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Program Description

MBA in Education Leadership & Management

Our MBA in Education Leadership & Management has been designed for experienced managers and professionals working in education in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in the UK and abroad. In an increasingly competitive global environment, this programme provides educational practitioners with an opportunity to develop their business and management skills as well as enhance their professional practice.

This MBA is delivered through a partnership between the Business School and The Faculty of Education. Staff from the Business School combine excellence in their academic disciplines with considerable business experience and active research in both the public and private sectors. Recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence for teacher education and development, The Faculty of Education has developed a reputation for being at the cutting edge of knowledge and training in education.

What is distinctive about this programme?

• Placements in a local host school or college to enable overseas students to familiarise themselves with the English system and to provide all students with an organisational base for research.

• Study visits schools and colleges in other parts of the country.

• The opportunity to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds to develop a community of practice that we will encourage to continue beyond the end of the MBA programme.

What will I gain from it?

Throughout the programme, we place particular emphasis on:

• Practical application in the business world

• Interactive learning

• Team and project-based activities

• Personal development

Embarking on an MBA sends a clear message to current and prospective employers that you are strongly motivated to succeed and committed to your future career.

In addition to enhancing your professional practice, your business and leadership skills, you’ll develop a rich understanding of existing and innovative practice in your chosen field. Additionally, you’ll become knowledgeable and skilled in relation to bringing about change and organisational improvement.



This module aims to provide you with an understanding of strategic concepts and in particular the importance of sustainable and competitive advantage in driving future strategy. The impact of the business environment and internal resources of organisations on strategic planning and choice will be critically examined in the context of achieving pragmatic strategic change.

Business Planning

This module introduces a range of analytical techniques to enable students to analyse and evaluate financial strategy and its alignment with corporate objectives, to critically appraise projects using a range of techniques and to evaluate risk and techniques for effective management. Students will work in teams to develop business plans as part of their assessment.

Marketing and Service Management

The aim of this module is to provide students with a critical understanding of the theory and application of strategic marketing service management - relevant to three distinct economic sectors (namely public, private and the not-for-profit).

Learning from Good Leadership and Management Practice

This module will look at practice such as Project Management, Supervision, Evidence-Based Practice, Well-Being and others and students are expected to look at good practice and investigate its applicability to education.

Leading and Managing Change

This module will look at the practice and theory of leading and managing change and enable students to conduct research into a specific change within their area of interest.

Inclusive Leadership and Management of Learning and Teaching

The module will support students in developing inclusive policy and practice in their own unique and complex professional situations, through action research involving action planning, data gathering and analysis and systematic problem-solving to support change. It will do this with a particular emphasis on business processes.

Critical Enquiry and Analysis

This module will help students develop skills of critical enquiry and evaluation of a range of data including prior research and policy. Understanding and applying different approaches to conducting research and analysing data will be a key foundation for the programme.

Management Project

This module requires students to undertake a research project in which they apply the knowledge and skills gained during the programme to explore a significant business management problem at a deeper and more sustained level of scholarship and to identify actions or recommendations that are likely to add value to their organisation and/or to their chosen area of study.

Where will I study?

The programme is based at the Canterbury Campus.

How will I be assessed?

Progress on the programme is assessed on an on-going basis, through assessments taking a number of different forms including written reports, group and individual presentations, and online submissions.

Do I qualify?

You should have a good honours degree and have significant management and/or professional experience in the field of education.

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