Program Description

Master of Business Administration

It’s science and art of business management under the conditions of dynamic business environment and intense competition. In the modern business world, MBA is a key qualification for managers’ promotion in their career.

MIM-Kyiv MBA program is quality managerial education that guarantees your personal competitiveness as a manager and also your company’s competitiveness. The art of management which is taught at MBA program is based on the profound understanding of laws and practice of modern business, marketing, international business development trends. Practice-oriented methods of teaching, real business consulting skills, intensive decision-making training through business computer simulations generate students’ complex business problems vision and skills of quickly responding to the challenges of the new reality of doing business in Ukraine and beyond its borders.

MIM-Kyiv MBA program’s advantages are

-Perfect reputation and extensive experience in the CIS business education market since 1989.
-Highly professional, creative, internationally recognized faculty.
-Modern practice-based teaching methods — consulting projects for real business structures.
-International component — study tour abroad with an international certificate of western business schools being awarded.
-Partnership with world’s top business schools in using business computer simulations in marketing, finance, banking and strategic management.

Accreditation and international recognition

In 1990 MIM-Kyiv business school was the first in Ukraine to start MBA program according to the international standard. According to the decision of State accreditation commission of Ukraine International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) was granted the right (license АВ № 363643 of 17.12.2007) to provide educational services, connected with receiving higher education on the level of qualification requirements to the master according to the specialty “Business Administration”.

In 2004 International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) was the first Ukrainian business school to receive International Quality Accreditation (IQA) of the Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN) as one that meets the international standards of business education and encourages business environment development.

MBA program core courses

1. MIM-Kyiv MBA program is a classic program that meets MBA international standards and consists of three major blocks. The courses of the first block are aimed at understanding principal economic laws, business development trends, interrelations that influence company’s competitive strategy, its activity, and development in the modern competitive business environment. The core courses of this block include:
-Financial Analysis of the Company
-International Business / International Economics

2. The courses of the second block are aimed at studying specific functions of management activity for creating company’s competitive strategy; forming the knowledge and skills of using technical, economic, financial instruments in management activity. The core courses of this block include:
-Strategic Management
-Financial Management
-Management Accounting
-Business Law

3. At the third stage of studies, simultaneously with the work on the consulting project, students have the opportunity to integrate fundamental economic knowledge, managerial skills and modern international experience for efficient personal leadership, development and effective implementation of company’s competitiveness strategy. The core courses of this block include:
-Project Management
-International Financial Markets and Investment Management / FAST
-Corporate Governance
-International Accounting
-Strategic Marketing (MARKSTRAT)
-Management Psychology

Performing MBA consulting project at the request of Ukrainian and international companies is one of the key components of the program. The project is performed for six months. During the performance of consulting project under the guidance of experienced business experts the students form the solution strategies for real business problems based on the integration of acquired knowledge and skills; develop and deepen multifunctional expert teamwork skills, improve their presentation skills and business ideas defense skills.

MIM-Kyiv MBA program is accompanied by intensive English language learning aimed at mastering business terminology and being able to communicate in the professional business environment.

At the second year of study, the students go on a compulsory study tour to a country with high level of business competitiveness. Upon completion the studies they take the final examination and defend a thesis.

Admission conditions: Admission is based on the open competition according to the results of consideration of candidates’ application forms, individual interview and admission tests (general and English language)

Program format: Modular MBA One full week (Monday-Saturday, from 9.00 to 18.00) once in two months.
Evening MBA Twice a week on workdays (from 17.30 to 21.30) and on Saturday (from 9.00 to 18.00) once in two weeks

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About the School

What does studying at a business school mean? To say the least, it means acquiring formal knowledge; not any business school can educate a person or, moreover, induce one to something. It can just pro ... Read More

What does studying at a business school mean? To say the least, it means acquiring formal knowledge; not any business school can educate a person or, moreover, induce one to something. It can just provide knowledge. It can form system vision of one’s own business, boost new thinking and new development strategies. It can be the site which intensively accumulates collective experience, where new approaches to business management arise and new contacts are established. Business education phenomenon also means involving a person into the community of people sharing the same ideas, the community of high-fliers who are aware of challenges of their time and strive for personal development. It is this community that shapes the creative environment, provoking original ideas, selecting and testing mechanisms for their successful implementation. It is at a business school that partnership network between business and an educational institution is created and becomes a platform for discussing and testing new business strategies, employing efficient tools to enhance business competitiveness. At MIM-Kyiv versatile partnership and comprehensive ties are promoted through the community of alumni the number of which is over 1500 (MBA program). Many of them are the heads of well-known domestic and multinational companies. Forming a system vision of business and strategies for its development as well as mechanisms and tools for efficient achievement of company’s major objectives is a guaranteed outcome of studying at MIM-Kyiv which, in fact, is a challenge to conventional organizational business culture. The MBA program at MIM-Kyiv is based on philosophy and methodology of competitiveness which embraces the whole period of studying. Together with Ukrainian business, we are considering the ways of entering new markets, launching new ideas, reaching new levels of business development. And we focus on those who are aware of these novelty trends. MIM-Kyiv being scientific and practical business school creates a new vision for the civilized development of Ukrainian entrepreneurship and its integration into world economy. We are looking ahead saying, that efficiency of our business is being measured not only in financial terms but more and more in terms of its impact on the society, on the social and ecological environment. The evidence of this is implementing the principles of socially responsible business – the global initiative of the UNO. The near future will witness that without observing these principles the growth of quality results neither of a separate enterprise nor that of the country as a whole is possible. History The International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) was established in 1989 at the initiative of Bohdan D. Hawrylyshyn, a prominent scientist, philosopher and public figure.It was a joint venture of the International Management Institute, Genera (later IMD) Switzerland, one of the best business schools in Europe, and the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. It was the first business school in CIS countries and it started in Kyiv! Since then “the first” has been steadily attributed to MIM Kyiv, to its story of success. To be the first always implies responsibility. To determine and establish new trends and standards is the rule for MIM-Kyiv. Read less