MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy


Program Description

The MBA in Digital Marketing strategy aims to give the students the necessary skills to achieve a successful career in the digital sector. The core courses of the MBA are focused on digital marketing and communication: digital and social media marketing strategy, Web-marketing, cross canal marketing, digital communication, e-business of internet of Things.

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General objective

MBA graduates of today prioritise task diversity, intellectual challenge and a work-life balance in their careers.

The MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy aims to give the students the necessary skills to path their way to a successful career in the digital sector

Learning outcomes

The students will develop the expertise required to evaluate, analyse and create digital marketing and digital communication campaigns, digital advertising, e-business and marketing of loT, websites, web projects and web startups. They will learn how to anticipate the evolution of the digital economy, e-business and digital marketing.

We propose innovative courses on mobile and IoT marketing that are really challenging today.

Blended Learning

One of our pedagogical approaches will be the use of case studies in different courses. Students will be given the opportunity to work on real business problems with companies whilst working on their junior consultant project.

They will also be encouraged to follow specific MOOC’s on digital marketing, web marketing and digital communication.

Program Overview

At the end of the programme, you will be required to do a 6-month mission in a company of your choice (anywhere in the world) where you will put your knowledge into practice. EMLV will give you access to a list of internship and job offers in your field through its Corporate Relations Department, Alumni network, school and MBA partners.


Semester 1

  • Upgrading sessions
  • Website and application project
  • Data mining for e-commerce & e-merchandising
  • Digital communication & social media marketing
  • Web project management
  • Creating and managing a web start-up

Semester 2

  • Web, social media, cross canal marketing
  • Online reputation & crisis management
  • Social media KPI & analytics
  • Digital advertising
  • Social gaming & gamification
  • Mobile & IoT marketing
Example of courses

Foundation courses

  • Online reputation & Crisis management
  • Web, social media
  • & Cross Canal Marketing
  • Social Media KPI and Analytics
  • Web Project Management
  • Creating and Managing a web startup


  • Community Management
  • Editorial Content
  • Storytelling and Personal Branding
  • Website & Application Creation
  • UX and Web Site Design
  • Data Mining for e-commerce
  • & e-merchandising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Gaming and Gamification
  • Mobile & IoT Marketing

Core courses

  • Law and New Technologies
  • Big Data


Junior Consultant Project

The students work with firms on a digital and social media strategy. They act as a junior consultant by developing a digital marketing strategy. At the end of the project, the student will be able to apply the concepts, tools and methods taught during the course in a professional context and to coordinate a mission from the formulation of the recommendations to the operational expectations of customers.

Professional Project

Students must develop their professional project by working on their resume, cover letter, and presentation. This course enlightens students on how to develop and map their future orientations and careers.

Useful Information

From day one, when the International Relations Department meets you at the airport and helps you settle in Paris, you will get support from administrative and academic staff to make your learning experience in Paris really amazing!

Entry requirements

  • Applicants must have 120 American credits, or 240 ECTS credits. Yet, applicants with 90 American credits or 180 ECTS credits and 2 years of professional experience can be candidates for the MBA.
  • English test IELTS 6.0 or equivalent requested
  • Interview (either face-to-face or at distance)
Last updated October 2019

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Ideally located in the heart of La Défense Business District, the Pôle Universitaire Léonard De Vinci unites more than 6500 students within its four schools which deliver degrees which are recognized by employers: The Graduate School of Engineering (ESILV), The Management School (EMLV) and The Institute of Internet & Multimedia (IIM). Read less