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CEIBS offers a world-class, 18-month, full-time MBA programme taught in English and designed to prepare talented professionals with strong career aspirations, promising managerial potential, and a clear international orientation for post-graduation roles as a global business thought leaders. The CEIBS MBA programme primarily aims to enhance students' ability to identify and utilise business opportunities, solve complex business problems, motivate people, and develop organisations. The programme focuses on developing participants' leadership, professionalism, sense of social responsibility, cross-cultural competence, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Established in Shanghai in 1994 as a non-profit joint venture between the Chinese government and the European Union, CEIBS has a mission to prepare highly competent, internationally oriented managers able to adapt to the driving forces of globalisation, international competition, and international cooperation.

Following a unique positioning of China Depth, Global Breadth, CEIBS offers the richest China expertise available from top-tier international business schools worldwide, while also providing the broadest global perspective from among all China-based business schools. The CEIBS MBA is the first, among the largest and the highest ranked within mainland China; it is a shining example of successful China-EU cooperation and a showcase to the achievements of China's economic development and reform.

Programme Structure

In a global and constantly changing environment, business leaders must be equipped with extremely broad skills. They must be able to adopt both global and local perspectives, capable of dealing with complexity and change, and skilled at leading innovation. They must be able to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders in order to generate a shared vision and enthusiasm for their firms’ activities. By delivering solid business training and encouraging independent thought, team collaboration and open communication, CEIBS provides its graduates with the essential tools for success in many career paths.

The 67-credit full-time programme consists of compulsory courses totalling 49 credits and elective courses totalling 18 credits. It is designed to lay a solid foundation of management fundamentals while providing the flexibility of custom programmes to fit individual interests and career ambitions. Students can choose to focus on general business management or select one of three concentrations in Finance, Marketing, or Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, students have the option to take part in the school's impressive international exchange programme with the world's top-tier business schools, and/or to gather experience during a summer internship.

Cross-Functional Curriculum Integration

The most challenging business problems cut across functional lines of responsibility. To solve them, managers must be competent in the cross-disciplinary analysis, solution generation and communication. The new CEIBS curriculum includes several applied integration modules that require students to innovatively and systematically solve practical business problems using knowledge and skills they’ve acquired in earlier business courses. The modules are spread throughout the MBA curriculum to reinforce and build upon each stage of learning.

China Focus

One of CEIBS’ most significant features is its clear China focus, encapsulated in our positioning statement: "China Depth, Global Breadth”. CEIBS teaches the most advanced international business theories while attaching great importance to the practical application of these skills in China. Basic Chinese language competency is compulsory for foreign students in order to improve their marketability in China’s dramatically growing economy. Those who do not speak Chinese when applying for admission will be required to attend a Chinese pre-course in the summer before MBA classes begin. Compulsory courses like “China HR” ensure that CEIBS graduates are equipped to handle this most difficult aspect of managing in the Chinese marketplace. 'China Within the World' emphasises important economic, political, cultural and trade issues that impact those who do business in and with China. In addition, the school dedicates significant resources to staging 'China Discovery Week' each year – an intensive lecture series that aims to deepen students’ understanding of China’s business environment and offers an opportunity to analyse perspectives on China’s history, international relations and economic development.

Flexibility and Choice

CEIBS' current MBA curriculum gives you the flexibility to personally tailor the second year of your studies. In the autumn of Year Two, you can choose to go on international exchange or stay at CEIBS to study with a large number of inbound students from the world’s top business schools. You also have the option to complete the degree in 18 months or lengthen it to 20 months in order to pack in more study options. There is also a one-year option available.

Teaching Methods

Although teaching methods vary by subject, lectures and case studies come alive thanks to our professors' extensive experience in the business world. Many cases are selected from top schools such as Harvard, IMD, etc. Others are taken from CEIBS’ own pool of China-specific cases written by faculty and staff of the Case Development Centre. In addition to mainstream textbooks, teaching materials are drawn from a variety of current sources such as academic journals, magazines, and videos. Some courses are delivered in interactive formats including simulations, guest speeches, and seminars.

Language Courses

Chinese, French and Spanish language courses are offered as a service to the CEIBS community as a whole: First-year CEIBS MBA students, faculty, staff and, if space is available, spouses.

  • Chinese Language Course

As Chinese language competency will greatly facilitate international students’ MBA study and future career in China, Chinese language courses will be offered at basic, intermediate and advanced level throughout the first academic year.

  • French and Spanish Language Course

French and Spanish language courses are offered at beginner’s level. CEIBS has the right to cancel the course if the total number of registered students is less than 6. The other requirements are the same as those of the Chinese language course.

Students are not recommended to learn more than two foreign languages at the same time while they are enrolled in the MBA programme. Students who desire additional language learning may arrange this at their own expense.

International Exchange Programme

The international exchange programme at CEIBS is one of the best among top business schools. As an important element of the school's internationalisation, this programme offers a unique opportunity for students to participate in a bilateral exchange with nearly 30 partner schools, most of which are among the Financial Times' global top 50 lists.

CEIBS is a member of Partnership in International Management (PIM), a global network of exchange universities. PIM provides a standard set of governing principals, under which exchange students are exempted from tuition fees at the host institutions while they pay regular tuition to their home institution. All other expenses incurred by students for travelling, accommodation, living, additional health insurance, etc., shall be borne by the students themselves.

Over the past decade, more than 900 CEIBS students have taken advantage of this highly rewarding programme. Students who choose to stay at CEIBS also benefit as they study with a large number of inbound exchange students from the world's top business schools. In 2015, around 50% of MBA2016 intakes went on the international exchange while the two-way flow brought approximately 100 inbound exchange students to CEIBS.

The exchange programme usually takes place in the fall term of the second year, from September to December. Click here for the calendar.

CEIBS MBA Exchange Partner Schools


Admissions Requirements

All candidates are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree or above
  • Full-time work experience of two years or longer
  • A GMAT/GRE score (GMAT code: MDQ-HH-39; GRE code: 3654) or CEIBS Admission Test score
  • Proficiency in English

Application Rounds & Deadlines

Application for entry into the MBA 2019 class is based on a 'round' admission system. Applicants need to make sure that all necessary documents are submitted to the MBA Admissions Office before the application deadline. The MBA Admissions Office will process an application only when it is completed. The final application deadline for admission is March 22, 2017. As the programme is highly competitive, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Seats offered in the 3rd round are likely to be limited.

*Please note that interviewees who choose to take CEIBS admission test are required to have the interview in Shanghai.

Application Checklist

All application documents may be submitted online. A completed application includes:

  • MBA application form
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • University degree and certificate
  • University transcript
  • ID or passport
  • Application fee receipt
  • Official GMAT/GRE score report
  • Business card
  • Corporate sponsor statement (if applicable)

Overseas Applicants

CEIBS welcomes applicants from all over the world. The application requirement and admission criteria for overseas applicants are the same as those for Chinese applicants. All application materials, including transcripts and recommendations, must be submitted in English or translated into English by an officially accredited translation agency.

Visa Issues

According to China's laws, all foreign students are required to hold a valid visa to enter China and a Student Resident Permit while enrolled in CEIBS MBA Programme. Failure to get such documents may incur serious legal actions against the passport holder such as fine, termination of study or deportation.

International students may enter China with a student visa (X1-Visa). The student visa (X1-Visa) is normally valid for only one month, with one entry. After their arrival, with the school's assistance, they will need to apply for the Student Residence Permit (valid for 2 years and with multiple entries).

It is important to inform both the MBA Office and the school's Foreign Affairs Office of your arrival as soon as possible. The MBA Office, together with Foreign Affairs Office, will assist you with the necessary procedures for the Student Residence Permit application before your visa/residence permit expires.

As one of the requirements of Resident Permit application, foreign students need to have a health certificate by taking a medical check at Shanghai International Healthcare Center. If they have had a medical check during their visa application before entering China, they will need to take the original copy of both the health certificate and the medical check report to China. Health certificates from outside China must be authenticated by the Shanghai International Healthcare Center.

How to apply for a Student Visa (X1-Visa)

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