MBA Specialized Strategy and Economic Intelligence


Program Description

Training reference in France, ranked 1st in the Eduniversal palmares since 2002, the MBA Specialized Economic Intelligence Strategy SIE also gives access to the title "Expert (e) in economic intelligence" , level I, registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) .

Organized around a teaching center (reference program in Strategy and Economic Intelligence) and an applied research center in IE, this pioneering structure in Europe is firmly anchored in a transdisciplinary approach to reading the balance of power. International.

While the concept of economic war has conveyed many ambiguities, not epistemological but ideological, the theoretical research conducted in recent years now tends to clarify and validate our approach to competitive confrontations.


Since 2002, she has been ranked as the best French formation in "Economic Intelligence" by the Eduniversal-SMBG guide for the Best Masters and 8th best master in the world in 2017 in " Masters in Business Intelligence, Knowledge and Security Management " (

Christian Harbulot, the director of the program, received the prize for the best pedagogic trainer in 2011 for the Pedagogy Awards.


Train the best experts in strategy and business intelligence.

Who is the training for?

The MBA Strategy and Economic Intelligence is aimed at students from universities, business schools, engineers, IEPs and professionals.

Course program

The reform of our pedagogy came into effect at the beginning of the 2015/2016 academic year. It is structured around three main principles:

  • A restructuring of the seven course modules
  • Greater consideration of individual work
  • A dynamic learning of the EI spread over the year in fourteen exercises.

The creation of a Business Development module reflects our desire to anchor some of the lessons of the EMT in the issue of developing the competitiveness of companies. It seems to us essential to train our students in information management methods adapted to the context of global competition. The module dedicated to analysis and methodology has a transdisciplinary vocation that allows to cross the contributions of the management, the sociology of organizations and the actual IE.

Individual work now accounts for 30% of the overall score. This change in evaluation does not call into question the importance of group exercises but aims to better understand the evolution of knowledge acquisition.

The strength of the EMT today is its ability to give students real cases to be treated in different forms of exercise. Their number and diversity position us today as the only training to teach EI by combining the production of knowledge, control of economic power relations and the use of information technology.

  • Module 1: Understanding Economic Intelligence
  • Module 2: Geoeconomics and Globalization
  • Module 3: Information Management and Knowledge Production
  • Module 4: Analysis and Methodology
  • Module 5: Risk Management
  • Module 6: Business Development and Economic Intelligence
  • Module 7: Influence Operations
  • Operational exercises

MercurIE professionalization program

Professionalization program in economic intelligence

MercurIE is one of the teaching responses of the EGE which allows the student in initial training "Economic Intelligence Strategy EIS" to understand the strategic axes developed by a company.

By team, students work for the benefit of a management of a large group, an SME or an actor in the public or parapublic sector to conduct a study that requires perfect manipulation of the methodology taught.

Over 8 months, one day per week, accompanied by a teacher from the School and executives from the partner company, the students redefine the theme of the study, set up a system of monitoring and collection of information, carry out the study with the meeting of experts and field operations (trade shows, visit?) and finalize the document with a set of recommendations to follow.

They must then support their work with a presentation within the department concerned.

This MercurIE program is much more than an internship since it gives the opportunity to the students to implement all or part of the taught program and develops a collaborative work within prestigious structures like Innovation Works of the EADS Group, the R


Since its creation in 1997, the L'Ecole de Guerre Economique has established itself as the European reference of education in economic intelligence .

A key player in the French landscape of EI, the L'Ecole de Guerre Economique is distinguished by its permanent desire to promote EI .

Its alumni network is the largest and one of the most powerful in France in IE. The Alumni Association (AEGE), which brings together all the graduates of the School (initial training and continuing education) represents more than 1700 active members .

The professional integration, in the trades of the EI, is of the order of 85%.

This figure alone illustrates the EGE's excellent reputation among businesses and governments.


The School offers you the possibility, for all its courses, to apply online throughout the year: from January to December.

The selection of candidates is done on file (CV application questionnaire) followed by a motivation interview.

Conditions of admission:

Bac 4 validated or Bac 3 and 3 years of experience on frame functions.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Companies move with a crisis world where the development issue is completely linked to confrontation’s notion.

Companies move with a crisis world where the development issue is completely linked to confrontation’s notion. Read less