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Program Description

The MBA in International Business Law is intended not only for high-level legal students, but also for professionals wishing to master advanced legal issues in their sector of activity. This training gives them a perfect mastery of the challenges of markets and businesses. A decisive asset in an increasingly competitive market where these two sectors remain intimately linked.

The training is articulated around three professionalizing axes:

  • Legal risk within companies and markets;
  • Mastery of the fundamental disciplines of the two sectors;
  • The implementation of strategic solutions more adapted legally.



The Master in Business Administration (MBA) in International Business Law won the Eduniversal Innovation Prize - SMBG in the 2017 ranking .

Objectives of the International Business Law training:

The purpose of the training is to train lawyers and professionals combining not only legal and professional excellence, but also strategic sense and operational intelligence, for a successful career in France or abroad. The lessons are given in French or in English depending on the subject or the subject treated.

Through this program you will be able to acquire the following skills:

  • Prepare accreditation files
  • Prepare legal and financial arrangements
  • Manage legal and financial litigation files
  • Manage business structuring files (Holding-subsidiaries - parent companies)
  • Create companies and financial establishments (definition of statutes - legal proceedings - Organization of meetings)
  • Set up portfolio management companies and investment service providers
  • Implementation of M&A operations
  • Diagnose the risks, Compliance with the rules in force, cooperate with the authorities, communicate internally and externally, look after the image of the company
  • Develop a risk map and a compliance charter

Who is the training for?

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) in International Business Law is open to holders:

  • Master of Laws: Private Law (section 01) | Public Law (Section 02)
  • Master of Management (section 06-05) Management and Economics
  • Business School (entitled to issue the degree of Master)
  • Diploma of Institutes of Political Studies

The MBA in International Business Law is also aimed at professionals in Management and / or Finance who wish to:

  • Validate their achievements
  • Specialize in law, management and finance
  • Reorientate professionally

The training allows student lawyers to validate their Individual Pedagogical Project (IPP), ie 6 months of training. This project aims to bring together economic and legal students.

Other candidacies could possibly be retained by decision of the jury.

Recognition of the diploma:

Recognition of the diploma: Project manager, Level I certified RNCP - 7 European title, NSF codes 312 341, published in the Official Journal of January 4, 2019, issued by FORMATIVES

Course program

Teaching method of the MBA in International Business Law:

The training is based on a very active participation of the students in any event organized by the teaching team and by the school. This active participation begins first with the lessons given, which are based on reverse pedagogy.

Semester 1

  • Financial Markets Law
  • M&A and public offers
  • Company law and practice
  • Financial engineering
  • Compliance and money laundering
  • Risk mapping
  • Regulatory watch
  • English
  • European and international business tax law
  • Digital law
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Conduct project

Semester 2

  • Financial Markets Law
  • Financial market compliance
  • Financial crime
  • English
  • Conduct project
  • Banking and financial strategy
  • Collective proceedings
  • International trade law and practice
  • European and international business tax law
  • Legal audit
  • Financial analysis
  • Company valuation
  • Social relations and HR
  • CSR

The MBA (Master Business Administration) also sets up a number of events related to training. It will essentially be:

  • Forum and fairs : To promote the program, educational managers and students are invited to participate in various events and fairs.
  • Conferences : Students are required to organize and prepare, in contact with professionals, symposia on current topics in Law, Finance and Management.
  • Conferences : Conferences are organized either by the students or by the teaching team. Students will have the opportunity to discover the career of a professional, receive advice and possibly build relationships that may be useful in their future professional career.
  • Study trip: An annual trip is traditionally organized to visit London's financial center. The MBA can also organize other trips (Frankfurt, European Commission).
  • Legal workshops : Data rooms, legal audits, financial packages, introductions to the various markets (regulated, Alternext, OTC) as well as other projects are offered to students.
  • Contests and competitions : To increase the visibility of the training as well as to facilitate contact between students and French and international professionals, the ESLSCA takes part in several renowned contests and competitions, in particular: Jones Day Prize for the best binomial in Law of Business. Created in 2015, this award is currently experiencing a craze with the participation of nearly 200 teams. EY Avocats Trophy for the best young tax specialist, which rewards each year the best students specializing in tax law.
  • Internship or Apprenticeship : To validate their diploma, students have the possibility of carrying out an internship of a minimum continuous duration of 3 months in law firms, in a company or in a private or public institution, or to be in alternation in the same industries.
  • Professional activity report : At the end of the internship or work-study period, students are required to prepare and present an activity report which must be presented at the end of the year to a professional jury.
  • Legal Prizes : Professionals can be invited to attend (or participate in the jury) at the end-of-year presentations. Some of them can set up a price rewarding the work or works selected by: an internship, the financing of a study trip, the price of publication of the work.

Teaching team

The professors are either academics (permanent in their universities) or tenured professionals with their directorates. They prefer to remain anonymous. On the other hand, we can indicate the functions they occupy:

  • Business lawyers with recognized firms
  • M&A manager of an international bank in Dubai
  • Analysts with Defense Consulting and Audit Firms
  • Notary and trainers
  • Compliance managers with merchant banks
  • Recognized academics at the Sorbonne, Assas, Cergy and Sorbonne Paris Nord
  • Heads of various ministerial departments
  • Executive with the H3C (High Council of the Auditors)


At the end of the MBA in International Business Law, students will be able to integrate:

  • Law firms;
  • Banks: legal department, compliance department, litigation department;
  • Investment service providers;
  • Service providers in the tertiary sector;
  • Legal departments of the private or public sector;
  • NGOs;
  • Consumer goods companies;
  • Companies in the automotive, naval or railway sector;
  • Companies in the tourism, hotel and catering sector.

In order to exercise functions in the areas of:

  • Financial law;
  • Bank right ;
  • Financial engineering law;
  • Corporate law ;
  • Fiscal law ;
  • Contract law ;
  • Intellectual property ;
  • Private International Law.


The School offers you the possibility, for all its courses, to apply online throughout the year: from January to December.

The selection of candidates is done on file (CV application questionnaire) followed by a motivation interview.

Prerequisites (academic and / or professional) to be able to follow the program:

  • Bases in Civil Law; Trade Law ; Company law (general and special regime)
  • Legal and financial culture
  • Bases in general accounting

Admission requirements for the MBA International Business Law course:

  • Master 1 validated or in the course of validation for a schooling during a university year (Master 2 program)
  • Can also apply, the company executives
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Forte de ses 70 ans d’expérience, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris propose une pédagogie équilibrée entre expérience pratique et méthodologie progressive. Depuis 1949, l’école a su développer ses activités pour devenir un pôle d’excellence académique, notamment dans les domaines de la Finance, du Marketing, du Management et de la data. L’ESLSCA Business School Paris propose de nombreux cursus de formation tels que des programmes Bachelors, des MBA spécialisés ou encore des formations pour les professionnels. L’école a récemment emménagé dans son tout nouveau campus parisien de 8000m². Situé au cœur du parc de Pont de Flandre dans le 19eme arrondissement de Paris et accessible en RER, métro et tramway, ce nouvel espace moderne, lumineux et connecté a été pensé pour nos étudiants et pour leur épanouissement. Avec 15 000 anciens diplômés présents en France et à l'international, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris bénéficie d’un des réseaux les plus importants de ceux des grandes écoles de commerce et de management. Largement ouverts sur l’international, les programmes de l'ESLSCA Business School Paris contribuent à la formation des dirigeants de demain. Read less