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The Baltimore MBA – Powerful, Flexible and Designed by YOU.

The University of Baltimore MBA is designed with you (and your employer) in mind. You have the option to take classes in a traditional classroom, online or both—it's your choice. Whatever you decide, you'll learn alongside other students who are looking to grow professionally, just like you. AACSB International accreditation ensures that we are offering you a quality program that may help you today—but ultimately provide you with the knowledge and skills for tomorrow.

We're flexible when it comes to starting the MBA program.

ATTEND CLASS ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE You have six opportunities to enter the program–at the start of any session.

A Flexible MBA that allows you to create your future.

You work full-time. You travel a couple times a month. You coach little league. What if you had the flexibility to pursue your MBA and still could do all those things? The University of Baltimore has a long history of having business programs that allow busy professionals to also pursue their educational goals while living their daily lives. Enrolling in the UB MBA program allows you to choose:

  • how fast you want to complete your degree;
  • how you want to take your classes (traditional classrooms, online or both);
  • how many classes per session or semester you want to take;
  • your specialization or you can build a custom one that suits your career goals.

What is the Flexible MBA?

A Flexible MBA benefits the working professional. The UB MBA program is designed so that you can intersect both your personal life with your academic life. Many MBA programs are full-time and cohort-based, which is not always easy for a working professional. The UB MBA program is flexible. Students may choose to dedicate all their time to earn their degree by going full-time — or they may choose to work and take classes, part-time.

What makes a UB MBA—flexible?

All of the UB MBA classes are taught in the evening (starting at 6 p.m.) so it makes it easy for you to get to class on-campus if you prefer a face-to-face course. The UB MBA offers 50 percent of our courses online (all required core program requirements are online). Our online courses are taught in an asynchronous format, so even if you are in a different time zone you can complete your assignments or take your exams.

What are the benefits?

You are in control of your day and have the flexibility to decide what kind of learning environment works for you. You'll have a full-time faculty that knows how to teach working professionals and provides practical experience in business scenarios. In addition, we hire business professionals to teach courses and bring their expertise in specialized courses.

Here's everything you want to know about the University of Baltimore MBA:

It’s inspired by real-world business challenges.

As long as the MBA has been offered at the University of Baltimore, we've kept the needs of business in mind. Our program was built with the advice and expertise of the Baltimore business community, our esteemed alumni, and current and prospective students and faculty. The goal was simple and straightforward: Make it real. Make it relevant. Make it useful to our students, for years to come. In higher education, sometimes course curriculum is created behind closed doors—theory does not always go hand in hand with practice. Our approach is different. We consult with business leaders from some of the area's top companies. We survey students and alumni. We hold focus groups. We conduct secondary research. It is essential that the UB MBA meet the needs of the students we serve and the business community that hires them. We recognize that there is a strong demand for the MBA. Any 21st-century graduate business degree, however, must be applicable to a fast-paced, globally scaled business environment. It must reach a student population that is connected via technology like no other generation in history. We encourage our students to blaze a trail in business and the community at large—and that requires an MBA that is as flexible as it is applicable.

It’s driven by the most relevant issues in business today.

Our MBA is built around six principal themes:

  • Managing Innovation and Strategy
  • Leading and Managing People
  • Interfacing with External Stakeholders
  • Managing the Value Chain
  • Managing Performance and Risk
  • Leveraging Technology and Business Intelligence

Every course in UB's MBA program fits into at least one or more these themes. For example, our Creativity and the Entrepreneur Mindset course prepares students to be innovators, while Business Analytics delivers knowledge about the increasingly important uses of Big Data.

It empowers you to build your own MBA.

It's your choice. We know that you are looking to grow professionally—and our "flexible core" allows you to forge an entrepreneurial or corporate path or a little bit of both. While there is a set of required core courses that all students must take, the MBA's "flexible core" allows students to choose between an entrepreneurial or a corporate focus. For example, the core sequence in finance has students take Financial Management for 1.5 credits—then they have the option to choose either Entrepreneurial Finance or Corporate Finance, each for 1.5 credits. This approach gives students the common foundation of learning what employers expect while encouraging them to select a focus that suits their needs and career aspirations. You can also choose from a variety of elective courses to fulfill one of 10 specializations.

It’s available on campus and online.

The MBA gives students the opportunity to take classes on campus online in an engaging Web environment. And we know how to teach and deliver an MBA program online—after all, we were the first school in the world to offer an online AACSB accredited MBA program.

Last updated Feb 2019

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