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International Business MBA

As one of the seven universities sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the NSYSU College of Management, in accordance with the Business Management Pilot Project hosted MOE, takes great pride in its IBMBA learning environment and curriculum design. The college targets prospective students with two years of work experience, with a goal of producing leaders of management in diverse areas.


The Program aims to train culturally aware international leaders equipped with a global vision, the professional knowledge required by global corporations, and who are able to solve real-life business problems. This English-taught program enables students an academically and culturally diverse learning experience through first-rate instruction, excellent studentship, and an overseas exchange program.

International Education in Management

The essential objective of management education lies beyond the mere transfer of management knowledge. An AACSB report indicates the most sought employees by corporations are those with communication and problem-solving skills, ethics, professionalism and a global vision. Thus those attributes are incorporated in educational institutions participating under the AACSB accreditation umbrella. Aligned with the trend, this stipulates (1) Ethics, (2) Communication, (3) Problem Solving, (4) Professionalism and (5) a Global View as the five common learning goals for College students in 2008. The curriculum design, teaching approach, and evaluation are shaped by such learning goals. The result of such learning objectives is a graduating class of strongly sought candidates in the global corporate marketplace.

IBMBA at a glance

1. Underpinning: Management education in line with international standards and norms.

2. Admission: Thirty students are recruited every year, evaluated by a submitted paper application and also by an interview

3. Qualification: A Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and at least two years of full-time work experience.

4. Requirements: Seventeen courses and a Master’s dissertation

5. Curriculum: Emphasis is placed on empirical problem-solving and international perspectives.

6. Accreditation: In accordance with standards meet, NSYSU College of Management was accredited with AACSB in April 2005, and will be re-accredited again in November 2009.

Achievements of CM

Ranked 48TH globally in both Master of Science in Information Management and Global EMBA program in Financial Times ranking, 2009

Ranked 49th globally in Master of Science in Financial Management and 57th in Global EMBA program in Financial Times ranking, 2008

Ranked in the excellent category (one of four) in the National University Evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education, 2006

One of the top universities selected and sponsored by the Ministry of Education for the Aim of the top University Plan, 2005

The first college of management in Taiwan accredited by AACSB in 2005

International Learning Environment and Excellent Academic Members

NSYSU launched the IBMBA program with a global perspective in mind. The presence of international students accounts for more than fifty percent of the IBMBA courses, which are taught jointly by visiting professors from distinguished schools.

Student Diversity

Students participating in IBMBA courses are cross-national, cross-ethnic and cross-professional. Thirty Taiwanese students are admitted to IBMBA program every year, and they welcome their international counterparts in courses from about twenty-five countries. Students enrolled in IBMBA have an average of 6.2 years of work experience from fields of manufacturing, finance, education, service industry, retail, military, government, etc.

Exchange Program at Minimum Costs

In the IBMBA program, all students are required to participate in an exchange program involving overseas study for at least one semester. When students exchange to study at our partner schools, instead of paying the higher tuitions of those schools, they only pay the low NSYSU tuition rate. IBMBA students, therefore, are conveniently exposed to valuable experiences abroad at the lowest possible expense.

Comprehensive Curriculum Lectured in English

IBMBA Foundation Courses are designed for students with previous academic strengths other than business. “Core Courses” and “Elective Courses” are offered to strengthen students’ professional capacity. All courses are taught in English with a global mindset. Students are required to study abroad for at least one semester and to take 3 courses equivalent to 162 credit hours. Degree requirements include 17 courses and a Master’s dissertation defended in front of faculty.

International Vision

To reinforce our international capability and bring our students to global standards, the College implements the following measures:

1. AACSB accreditation

NSYSU College of Management received initial AACSB accreditation in 2005 and has since actively participated in a variety of academic activities hosted by AACSB, particularly those on teaching methods, to improve the teaching and research capability of the College’s faculty.

2. ACT Program

IBMBA students are given the opportunity to participate in the non-degree Joint Program in Global MBA, mutually hosted by NSYSU in Taiwan, the University of Victoria in Canada, and Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria.

3. Double Degree Programs

Double Degree Programs with ESSCA, France are offered at IBMBA students’ option.

4. Exchange Programs

A great variety of quality partner schools of the College permits IBMBA students to choose from in order to study abroad.

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National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) was founded in 1980 in Kaohsiung and became one of the fastest growing universities in Taiwan and in Asia. NSYSU has endeavored to pursue excellence in teaching and research Read less
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