Joint MBA - Law (LL.B.)


Program Description

Two Powerful Degrees

No two professional degrees are more coveted than the LL.B. and the MBA. The University of Ottawa’s joint LL.B. - MBA Program creatively combines these two powerful disciplines into a single four-year curriculum.

The LL.B. - MBA Program provides students with exposure to a unique community of business and legal leaders in both the public and private sectors. Through numerous externships available in the Faculty of Law and consulting projects offered by the School of Management, students can gain valuable work experience for academic credit during each of their four years of study. In addition to private sector placements, externships exist with the courts, federal tribunals, government agencies and departments, and non-governmental organizations. In recognition of the complementary skills required for success in both business and law, students can earn both their MBA and LL.B. degrees in less than four years.

This innovative program is designed to educate a new generation of leaders—business executives who can manage independently the legal challenges of contemporary corporate life; lawyers who can address the business needs of their corporate clients; and entrepreneurs who will move seamlessly between business and law.


  • Year 1 - Complete LL.B. First Year
  • Year 2 - Complete full MBA program (consisting of 48 credits
    rather than 54 credits) over one academic year plus the summer.
    All 48 credits consist of required courses.
  • Year 3 - Complete LL.B. Second Year with the additional
    the requirement of successfully completing a minimum of 34 credits
  • Year 4 - Complete 17 remaining credits in the LL.B. program by

Admission Information

Admission to the LLB - MBA program is limited and highly competitive. The joint program is intended for individuals who wish to acquire the skills and knowledge of the two major disciplines, administration, and law, which are becoming increasingly valuable in modern business, in government, and in the modern practice of law. Candidates are admitted to the joint program according to the admission requirements of each faculty.

Students can apply to either the LLB/MBA program through the Faculty of Law or to the MBA program through the Telfer School of Management for their first year. Typically, the LLB/MBA Program students will begin the joint degree by completing the regular first-year curriculum at the Law School. Upon meeting the academic requirements of the first year, students who qualify will complete 48 of the 54 credits of the one year full-time MBA program. During the third and fourth years of the LLB/MBA Program, students must take all remaining courses necessary to meet the LL.B. degree requirements. Graduates will receive both the LL.B. degree from the Faculty of Law and the MBA degree from the Telfer School of Management once the requirements of both programs are completed.

Last updated May 2018