International mba in companies in the infrastructure sector


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International mba in companies in the infrastructure sector


If you identify with any of these cases, this is your program!

  1. You want to advance in your sector and develop professionally in your current performance.
  2. You would like to run a department in your current company or in a company within your sector and professional activity.
  3. You have the illusion of undertaking and facing the challenge of creating your company or some initiative on your own.
  4. You want to specialize in business management in the field of infrastructures.
  5. You are thinking about the possibility of developing yourself in Latin America or Spain and you would like to share experiences with other professionals like you in a cosmopolitan city like Madrid.

The process of globalization that is taking place today leads us, all professionals in general and Industrial Engineers in particular, to the need to be open to geographic mobility, depending on the opportunities that may arise in other countries.

Within the international market we must emphasize the importance of the projects in Infrastructures, Energy and Industrial, due to the need of the countries of sustainability.

These types of projects require us to be prepared to:

  • Manage complex projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Implantation of internationalization and diversification strategies.
  • Incorporation of the sustainability factor into the business strategy.
  • Conduct work teams developing management skills and human resources management techniques.
  • Align the current needs of companies in the direction of projects with the teaching of "best practices" in the market.

The International MBA provides the necessary knowledge to undertake these functions and manages to train the best professionals to successfully manage these types of projects.


The Executive MBA in companies of the construction sector has become, after seventeen editions imparted both in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in a reference in the sector as a training program in the matter of business management in Spain and Latin America.

Since the year 2010, when its international version was launched, students from eighteen Latin American countries are participating, with the support and collaboration of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The current situation of the Construction Sector at a global level and the need to strengthen the internationalization of companies is the reason to present this international program, especially aimed at Spanish-speaking professionals, both European and the American continent.

General Information

  • Residential Phase:
    The residential phase of the Master takes place in Madrid.
  • Degree:
    Participants who exceed all the subjects and successfully defend their project will obtain the title of "Executive International MBA in Construction Sector Companies." Issued by EOI School of Industrial Organization (EOI Own Degree) and Structuralia.
  • Price:
    The total academic price of the Master is $ 22,650.
  • Scholarships and discounts
    OAS (Organization of American States) Scholarships:
    Aimed at students who meet the indicated access requirements, with nationality and / or permanent legal residence in any of the member countries of the OAS (most of the continent).
    Number of scholarships limited, will be granted in order of application to students who meet the indicated requirements.
    Request information on the conditions of these grants.
  • 10 days in Madrid

To whom it is addressed

Professionals and executives, with university degree , with at least five years of experience in positions of responsibility, who want to expand their knowledge with a solid business training.

The master is mainly taught online, with face-to-face classes through videoconferences, group work, discussion forums ... The training is completed with a face-to-face period of eleven days in Madrid. This methodology allows the participant to reconcile their training with their personal and work activity.

The program is designed for executives with professional experience of at least five years and with a technical or higher university degree who wish to take a step forward in their professional career.

The format of the program itself attracts a highly internationalized professional profile , with a collaborative spirit and a desire to know more deeply and directly the peculiarities of the international market. Of diverse nationality, formation and professional trajectory they have in common the enthusiasm, diversity and wealth that makes possible the collaboration and the business success beyond our borders.

Ask us about other MBAs you are interested in if your experience is less than 3 years.


The Academic Program of the International Executive MBA in Companies of the Infrastructure Sector has been structured into three major training areas , each of them specially focused on the new internationalization challenges of the sector.

  • The first addresses the strategic focus of the company . The student will know the different tools of strategic analysis and will analyze both the current situation of the sector and those foreseen in the future, so as to be able to propose various possible strategies to address this uncertain environment.
  • The second provides the student with a new global vision of the management of companies in the construction sector , so that in their professional field is able to contribute to the satisfaction of the needs and concerns of society with a new approach, not only more efficient and profitable, but also sustainable and more aware of our needs and our responsibilities.
  • Finally, the third area of ​​training deals with the management of the construction business . It is precisely these disciplines that are now in full evolution, giving rise to new forms of management and financing that are more complex but more effective. As the different modes of structured finance, comprehensive management of large turnkey projects, new approaches to international business management, contract management and administration, etc ...

The program has a total of 650 h . distributed in the following modules:

Strategic Management in Enterprise of the Infrastructure Sector

  • Strategic Direction
  • Internationalization: A Necessity
  • Diversification: Sharing risks
  • Innovation in business creation and development
  • Sustainability: New business opportunities

Business Management in the Infrastructure Sector

  • Policy Skills
  • Financial Management
  • Taxation
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • The regulatory framework and legal advice
  • The social environment
  • Project management

The Business of an Enterprise in the Infrastructure Sector

  • Business management
  • International Business Operations
  • Contract management
  • Purchasing and subcontracting
  • Project financing


The main objective of this program is to train managers with a strategic vision in the management of companies in the infrastructure sector , giving them a global vision of the business and the knowledge, tools and management skills necessary to successfully develop their management.

This new edition of the Executive MBA has been redesigned to respond to the training needs of large and medium-sized companies in the infrastructures sector in Europe and in the American continent, which, given the current economic situation, have implemented internationalization and diversification strategies . Companies in the sector must now be able not only to develop civil works or construction projects in their countries of origin, but also to meet the challenge of financing, co-financing, operating, maintaining and managing certain infrastructure and services projects public in other countries.

Added to this is the need to incorporate the sustainability factor into the business strategy by making a sustainable construction and meeting the needs of the present without compromising resources for future generations.

But we also see the sustainability factor as an opportunity to engage in future business and incorporating innovation as a key business factor , and business growth.

In order to address these challenges it is necessary to adapt the organization to this new strategy , and for this it is necessary to have engineers with some experience but well trained in the field of business management. The challenge is complex because of the need to implement new equipment in the countries for which it is committed, both with commercial structures and support to operations (legal counsel, purchasing department, human resources, etc ...).

It is evident that adequate training in strategic management of internationalization and diversification will be the most effective tool to face these new challenges.


Students who successfully complete the courses will receive the title " Executive International MBA in Construction Sector Companies " issued by EOI School of Industrial Organization (EOI Own Degree) and Structuralia.

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This course is Online & Campus Combined
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Start date
Oct. 2019
650 hours
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22,650 USD
Spain - Alcobendas, Community of Madrid
Start date : Oct. 2019
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Oct. 2019
Spain - Alcobendas, Community of Madrid
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