MBA General Management Part-Time or Full-Time


Program Description


Master of Business Administration General Management

The MBA General Management is designed to give you an excellent knowledge base in General Management, enhancing your individual competencies to be an empathic and highly performing leader, and providing you with deep insights into international markets and culture.

MBA General Management at a Glance




100% English


12 month/2 Terms or 24 months/4 Terms




Full-Time or Part-time


  • 1 of 2 Elective Courses
  • 1 of 3 internationl focuse
  • 1 International Week


  • Above-average academic degree
  • Min. 2 years of professional work experience
  • Excellent English skills


€ 32,000

MBA General Management - Highlights

Personal Development

In order to prepare for future leadership tasks, and to focus on their personal development, MBA students are given the opportunity to intensively deal with their personal understanding of leadership. They draw up a personal development plan, and thus work specifically towards the fulfilment of their individual, interdisciplinary competence and qualification goals.

MBA students are also offered professional business coaching sessions, and the opportunity to participate in selected offers from Munich Business School’s Executive Development program. In this way, tailor-made personality development is promoted, and students are equipped with important “future skills”.

International Weeks

As one of Europe’s most international and culturally diverse cities, Munich is a study location combining global business hustle with a truly intercultural atmosphere. As an MBA student at Munich Business School, you will benefit from the variety of opportunity offered by this city. In addition to that, two more global hotspots are visited during the International Weeks: Milan.

Elective Courses

Besides the imparting of general management knowledge and skills, the MBA General Management also covers a number of electives providing a deeper understanding of a particular field. During their studies, students combine a total of two electives, selecting one specialized course per term.

  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Management in Emerging Markets
  • Business Law
  • Business in Germany

Part-time Format

The part-time format of the MBA General Management allows you to study without putting your professional careers on hold or waiving a regular income. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to immediately apply your newly acquired knowledge and share and discuss your daily professional experiences with your fellow classmates.

Each of the three first terms begins with a so-called Intensive Week (Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm), kick-starting the MBA General Management program with a whole week of seminars, training as well as teambuilding and networking events. All further courses are held bi-weekly on Friday afternoons (4pm-8pm) and Saturdays (9am-6pm).

MBA General Management - Networking Opportunities

We understand that the network of classmates and industry contacts established during your MBA program are important assets. Therefore, a variety of MBA Networking Events has been created. Furthermore, MBS pays very close attention to putting together a diverse yet cohesive MBA class, aiming to create the best possible opportunities for in terms of networking potential and mutual enrichment.

Your MBA Class

The MBA classes at Munich Business School are highly diverse in all respects. Please find below the example of our September 2014 and March 2015 intakes:

  • Number of students: 31
  • Average age: 33 years
  • Male / Female: 62% / 38%
  • International / German: 45% / 55%
  • Work experience: 9 years on average
  • Academic background:
    29% Engineering/IT
    25% Business
    46% other

MBA Networking Events

During your studies, you may participate in a high number of networking events and celebrations, e.g. guest lectures, Alumni Career Events, Career Days or semester opening parties. In addition, MBS organizes the “Dine & Discuss” twice a year. This panel discussion has been designed especially for MBA students and alumni and focuses on current topics from the business world. Please find below a selection of previous events:

  • Dine & Discuss March 2016: The Future of Innovation
  • Dine & Discuss March 2015: The Future of Talent
  • Dine & Discuss September 2014: The Future of Work-Life-Balance
  • Dine & Discuss March 2014: The Future of Identity and Privacy in a Connected World

MBA General Management - Career Services

The MBS Career Center

Munich Business School continually strives to expand its Career Services in order to help you reach your personal career goals.

First and foremost, our Career Center advises and actively supports you in all matters of a career change and professional development. Its wide range of services includes:

  • Application training and career coaching
  • Maintenance of the MBS Job Portal and the provision of company contacts
  • Organization of industry-specific Career Days

Your Professional Network

In addition, you are offered various possibilities to expand your professional contacts. Firstly, you will benefit from the extensive professional experience and the wide international network of our lecturers and guest speakers. Your fellow students and former MBA students can also become important companions, supporters, and advisors guiding you along your career path. Not only the joint lessons but also various networking events provide the perfect opportunity to get to know each other, to exchange one’s experiences and to build mutual confidence. Last but not least, MBS Connect, the alumni platform of MBS, makes it possible to stay in touch even after completing your studies.

Last updated Jan 2019

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Munich Business School, is recognized by U-Multirank 2018 as Germany’s best private university of applied sciences in “Business Studies”, received by Trendence Graduate Barometer 2017 excellent grades for internationality and practical relevance and among others, ranked by Trendence Employability Ranking 2016 as 1st amongst all private universities of applied sciences, including all academic subjects across Germany. Read less