Digital companies need professionals with specific and multidisciplinary training who are agile, flexible and capable of adapting to change in an increasingly fluid and fast-moving world.

The MBA in Digital Business aims to form visionary leaders capable of managing change in volatile, uncertain, very complex or ever changing environments.

By completing the MBA in Digital Business you will understand how a digitized company works and will be able to manage and organize it in order to design growth strategies, acquiring solid knowledge about business and organization models, strategic and financial planning, agility, marketing, internationalization and leadership.

What will I learn?

By completing the MBA in Digital Business you will be perfectly able to:

  • Undertake with guarantees of success.
  • Apply agile methods: Lean Startup, Scrum, Open Innovation, etc.
  • Create your own business, from your idea conception until you put it into practice;
  • Know the fundamental aspects of strategic economic and financial planning;
  • Apply the "Corporate Entrepreneurship" in your Organization;
  • Understand the new Internet business models;
  • Develop a Business Plan and present it to potential investors;
  • Leverage technology and innovation in your company strategy
  • To know the different ways of accessing capital (Friends
  • Integrate new digital marketing techniques: Social Media, SEO, SEM.
  • Manage sales more effectively.
  • Leading and selecting high-performance teams
  • Make quick and successful decisions
  • Prepare the key budgets of a new company.

To whom is it directed?

The MBA in Digital Business provides training specifically geared to the following profiles:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their training to start their own business projects.
  • Future entrepreneurs who want to change their way of life for a more entrepreneurial, being thus their own bosses and where by their own means lead their professional course.
  • Managers who are fully active in innovation processes and structural changes.
  • PMES managers, young entrepreneurs and recent graduates who want to expand their knowledge in a fundamental aspect that does not offer any of the traditional business schools.

Study Plans

The MBA in Digital Business is organized as follows:

Module 1. Lean Startup

  • Lean StartUp and Customer Development I
  • Customer Development II and Business Model
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Masterclass: Lean StartUp Success Story
  • Masterclass: Success Case Innovation

Module 2. Business Strategy

  • Strategic Direction, Competitive Analysis
  • Direction of Digital Operations
  • Business Models
  • Masterclass: The new rules of the game of the digital environment
  • Masterclass: Growing is the only barrier of digital companies

Module 3. Agile product development

  • Design Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Agile
  • Masterclass: Design Thinking. Putting the customer in the center of the business
  • Masterclass: Case of success agile methodologies

Module 4. Products and Services

  • Product Phases: Development, Release and maturity, refusal
  • Product Team and Product Plan
  • Digital Products: Web, Apps, Digital Project Management
  • Masterclass: The person as the first prototype
  • Masterclass: Keys and creativity for communication and creativity for communicating new products and content maps

Module 5. Marketing

  • Marketing: Strategies and Tools for Success
  • Marketing direction in the company: Implementation of the Marketing Plan
  • Distribution / Retail / Deployment
  • Masterclass: Ecommerce Success Case
  • Masterclass: Ads from Sinsajo

Module 6. HR

  • Leadership and Motivation / Time Management
  • Team Management and People Selection
  • Remuneration and remuneration practices: Contributions
  • Masterclass: The new HR StartUps for capturing digital talent
  • Masterclass: The goal of HR for 2020 is to promote digital skills

Module 7. Customers and Marketing

  • Sales Principles
  • Sales, negotiation, presentation and storytelling techniques
  • Sales and Distribution Plan
  • Masterclass: Diving into the needs of the customer to win the authentic sale
  • Masterclass: Emotional Intelligence to Sell More

Module 8. Logistics

  • Distribution plan in the company
  • Logistics and DropShipping
  • Ecommerce Logistics
  • Masterclass: Case of Amazon success
  • Masterclass: PC Logistics Plan Components

Module 9. Marketing PULL

  • Inbound marketing: Marketing Advertising. The art of attracting customers
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Automation Marketing
  • Masterclass: Linkedin
  • Masterclass: Youtube

Module 10. Finance and Accounting

  • Economy and Business
  • States and Economic Projections in the company
  • Management and Financial Accounting / Investment Analysis
  • Masterclass: How much is my company worth?
  • Masterclass: Blockchain will change the economy as we know it today

Module 11. Marketing PUSH

  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Masterclass: Advergaming
  • Masterclass: Lean Marketing

Module 12. Investment and Financing

  • Valuation of Business Projects and Presentation to Investors, Pitch Deck, Executive Summary
  • Sources of finance for companies
  • M
  • Masterclass: Analyzing a business accelerator when it comes to investing in a StartUp
  • Masterclass: How to get my first investors in the project

Module 13. Analytics and UX

  • Business Analytics
  • Data driven and BI models
  • Customer Experience
  • Masterclass: Inside a Big Data System
  • Masterclass: Analytics in Talent Management

Module 14. Legal

  • The Business Vehicle
  • Commercial, Tax, Labor, Digital
  • Protection and Exploration
  • Masterclass: Protection of intangibles: branding, software and algorithms
  • Masterclass: Legal objectives for digital transformation

Module 15. Launching

  • Strategy for Growth
  • Growth Strategy I
  • Growth Strategy II
  • Masterclass

Module 16. International

  • International Markets
  • Organizational and Strategic Models for Internationalization / Legal and Finances for Internalization
  • International / Online Marketing
  • Masterclass: How to start an international online marketing campaign and why
  • Masterclass: How to get to the American market
  • Master Final Project

* The study plan and the masterclass may suffer changes due to the updating and improvement of the same.

Why choose us?

Find out what sets us apart.

Online School # 1

IEBS is the first online school to appear in the CSIC ranking and the 9th best in Spain.

Ibero-American Ranking

2nd Online Business School in the Ibero-American ranking of Business Schools.

Double Titration

Agreements for the accreditation of our degrees with the most prestigious universities

Educational Excellence

Awarded with Educational Excellence through the Educaedu portal

Star of Gold 2017

From the Institute for Business Excellence for the contribution and commitment to the educational quality of IEBS .

Most Innovative Profile

We apply innovation in learning. Recognized by Fecyt as one of the most innovative profiles.

Quality Learning

The only online school accredited to meet the stringent requirements to convey quality e-learning

Industry Experts

IEBS teachers meet four requirements: Knowledge, Experience, Empathy, Passion for teaching.

Innovative learning model

At IEBS we apply the most modern methodologies and learning techniques. The programs are developed following systems of agile methodologies and structured into weekly classes where the student has a set of goals and targets to meet, plus a project to implement from the knowledge gained with the guidance and supervision of a mentor.

What does it consist of?

  • Inverted class: we start with the project you need to solve
  • Learning by projects: we learn by doing and listening
  • Team work: we work and learn in groups
  • Formal, informal and social learning: we use all the useful resources available

How it works?

  • The principle of each class and module is always a project to be developed
  • The student accesses the formal and informal didactic resources proposed by the teacher
  • Participation in debates to reinforce concepts and key ideas
  • Arrangement of a mentor, an industry expert who developed classes, to solve their problems and have real-world feedback.

Program Summary

How long does it last?

It has a duration of 750 hours.

How much is it?

Has a price of: U $ S 6,250

When does it start?

Starts 04/25/2019.


With IEBS in interest-free tuition.

Available Scholarships

  • Smart Bag: Save 25% off the price
  • Impulse Bag: Save 40% off the price

Application process

  1. Complete and submit the online application
  2. Conduct a personal interview and a fitness test
  3. Registration formalization
Program taught in:
  • Portuguese
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