MBA Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence


Program Description

Initiated in 2005, the MBA Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence (MSIE) is unique in France today, because it is truly at the crossroads of economic intelligence and strategic management .

By going beyond the traditional approaches of organizational management and competitive analysis, the MSIE continuous training offers methodologies adapted to the new needs of decision-makers faced with the rise of economic clashes.

The schedules are compatible with a full-time professional activity. The personalized accompaniment of the auditors towards the achievement of their professional objectives is the pedagogical characteristic of the EMT.

In addition, the L'Ecole de Guerre Economique is the certifying body for the title " Expert (e) in economic intelligence ", level I, registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).


Since 2002, the Ecole de Guerre Economique has been ranked as the best French formation in "Economic Intelligence" by the Eduniversal-SMBG guide of the Best Masters and 7th best master in 2017 in "Masters in Business Intelligence, Knowledge and Security Management" (Best-

Christian Harbulot, the director of the program, received the best pedagogue prize for all the courses in 2005 at the Pedagogy Awards.


  • Give auditors the keys to economic intelligence project management.
  • Learn, reproduce and apply the methodologies of the best practitioners in economic intelligence.

Who is the training for?

The MBA Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence training is of high level and is aimed at executives and managers of all functions (business development, marketing, commercial, finance, legal, strategy, R


In 20 years of existence, the School of Economic War has forged strong relationships with its institutional partners, academic or technical, both in France and internationally. For example: EI Institute, CCI France, Prometheus Foundation, ANAJ-IHEDN, Big Data Alliance, Lexis Nexis, KB Crawl, Gephi Consortium, etc.

Course program

The MBA Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence course has an average duration of 320 teaching hours plus 80 other hours of directed exercises.

It is broken down into 3 teaching modules and 2 calendars adapted for each professional activity.

  • Lessons: This involves understanding the interaction between geoeconomic, competitive and societal issues, deciphering the new sources of economic competition, ruptures, alliances and coalitions, identifying economic expansion methods and new approaches to economic development. conquest of the market.
  • Directed exercises: The EGE pedagogy is mainly based on acting out, that is to say exercises carried out from cases proposed by companies, administrations or economic actors of civil society.
  • Personal work: It is about preparing a future decision-maker to know how to use all the springs of the information society. Driving a business involves a new approach to management through learning and mastering tools for research, information analysis and decision support.


Faced with a rise in risk and its exposure to the international market due to globalization, the company must now have a head start.

The growing interdependence between the economic, political and societal spheres, combined with a world of communication disrupted by new technologies, has considerably increased the need for companies to provide strategic, reliable and high value-added information.

Managing this flow of information requires specific know-how that the EI professional masters.

The core business of economic intelligence focuses on the information cycle which is the very essence of the discipline. This cycle summarizes the information processing by the company and defines the expertise necessary for its control.


The School offers you the possibility, for all its courses, to apply online throughout the year: from January to December.

The selection of candidates is done on file (CV application questionnaire) followed by a motivation interview.

Admission requirements for the MBA Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence training:

Bac 4 validated and 3 years of experience on framework functions.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Companies move with a crisis world where the development issue is completely linked to confrontation’s notion.

Companies move with a crisis world where the development issue is completely linked to confrontation’s notion. Read less