MBA in Digital Transformation


Program Description

The Master in Business Administration MBA specialized in Digital Transformation of ENAE Business School puts at your disposal the knowledge, experiences, skills and techniques experienced to address an optimal management and administration of companies globally.

The definitive training to boost your career. Companies need true leaders, professionals capable of effectively conducting business towards the future.

At present, the priority of any organization is to be able to adapt to the incessant changes that are taking place thanks to the incorporation of technology and the Internet. The problem appears when companies begin to undertake these changes but do not know the steps they must take to make this transformation effective. For this reason, our MBA with specialization in Digital Transformation helps managers who lead the change to face the new challenges presented by the market and thus begin to implement the processes of digital transformation in any business project.

With the Specialization in Strategy and Digital Transformation you will learn the most demanded digital competences in the market, you will acquire a global vision of the different disciplines that make up this new digital era, as well as the skills necessary to promote and promote the inescapable cultural and technological changes in the XXI century.

You will know how digital technologies, robotics, automation, big data, machine learning, new communication and distribution channels and new forms of organization are affecting companies, allowing you to apply change effectively in the value chain.

With an efficient and practical training vision we put in your hands renewed management tools and techniques to lead a company or organization oriented to results. A fundamental experience to maximize the potential of a company.

Who is it for?

Indicated for professionals, executives, managers, managers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience who need to update their knowledge and acquire new skills and management strategies to implement in their current direction.



  • Understand the digital technologies that will impact the company in the near future forming Industry 4.0.
  • Recognize the current state of evolution of the digital transformation in all areas of the company.
  • Interpret the Strategic Marketing Planning in digital key.
  • Identify the needs of profiles and skills to carry out the necessary change in the organization.
  • Assimilate the technologies that make up the Digital transformation and learn how to apply them to the company through a Digital Transformation Plan.


Internship program

Our work internship program offers you the possibility to boost your career and acquire new skills in various companies in the sector. With ENAE you can complete your training with the unique experience of working in a European company.


In ENAE we have developed an active methodology with which we alternate concepts, techniques and methods of analysis in the development of practical cases applicable to the real company. We encourage teamwork to obtain greater professional experiences of teachers and students.

Business plan

During your Final Master Project, ENAE puts at your disposal qualified consultants in the field of Economics and Finance. Expert teachers and professionals will help you interpret and apply your training to make your final project a success.


  • Strategic Management and Digital Transformation
  • Innovation Management and Management
  • Business Intelligence Strategic Management Control
  • Financial Fundamentals Homogenization
  • Financial Planning and Budgets. Cost Management
  • Big Data applied to finance
  • Fintech Digital technologies in the financial sector
  • Fundamentals of Homogenization Marketing
  • Transforming the relationship with customers
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Tools for Data Science
  • Digital Transformation in Human Resources
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Business Coaching Management of digital skills
  • Operations Management Digitalization of the Suply Chain
  • Agile methodologies
  • Key concepts in Industries 4.0
  • Effective communication
  • Big Data in business
  • People Management and Human Resource Management
  • Market Globalization
  • Economic-Financial Analysis of the Company

Aid Geographic Mobility

ENAE facilitates the approach to its training programs to professionals residing in Spain in locations that, due to their remoteness or difficult connection, condition the possibility of carrying out a face-to-face program in our facilities.

For this, ENAE will finance the stay of Friday night in bed and breakfast, for those students who take a Master or course of more than 100 hours in their facilities and whose teaching takes place on Friday and Saturday. Students will have to prove to be residents in the established areas (*) accrediting it according to the means specified for the purpose.

(*) Established areas: all those locations that are more than 80 km away from Murcia capital.

Last updated Mar 2020

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ENAE Business School is an International Institution focused on postgraduate and executive training. Interaction with companies is considered central in inspiring and delivering ENAE Business School p ... Read More

ENAE Business School is an International Institution focused on postgraduate and executive training. Interaction with companies is considered central in inspiring and delivering ENAE Business School performance We believe that managerial and business training must rely on a selective admission process, experienced and qualified faculty together with interaction between students and businessmen, all this make possible the direct communication among business participants, students and professors in order to create the learning environment required for improving managerial capacities. Read less