International Master of Business Administration


Program Description


ZIBS is a global and innovation-oriented business school benefiting from, and supporting, China’s expanding role in the new global economy. ZIBS develops senior managers and future business leaders with an interdisciplinary perspective, building cross-cultural business skills to thrive in the ever-changing global economy.

Our international MBA program is dedicated to advancing leaders who can envision and implement original business concepts. Scholars and students of diverse backgrounds benefit from the collaborative learning environment, world-class research, and academic theory which is integrated with business practice.

Corporate Support

Zhejiang University International Business School is pleased to partner with Ant Financial, a leading global technology firm headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

As a strategic supporter of the iMBA Program at ZIBS, Ant Financial provides access to expertise and corporate executives who help ensure the relevance of the program to the needs of the business community and unique insights about developments in technology which are transforming the way we do business globally. Through this partnership, students enrolled in the full-time iMBA format also have the opportunity to engage in a professional project as a formal part of the program, deepening their professional experiences.


Program Structure

At ZIBS we cultivate senior managers and future leaders with global vision, social responsibility, and innovative entrepreneurship. The program ensures that students master solid foundational theories, effective leadership, interdisciplinary vision, and cross-cultural business skills which prepare them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex business environment.

The iMBA program is offered in two different formats:

Format Language Duration In-Company Experiences Location Time
Part-time(For Chinese and International Students) Mainly in English, supplemented by bilingual instruction 2.5 Years Individual professional projects Haining International Campus with extension to Shanghai and Hangzhou Twice a month on weekends (Friday-Sunday)
Full-time(Only for International Students) English 2 Years An in-company experience upon the completion of the program. Haining International Campus with extension to Shanghai and Hangzhou Intensive modules every week

Graduates of the iMBA program will obtain the diploma of Master of Business Administration of Zhejiang University.

Program Outline

A select series of courses, which have been chosen and vetted by ZIBS, may be taken online. The formal curriculum is supplemented by guest lectures and webinars, which provides further insights into current business trends and best practice. For both part-time and full-time formats, the curriculum is composed of three main course elements: required coursework, core subjects, and electives.


Program Highlights

Cross-border Education

Cooperating with top universities outside of China, the program offers global classroom opportunities and allows students to take short courses or lectures overseas to develop their ability to analyze business issues and challenges from an international perspective.

International Faculty

Through cooperation with peer universities globally, ZIBS brings leading global professors, scholars, and industry experts to the classroom to establish a truly international faculty which blends theory and practice.

Corporate Connections

In order to ensure the relevance of the iMBA coursework to challenges being faced in today’s increasingly complex business environment, corporate support provides opportunities for practical exchange with professionals and experts in their fields. The partnership with Ant Financial brings to ZIBS and its students a deep level of access to current practices. In addition, guest speakers from the industry are often invited on campus for discussions and exchange.

International Student Environment

The iMBA program provides a unique environment for students to learn from each other. Through both in-class and after-class activities, students will have the opportunity to develop their cross-cultural communication skills, establish their own international contacts, and explore potential cooperation opportunities. The International Campus provides an ideal setting for a global connection.

In-company Experience

The program actively promotes practical cooperation with top domestic and international firms. It encourages students to expand their professional opportunities and to apply their MBA learnings to real, practical situations.

Language Courses (for non-native speakers)

The part-time iMBA format provides English training opportunities to help its students better master the content of the program, express their ideas and exchange views in English, and make full use of the advantages of international bilingual teaching courses. The full-time iMBA format provides Chinese training opportunities to help students take full advantage of their China experience and opportunities.


Admission Information: Foreign Applicants

Application Qualification

  • Hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent with relevant working experience
  • A minimum of 2 years of working experience
  • No requirement for the Chinese language

Application Process & Documents Required

  • Apply online
  • Send the following supporting documents by post (*documents submitted for MBA application will not be returned)
    • Signed application form with photo (white background, 35mm x 45mm size)
    • Copy of valid passport (photo page)
    • Original or notarized copy of highest degree
    • Official transcripts for each degree held
    • Official TOEFL or IELTS score report (if applies)(Department Code for GRE: 4741/Department Code for TOEFL C603)
    • GMAT score report (if available)
    • Working experience & job description
    • Personal Statement (minimum 1,500 words) either in English or Chinese
    • A full curriculum vitae & two reference letters with referees’ signature and contact information (one academic & one professional)
    • Remittance receipt of the application fee (RMB 800)
  • Interviews: ZIBS iMBA Admission Office will short-list applicants and determine who will be interviewed. Interviews will be held face-to-face or via video conference.
  • Contact ZIBS staff members before you applied online and we will assist you in any need of help.
    • The soft copies for all the application documents should be sent to
    • The hard copies should be posted to the following address:
      • iMBA Program Team, Rm. 405, Art and Science Building, Zhejiang University International Business School.
      • 718 East Haizhou Road, Haining, Zhejiang Province, China 314400,
      • +86 571 87572607/2601/2711

ZIBS First Year Student Scholarship(20000-40000 RMB)

The ZIBS First Year Student Scholarship is established to reward individuals with outstanding global leadership potential. It is open to all first-year international students.

The Scholarship will be paid to students monthly as a living allowance, starting one month after the student registration period. The scholarship will be disbursed over the period of one school year (10 months). Students are, however, required to pay the tuition in full upon registration.

Application Guidelines

  1. Fill in ZIBS First Year Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Send a soft copy of your application package, including application documents and ZIBS First Year Scholarship Application Form to
  3. Mail a hard copy of your application package as above to the address below: iMBA Program Team, Rm. 405, Arts and Science Building, Zhejiang University International Business School, 718 East Haizhou Road, Haining, Zhejiang Province, China 314400 +86 571 87572607/2601/2711

Evaluation Criteria

The scholarship offer will be determined based on the applicant’s: Academic Background (70%) + Interview Performance (30%)

The result will be announced by the end of June as well as stipulated in the Admission Letter.


Last updated Apr 2020

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Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) was founded on the ZJU International Campus at Haining in November 2018 to facilitate academic and corporate exchange between the West and the ... Read More

Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) was founded on the ZJU International Campus at Haining in November 2018 to facilitate academic and corporate exchange between the West and the East. With a legacy of academic excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship from China, ZIBS embraces and embodies the future. The business school prepares responsible and aspiring leaders, and the ecosystem it serves, to face the challenges of an increasingly complex global business environment. By connecting people and ideas, ZIBS shapes the future of business in the new global economic era. Read less