MBA Tourism Strategic Management


Program Description


Strategic Management in Tourism – professional Master’s study program


  • 50% of students come from countries which up to now you have introduced only by map. Now you have an opportunity to get acquainted with people, culture, and understanding of these countries!
  • There have been around 1 billion international travels in the year 2014

Professional master's study program Strategic Management in Tourism has obtained the prestigious UNWTO – UN World Tourism Organization TedQual accreditation to the maximum possible term – four years, until the Year 2018.

program IS ACCREDITED by the Year 2019, TedQual certificate.

DEGREE: Professional Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA)

QUALIFICATION: Manager of enterprises and institutions


STUDY program: in English or Latvian

Studies in Strategic Tourism management prepare students for work around the world. It is a great opportunity for students who see their career in an international environment.


  • acquired knowledge of the world tourism market will help you effectively manage tourism and hospitality company both in Latvia and abroad;
  • if you are interested in research and you want to realize trends in tourism development, find the best way for developing tourism product, you can work as tourism development and research project manager;
  • when working as a tourism expert in municipalities and tourism information centers, you can promote tourism development in regions of Latvia. The work area of the tourism field is very wide and is waiting for such young specialists as you!

TRAINEESHIP in Latvian or foreign tourism and hospitality companies in the 1st academic year (full-time studies) or 1st and 2nd academic year (part-time studies) depending on the mode of studies.



  • In the 1st Academic Year, students acquire methods and regularities of tourism strategic management, planning and projecting. You will be introduced to international tourism environment and the current trends of it. One of the course objectives will be to carry out research papers in tourism planning and marketing. During study trips you will visit tourism destinations; you will be introduced to successful experiences in the tourism industry in international level and meet professionals in the field.
  • In the 2nd Academic Year, theoretical knowledge will be strengthened in practice in tourism and hospitality companies. You will carry out creative and independent researchers integrating knowledge of various areas and solving topical problems of the industry and companies. By using knowledge acquired in the previous courses and experience gained during pre-master practice, you will develop a master thesis.


1st Academic Year

  • International tourism environment
  • Strategic planning of tourism
  • Crisis management in tourism
  • Finance management
  • Organizational communication
  • Strategic and change management
  • Legal regulations of tourism
  • Tourism marketing strategy
  • Traineeship

Optional courses of study

  • Management and development of human resources
  • Economics theory
  • Sustainable development and tourism
  • Business activities in tourism
  • Commercial law
  • Quality management
  • Process optimization in tourism
  • Methodology of tourism research
  • Management of hotel systems

2nd Academic Year

  • Pre-master traineeship
  • State examination – Master thesis

The content of the study program during studies can be updated and changed on the base of labor market requirements and regulations of the Minister Cabinet *.

The content of the study programs may differ on the base of study mode **.

Last updated Nov 2019

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Turiba University has received recognition of employers and ranked in the top position of the most recognized universities. 99.61% of graduates are employed – it is the highest employment rate among Latvian universities, furthermore, more than 80% university students is working during their studies. Read less