Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a program designed to prepare students for future careers in business and management. MBA can be useful not only in business. This Degree is often obtained by workers at managing positions in public organizations and government bodies. This program gives graduates the management skills necessary for senior positions occupation.

Today, MBA Degree is aimed at obtaining knowledge for the comprehensive understanding of modern business. It is the most demanded program to study abroad, which is recognized internationally.

MBA program is above all designed for professionals, who already have significant management experience and a university degree. Master’s Degree in Management allows to systematize the existing knowledge, get new skills in business administration and learn to apply everything in practice. Graduates receive classical qualifying degree in business management in accordance with international standards. This is a great opportunity to study in Ukraine for international students.

MBA Diploma is usually obtained by top and middle managers, specialists of personal reserve, as well as small or medium business owners. This Degree opens great prospects for future entrepreneurs and job opportunities in various fields.

There are 3 main reasons to study at this Master’s program at Poltava University of Economics and Trade:

  1. it lets students get a better understanding of business functioning: they analyze real business cases, gain experience and ability to find a solution to complex problems, learn to think globally and effectively. Ultimately, it changes the perception and vision of today’s business. The MBA training program at Poltava University of Economics and Trade is practice-oriented. This is the reason why classroom is never boring.
  2. obtaining an MBA Degree lays a solid foundation, bringing good dividends in the future. Specialized management courses provide the knowledge that will be useful in the working environment and help acquire useful contacts in the real business environment. Experienced graduates of this program treat the information professionally. They are able to bring the experience in accordance with the theoretical basis, that helps to increase its usefulness to businesses.
  3. MBA – is the status, the elite level of qualification, which provides high recognition among professionals in the field. This Degree opens doors to leading multinational companies. In some of them, it is impossible to get a high position without it.


The syllabus covers such specialized management courses as:

  • strategic management
  • managerial accounting
  • personnel management
  • marketing management
  • crisis management
  • financial management
  • corporate governance
  • efficiency management
  • innovation management
  • administrative management
  • brand management
  • fundamentals of leadership
  • corporate governance
  • security management at the enterprise
  • information systems in management
  • E-business
  • fundraising and other


The MBA graduates have the following job opportunities:

  • Director (manager) of small/medium enterprise in various fields
    • in the administrative activities
    • consulting services
    • marketing
    • supplies
    • advertising
    • public relations
    • social security sphere
    • regional development
  • Deputy Director of Department (Head of Department)
  • Head of projects or programs in material (non-material) production
  • Head of Departments (Chief Specialist of the company)
  • Manager of the Agency
    • insurance
    • trading
    • real estate
    • advertising
    • consulting
    • etc
  • Consultant on Economic Issues
  • Adviser in the Office of Public Authorities


To apply for MBA Degree students must obtain Bachelor Degree and pass the interview on specialized subjects (see syllabus above) and foreign language. The duration of study for those students, who have received a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Sciences is 1,5 years. Those students, who have received a Bachelor’s Degree in another field, study for 2 years.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
This course is Campus based
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Sep 2020
3 - 4 semesters
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Start Date
Sep 2020
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Sep 2020

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