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Program Description

KUBS Korea MBA is the first MBA program founded in 1965 in Korea. It is also the best MBA program in Korea in that it has the global standard curriculum with its strong tie with industry and alumni network due to its long history of business education in Korea.

Keep Your Day Job. but Still Get an MBA

We offer the Korea MBA program to enable students to experience a world-class MBA, while they keep their day job. With the same faculty, curriculum, and electives as full-time students, K-MBA students work toward their degree with a schedule that accommodates their professional and personal commitments.

Educate Builders and Leaders

We not only deliver the essential knowledge of business functions but also help students build their capacity to think both functionally and systematically to make better decisions even in the setting full of uncertainties. Almost every class takes the team learning approach which promotes collaborative leadership skills. Teams learn how to develop leadership while working with others. This will enable team members to hone their leadership skills by inspiring each other to reach their common goal, and by challenging themselves to contribute effectively.

Curriculum Which Reflects Up-to-date Trends in Business

K-MBA continuously develops specialized courses in response to the global trends, especially in the areas of technology and information systems. It also adds interdisciplinary courses as real-world business problems become more complex and inter-related across functions. This will allow students not only to gain the real-world intersection of skills and knowledge in the classroom but also to understand the broad business implications of decisions as well as the processes and end results.

Program Structure

A degree in MBA requires a minimum of 45 credits.

Maximum of 15 credits are allowed per semester while 6 or more of these credits must be in English-based courses. [After 2006]

  • Total of 10 Core Courses (30 Credits) [Exemption: Maximum of 3 courses in Business Statistics, Industrial Economics, Core Courses upon examination]
  • 15 or more credits of elective courses are required and concentration will be acknowledged when 3 courses in one area are taken.
  • Graduation Requirement: 10 Core Courses (30 Credits), 15 Credits of Elective Courses.

Maximum of 9 credits may be waived when equivalent courses were taken during undergraduate study and approved by the associate dean.

Last updated Mar 2018

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