MBA International Purchasing Management (RNCP Level I)


Program Description


The MBA International Purchasing Management offers a specialization in two years to train students in the various tools and techniques of international purchasing development. The objective of the MBA MACI is to develop professional skills that will enable you to be able to select suppliers, implement sourcing procedures, develop specifications and respond to calls for tenders. At the end of the training, you will also be able to study international supplier markets, conduct negotiations, evaluate and manage supplier risks, follow up contracts and deal with disputes. manage the purchasing operations at the financial, customs and legal levels, understand the "Supply Chain Management" but also manage a team of buyers.122027_pexels-photo-684385.jpeg


  • Certification registered at the RNCP level I *
  • Specialization in the purchasing function
  • Training in line with the needs of companies
  • Cultural diversity of promotions
  • Teachings taught by professionals
  • 2 internship periods in a company


Purchasing strategy

  • Supplier risk assessment
  • Commercial, technological, legal and regulatory watch
  • International markets and typologies of suppliers
  • Country risks
  • Choice of suppliers, supply circuits
  • International sourcing
  • Implementation and monitoring of the purchase performance
  • Supplier Audit

The purchase process

  • Preparation of specifications
  • Organization of supplier consultations
  • International calls for tenders: drafting, launching, analysis
  • E-purchasing and e-procurement - electronic marketplaces
  • Selection of supplier offers: selection and weighting of selection criteria
  • Supplier and Subcontractor Risk Assessment
  • Purchasing contracts - framework contracts: essential clauses, general conditions of purchase
  • International negotiation: strategy, techniques, intercultural specificities

Professional project

  • Professional coaching
  • Internship Research Methodology

International Purchasing Management

  • Incoterms: choice, price calculation, risk transfer
  • Modes of transport: air, road, sea, multimodal
  • insurance
  • Customs procedures
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Import document chain: invoice, transport documents, customs, insurance, inspection
  • Methods of payment: transfers, bills of exchange, documentary credits, documentary remittances
  • International Financing - Foreign Exchange Guarantees

Organization and management of the purchasing department

  • Definition of human resources - Identification of the necessary skills
  • Recruitment of a purchasing team
  • Team motivation and motivation - Internal communication
  • Employee Management - Evaluation Indicators
  • Implementation and optimization of purchasing procedures
  • Controlling the application of processes and service performance
  • Meetings - Reporting - Audit of the purchasing function

Professional English

Business English "International Purchasing Manager"

Mission in the company


  • Purchasing Manager
  • International Buyer
  • Family Buyer
  • Project Buyer


  • 1st year: Graduate level 3 in economics or management
  • 2nd year: Graduate level 4 in commerce or international affairs


Documents to provide:

  • The application file completed and signed
  • A piece of identity (original copy)
  • A copy of the diplomas obtained or attestation of success
  • Copy of transcripts
  • A CV
  • A cover letter
  • 1 identity photo


After completing your application, please send it to

If your file is retained, you will be invited to a motivational interview.

Last updated Mar 2020

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