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The Magellan MBA is an international programme that requires risk taking, teamwork and entrepreneurship. It will challenges your abilities and take you to new horizons. Prepare for your journey.

The Magellan MBA is a full-time 14 month programme that is aimed at fast-tracking professionals that, regardless of their past academic background, seek to develop a career in management with a strong international perspective.

The programme is structured to enable the students to become proficient in general management and well trained in specific functional management areas, such as Marketing, Operations, Finance & Accounting, Organisational Development and International Business. Significant attention is also given to soft skills training throughout the programme, to ensure that managerial knowledge goes hand in hand with the growth of individual skills, such as personal communication, leadership and negotiation.

In The Magellan MBA Programme, international professors use innovative teaching methods to present cutting edge ideas and real business applications. Faculty have extensive experience in management and consulting at organizations around the world.

Each year students attend an international week of training in a renowned business school outside of Portugal. At the end of the programme all students participate in one of the following programmes of their choice: a company internship or a new business project, all two of which test and solidify skills in management.


1. Top Quality Programme
2. Successful career path of our MBA students
3. Hands-On Approach
4. Excellent Price/Quality Ratio
5. Potential for an International Career
6. Access to an extensive network of Alumni and Companies
7. Outstanding Location


(Starting date: September 2013)


The five-week long foundation period aims at providing students who have different backgrounds and professional work experience with a common knowledge framework. This initial phase will cover basic financial accounting issues and will develop analytical and quantitative methods appropriate for managerial decisions. In addition, we will offer an overview of the basic general management areas and essential business communication techniques. During this period, students will also familiarise themselves with the case study approach used throughout the programme.


The first term (October-December) will feature the following core courses: Organisational Behaviour, Economics for Managers, Marketing, Finance I, International Business Economics, Business Ethics. At the same time, students will be introduced to intensive soft skills training that will involve personal development and team management, negotiation skills, career services activities (including mock interviews and career evenings), communication and leadership workshops and seminars with alumni and guests from the School’s extended network.


Starting in January, students will enter intensive training in the following additional core courses: Finance II, Human Resources Management, International Financial Statement Analysis, Logistics and Operations Management, Strategic Management, Information Systems for Managers, and Management Accounting and Control. The soft skills training initiated in the first term will include more advanced personal development and career development activities.


The third term is mostly devoted to elective courses with possible specializations in Organisational Development, Finance & Accounting, Operations, International Business and Marketing. Students will choose six elective courses to attend, and will also be required to attend four mandatory courses (subject to change in each year). In 2011/12 these were Change Management, Value-Based Management, Project Management and Marketing Simulation.  

INTEGRATIVE TERM   The hands-on and market approach of The Magellan MBA is culminated with the final integrative term. The term runs from July to mid-October and includes a mandatory international week and a Final Project. Options available for the Final Project include an Internship or New Business Project.     THE INTERNATIONAL WEEK

The International Week provides students the opportunity to attend lectures and events at a top foreign business school, to gain a new perspective on business management, and international business practices from the local faculty. In recent editions, International Week was at schools such as IE Business School (Spain) and McCombs School of Business, at the University of Texas, Austin (U.S.). The Magellan MBA tuition fee includes all the costs of the International Week including travel and accommodation expenses.


1st phase, until the 25th of March - 19000 euros

2nd phase, until the 1st of July - 21000 euros

In both cases, the tuition fee includes all course materials, Team Management courses outdoor costs and International Week expenses (tuition, travel and lodging).

The fees scheduling is as follows:

1st Phase of applications

  • 4000 € in the foundation period
  • 5000 € on the beginning of the first, second and third Terms

2nd Phase of applications

  • 5000€ in the foundation period
  • 5500€ on the beginning on the first, second and third Terms


The Magellan MBA Board offers a limited number of scholarships. Interested candidates, especially non-Portuguese applicants from developing countries, will receive priority in the scholarship award consideration, and are encouraged to apply before the end of March not just to increase the chances of getting one of the scholarships available (covering from 25% up to 75% of  the programme fees). Scholarships do not cover room, board or travelling expenses.

The following criteria will guide the Admissions Committee in the selection of the scholarship recipients: acceptance to the programme, GMAT/GRE score, country of origin, previous academic and professional records, and financial situation. Interested candidates should fill in a scholarship request form with a motivation letter in order to be considered.

A The Magellan MBA applicant is a professional with three to twelve years experience in any kind of organisation, with the ambition to accelerate or reinvent their career by developing a more strategic view of business, honing leadership skills, and learning to excel in team management. Candidates join a group of highly talented individuals that are determined to make a difference to their organizations and to society as a whole.

Ideal candidates should also have a global perspective of management and regard innovation and creativity as success factors for companies in an international environment.

Eligible Magellan MBA candidates must:

Hold a degree (or equivalent) from an accredited university

  • Be fluent in the English language
  • Possess at least three years of work experience
  • Provide a GMAT/GRE test score
  • Show evidence of financial sustainability during the full length of the MBA programme

  Starting in September 2013, until October 30th 2014, applications can be submitted online.

Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Oct. 2017
14 months
Full time
21,000 EUR
Start date Oct. 2017
Portugal Porto
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Duration 14 months
Price 21,000 EUR