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Program Description

The MBA Ostelea-EAE in Hospitality and Tourism of the Madrid Campus of Ostelea was born with the aim of training future leaders in the tourism sector: managers, professionals and entrepreneurs capable of managing, at the highest level, business projects in the tourism field and hotelier, for what affects, in a very special way, the development of managerial abilities and skills of a strategic nature.

For this reason, this program designed together with EAE Business School - a leading business school in Management at the international level * -incides, in a very special way, in the development of managerial abilities and skills of a strategic nature.

This MBA is also taught in Barcelona in English and the Online MBA in Spanish.

* According to Merco 2017 Ranking, EAE Business School was chosen as the 2nd most reputed school in Spain.

Reasons to study the MBA in Hospitality and Tourism:


  • The student will have the possibility of an International Tourism Residency in Saxion (Holland), Finance in ESG UQAM (Montréal, Canada) or Cross-Cultural Marketing in Kean University (NJ, USA) (additional cost).
  • Campus to Campus: Possibility of taking part of the MBA in the other Ostelea campus. Exchange with the MBA in Barcelona (in English) - in MBA in Madrid (accommodation and travel not included).

Management Skills

  • Management Experience: In the MBA program designed with EAE Business School, students will develop the basic skills to manage projects efficiently, the "Soft Skills".
  • Business Game and Case Methodology: Learning through real cases as the main methodology of this program, and business simulation through practice and execution in a context very close to reality.
  • Cycle of meetings with hotel managers and catering companies, and international tourism consultants.
  • Development of managerial competences with the Tourism Skills Development Program (TSDP).

Employability and Entrepreneurship

  • The MBA offers its students international internships in companies such as: Hilton, Tundra Hotels, Melia Hotels, among others
  • MBA students who want to start their own business will have access to the Entrepreneurs Project to receive advice.
  • Training Oriented towards employability. Through different activities:
    • Professional career itineraries
    • Employability Week
    • Employment forum
    • Graduate program (subject to convocation)
  • Seminar "Doing Business in Spain": Entrepreneurs in Spain tell us the key factors to take into account to be successful and be competitive in the Spanish market.

Other outstanding values

  • Seminars in Hospitality (Barcelona) or Sustainability (Madrid): 25 teaching hours.
  • Language Seminars: English or French to choose (limited places): 30 teaching hours / language

In the following video you can learn more about our MBA in Hospitality and Tourism, through its director, Hector Coronel:



Offer a management training with an international vision of the tourism industry , and an adaptable perspective to a changing and competitive environment.


Ensure tourism business management based on strategic plans and aimed at obtaining results.


Respond to the training needs of specialized managers in the tourism sector.


Develop the capacity for innovation and creative management in the directors of tourism and hotel companies.


Train the future leaders of the global hotel and tourism industry. Provide management skills and necessary competencies to executives and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to ensure dynamic, effective and successful leaderships.


Analyze the global trends of the sector, and acquire the perspectives and strategies to become ethical leaders of world tourism organizations.


The MBA in Hospitality and Tourism is classified in 6 modules:

  • Environment and global markets
  • Address of people
  • Address of the international company
  • Internationalization of the company
  • Master's thesis
  • Intensification Seminar

This program has the following characteristics:

  • Modular of 75 ECTS - 540 contact hours

or 45 subjects ECTS

or 15 ECTS of Master's Thesis

or 15 ECTS of Intensification in Hospitality

Professional careers

Ostelea offers its students a training oriented to employability

Therefore, students will have access to the TSDP (Tourism Skills Development Program): an exclusive program where they will learn to develop their skills and abilities.

The TSDP consists of 55 teaching hours that includes (limited places):

  • Management Skills
  • Public relations
  • advanced Excel
  • Turistic marketing
  • Coaching

In addition to a package of services whose purpose is to guide and accompany them to achieve their professional goals. These services include (subject to convocation) :

  • Itineraries (to choose one):
    • Employability: 3 workshops focused on the selection process and improvement of candidacy
    • Entrepreneurship: through the Entrepreneurs Project where they will receive advice
    • Career Transition: 5 workshops to guide students about their professional future
  • Talent Tourism Week: with the presence of relevant companies in the sector that will present their offers and then interview the students who are possible candidates
  • Employment forum: where several companies participate by publishing their offers online and interviewing our students
  • Graduate Program: prepared by multinational companies (Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Hotusa ...), whose objective is to select the most suitable candidates
  • Company Meetings: meetings between national and international companies, where students can learn the profiles most in demand in the sector

For this Master we highlight the following Professional Outputs:

Professional outings

  • Director or hotel manager, or other tourist establishments.
  • Operational director or responsible for functional areas in tourism companies.
  • Corporate director in hotel and tourism companies, in any of its functional areas.
  • Director of companies that operate in the tourism sector in general.
  • Responsibility charges in companies and public institutions of the sector.
  • Positions in companies offering complementary, marketing and marketing linked to the hotel and tourism industry
  • Entrepreneur in business of the tourism sector, or related to it.
  • Tourism and hotel consultant / consultant.

Admission and Titling Process


The admission process guarantees the suitability of the candidates, in this way all the participants will be able to take full advantage of this learning experience.

To start the admission process it is necessary to fill in the information request. From that moment Ostelea will contact the candidate to close an interview to which the following documentation must be submitted:

  • University degree
  • The Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Two letters of recommendation

After finishing the interview, the Admissions Committee will analyze case by case and communicate the resolution to the candidate to inform him of the status of his admission.



The participant who successfully completes the program will obtain TRIPLE TITLE : by Ostelea School of Tourism

Last updated Nov 2018

About the School

Ostelea is an international university centre, belonging to the Training division of Grupo Planeta, specializing in training professionals in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors with a passion for goo ... Read More

Ostelea is an international university centre, belonging to the Training division of Grupo Planeta, specializing in training professionals in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors with a passion for good service and a multicultural vision. Read less
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