduates develop an awareness of how to effectively manage businesses of any size from a start-up to the transnational corporation and implement strategies that lead their companies to success.

Our MBA programs are designed both for experienced practitioners aspiring to revitalize or change their careers and for young professionals aspiring to build their careers. The program is structured to provide students with advanced business knowledge in various functional areas, cutting-edge leadership, and strategic-level decision-making skills and specialized knowledge and skills.

Program's Facts

  • Language of instruction: English
  • Duration: 15 months
  • Delivery mode:
    • Evenings + Saturdays (4 times a week);
    • 15 modules (12 months)
    • Internship, Business Project and Comprehensive Exam (3 months)
  • Starting date: September 2020
  • Tuition fee:(Full program) 3,300,000 KZT*
  • Discounts are available for KBTU graduates and Diploma with honors holders

Advantages of KBTU MBA Programs

  • Curriculum with a solid foundation and specialized knowledge
  • An international pool of faculty with high academic qualifications and professional experience
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Study and work concurrently - integrating your experience and widening your business horizons

Bloomberg Financial Lab

  • KBTU was the first university in Kazakhstan to install Bloomberg Professional, a global platform for real-time data and analytics used worldwide by financial professionals in banks, investment companies, and corporate departments.
  • The Bloomberg Financial Lab’s main goal is to help our students, faculty, and researchers advance using real-life cases, actual data, and advanced analytics on global financial markets, macroeconomics, and the world's corporate base.
  • The cutting-edge capabilities of the Bloomberg Financial Lab help us prepare uniquely trained specialists and researchers ready to succeed in the variety of fields from banking to logistics to engineering.

The MBA in Information Technology (IT) Management program is aimed at preparing students for successful careers in the application of information technology for business success. The specialized areas of study include the dynamics of change in IT, the business implications of the 'Internet of Things'(IoT), big data analytics, impacts of IT on business processes, organizational design and change management, and entrepreneurial strategy in the new economy.

MBA in IT Management Intended Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of the MBA program, graduates will be able to:

  • Illustrate a comprehensive understanding of how IT has changed the business environment in recent decades and examine key factors and trends likely to impact in the near future.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the dynamics and impact of disruptive IT on business change and the business environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key issues related to how IoT and big data analytics can and will impact organizations and businesses process now and in the future.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the inter-relationships and complementarities between information technology, entrepreneurship, and how to plot a strategic approach in a highly dynamic driving sector of the economy.

Degree Requirements

Specific course requirements for the MBA program are as follows:

Courses Credits
Core Courses 30
Specialization Courses 12
Internship 2
Research Work (Business Project / Thesis) 4
Final Attestation:
  • Comprehensive Exam (1 credit)
  • Business Project / Thesis Defense (3 credits)
Total 52

Program Core

  • Introduction to Business Strategy
  • Business Communications
  • Business Economics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Reporting and Management Control
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Research Methods
  • Corporate Finance
  • Globalization and Strategic Competitiveness (licensed from Harvard)

IT Specialization

  • Current trends in Business IT
  • IT, Organizational Design and Change Management
  • The 'Internet of Things'(IoT) and Big Data Analytics
  • IT, Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Enrollment Process

Step 1: Submit the required documents to KBTU Business School (July 2020)

  • Filled out an application;
  • Notarized copy of Higher Education Diploma (the original of the Diploma and Transcript);
  • Resume (in English);
  • 2 recommendation letters (in English);
  • Motivation letter (in English);
  • 6 photos 3x4;
  • Identification Document (copy and original);
  • Medical Reference No086-y + X-ray;
  • Copy of the Work Record Book or other documentary proof of employment history (if applicable);
  • Notarized copy of IELTS (6.0 or more) Certificate (if applicable) or a copy of payment receipt for English test.

Step 2: Main subject examination. (August 2020)

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KBTU considers its mission to provide high-quality education for future leaders in business and industry, to promote innovative technologies and research in the most advanced and prospective areas of ... Read More

KBTU considers its mission to provide high-quality education for future leaders in business and industry, to promote innovative technologies and research in the most advanced and prospective areas of science for the benefit of the region and the country as a whole. The strategic vision of the University is to promote the ideals of academic excellence, scientific progress, and national well-being, to maintain the status of an undisputed leader in the field of technical and business education. The major goals and ambitions of the university are the creation of a scientific and educational center with highly qualified scientific and pedagogical potential and a developed modern material and technical base, the development of a dual vocational training, training of highly qualified specialists who have professional and personal competencies with emphasis on financial, power-generating sector, spheres of high and information technologies and the maritime industry. Read less