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The best professionals are those who know that you can always improve

The MBA MANAGER of FBS is designed for those professionals and managers who understand the constant need to expand their management knowledge to adapt to the continuous professional challenges posed by the market.

The FBS master's degree is a formative experience designed to combine the classes with the professional life of the students.

In FBS we have adapted the MBA MANAGER of the October 2019 edition with new subjects in order to adapt it to the reality of the company. Thus, we have included subjects related to Digital Transformation and we have adapted other topics.

We have also included a pre and post master training period. That way students can access a leveling period before starting the program. And once they are graduates, they can expand knowledge in some specialties.

In addition, experiences inside and outside the classroom have been reinforced in this course. Complemented with managerial skills workshops.


The methodology of FBS Business School is eminently practical: it focuses fully on the maxim of "Learning by doing", that is, learning by doing. The methodology followed in all FBS MBA programs is the Case Method, through which students must prepare and offer solutions to practical cases, putting the student in front of the decision making process. This methodology requires a cloister very well trained in this technique, since the classes have to become authentic forums of shared knowledge.

Structure of the program

The MBA program at FBS Business School is divided into three periods.

Leveling - MBA Period - Accessories

The Leveling period starts a few weeks before the official date of the MBA. In this period of voluntary assistance, students receive classes in accounting fundamentals, use of Office tools and other subjects that can help in the realization of the program.

The MBA period is divided into the following parts or phases:

FUNDAMENTALS: An essential revision from the current panorama of essential aspects for managerial development, providing a 360º business vision.

ADVANCED: Deepening skills and management skills through content ranging from Big Data to International Trade.

SPECIALIZATION: The last period consists of a specialization by areas of the company, such as General Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management or others.

PROJECT: Elaboration of a Project of Creation of company in which to apply the learned thing with the support and the individualized monitoring of a tutor.

PERSONAL CAREER PLAN: Accompaniment for the planning of the Strategic Plan of Career Development of the student. Employability is one of the most important characteristics of the FBS MBA.

When students graduate, they can go to training Complementos. In this period of voluntary assistance students expand their knowledge of Digital Business, with subjects centered on Digital Ecosystem, Vision and Digital Strategy, Business Models in Digital Environments, Technological Disruption and Design Thinking, Digital Marketing and ecommerce and HR Management in environments digital, as well as Digital Finance.

Among the complementary subjects, a language improvement module is added.

Complementary workshops

Throughout the development of the master the student will participate in various workshops and workshops to complete their training.

INNOVATION. A workshop built to facilitate the processes, tools and vision needed to innovate. It offers the student the possibility to learn, in a practical way, a method of co-creation, research and innovation.

VISIBILIZING PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Throughout the course, workshops and training sessions are scheduled to help students improve their accessibility or growth in the labor market.

MOTIVATED EQUIPMENT, PRODUCTIVE EQUIPMENT. In the correct direction of these teams lies the productivity of the company and for this it is necessary that the new leaders acquire and develop diverse skills such as positive communication, emotional intelligence, recognition ...

DAYS OF PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION. During the MBA the student will be able to attend conferences, seminars and workshops, led by professional speakers from the business world.


The faculty of FBS is made up of top-level professionals from the business world, with extensive experience in the professional field, as well as in teaching, research, consulting and consulting.

The teaching team has experience in management positions of national and multinational companies, as well as a great pedagogical preparation, which enables them to teach the subjects about companies in which they are experts. These professionals impart their knowledge, derived from professional practice, in our MBA programs giving students a global, accurate and faithfully adapted to the reality of the company.


FBS is a non-profit foundation whose objective is the development of professionals and companies. For this reason, the foundation offers a series of scholarships to candidates for MBA programs, so that any student truly committed to their training can complete the MBA without economic problems. In addition, FBS has very advantageous financing agreements with several financial entities.

Last updated May 2019

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The origins of Fundesem go back to 1965, when the School was created to meet the demand for a new generation of professionals. Since then and until now, we have defended the value of effort and the de ... Read More

The origins of Fundesem go back to 1965, when the School was created to meet the demand for a new generation of professionals. Since then and until now, we have defended the value of effort and the demand for excellence as key points to the achievement of tangible results. Read less