MBA in Digital Marketing and Social Media in Barcelona

ESERP Business School

Program Description

MBA in Digital Marketing and Social Media in Barcelona

ESERP Business School

The content of the MBA programmes is adapted to the requirements of being a European Higher Education Area, offering 60 ECTS credits, guaranteeing a continuous, high-level of training for the improvement of management abilities and optimal development of attitudes like initiative, teamwork, or critical awareness.

ESERP’s MBA programmes place a special emphasis on the development of professional skills, always based on up-to-date information that will allow the student to apply the latest techniques and tools in a strategic manner. To achieve this, we depend on the support of a Faculty of Professors made up of specialised professionals who bring knowledge of current, real-life Business problems into the classroom.

In order to allow the student to integrate smoothly into business reality, as well as the decision-making process, we apply a dynamic and active system of instruction, using case studies and simulations as some of our teaching tools.



  • High-level capacity for organisation and management.
  • The ability to adapt to technological change and innovation.
  • The ability to provide strategic and operational plans for Senior Management.
  • Critical analysis and capacity for abstract thinking.
  • Efficiency in identifying, analysing, and solving problems.
  • An open-minded approach to the socio-economic and cultural landscape.

This also includes a high level of cultural enrichment, personally as well as professionally, during the course of daily activities, that translates the cost of education into productivity for businesses and organisations.


Case-Study: Case studies are used to study the functional areas of a business, most of which deal with real problems that can occur in any company.

PMO: Management and support tools to transform a project into reality, with a global and dynamic vision of the environment that includes its strengths and weaknesses.

Inspireo Workshop/LEGO methodology: Improved entrepreneurship training by unleashing the potential of individuals in a creative and participatory work environment. Implemented through INSPIREO WORKSHOP.

Balanced Scorecard (design of business management strategies): Management model based on goals whose achievement is measured using business indicators.

Team Building: Students are divided into small working groups. Group work is a fundamental part of training future professionals to take on positions of responsibility.

Study Plan

General Management

Financial Management: Management, strategy, and generating value.

  • Financial statuses. Profitability.
  • Budget creation, revision, and monitoring.

Risk management.

  • Financial risk: solvency and liquidity.
  • Commercial risk: credit management.

Legal and tax framework for business activities.

  • Companies and enterprise: legal framework.
  • Tax planning.

Business policy and general management. Organisation and strategy.

  • The nature and evolution of organisational thought
  • Organisational structure.

The function of Human Resources at a business

  • Business culture.
  • Systems for hiring and compensation.

Management skills. Leadership and motivation. Team management.

  • Leadership and management styles.
  • Mentoring & Empowerment.

Cooperation and conflict resolution. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

  • Procedure and techniques of collective bargaining. Labour unions.
  • Communications and conflict resolution.

Marketing and sales business management.

  • Marketing strategy and styles.
  • Consumer analysis. Market positioning.
  • Structure and function of the sales network: setting and achieving objectives.

Marketing strategies. Digital Marketing.

  • The brand: Meaning, concept, and evolution.
  • Strategic and operational marketing plan. CRM.
  • Digital marketing concepts. Website optimisation.

Market globalisation and internationalisation.

  • Competitive mechanisms of international markets.
  • Analysis of international markets. Geopolitical risk.
  • The internationalisation process for business.

Management of operations and purchasing. Supply Chain.

  • Optimal order management.
  • Optimisation of the supply chain.

Management of quality control. Management of innovation.

  • Quality and excellence – customer loyalty.
  • Quality control, analysis, and measurement Improvement plan.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Fundamentals of marketing and digital marketing.

  • The new stakeholder and consumer profiles.
  • Fundamentals of strategic marketing.
  • Evolution of marketing and marketing mix.
  • Introduction to digital marketing and digital strategy.

Community management

  • Facebook – Instagram – Google + – Pinterest, etc…
  • Linkedin.
  • Twitter.
  • CM Tools.
  • Blogging.
  • The figure of the community manager.
  • Management of corporate social networking crises.

Digital and Social Media strategy.

  • Social media strategist: net strategy.
  • Social crm.
  • Inbound Mktg.
  • Growth hacking.

Search-engine positioning.

  • SEO.
  • SEM.

Brand reputation.

  • Management of corporate and personal brands.
  • Reputation: audience vs. influence.


  • E-mail marketing and affiliate marketing/evaluation of return.
  • Mobile marketing.

Law for Digital Marketing.

  • Digital law.
  • Data protection – intellectual property.

Content marketing.

  • Content marketing.
  • Storytelling.
  • Crowdsourcing.
  • Gamification.

Innovation and new technology.

  • Technology experience and showroom.
  • Lot.

Management of digital marketing teams.

  • Organisation of digital marketing.
  • Management skills and skills management.
  • Communication skills.

(*)The content of the programme, schedule, or materials may be altered due to changes in academic planning.

(*)The order of the modules is for purposes of orientation in regards to the scheduling of the Master’s programme.

Career Opportunities

The programme will give you the ability to develop your professional activities in different areas, such as:

  • Director of Strategic Planning.

General Management. Accounting Management and Management Oversight. Analysis of new business opportunities. Purchasing Management Administrative-Financial Management Product Manager, Sales Manager y Brand Manager. Innovation, Research and Development Production Management Logistics, Quality Control, and Supply Project Management. The opening of new markets.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish

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Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
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