EFMD Epas Accredited

ESIC Business and Marketing School (ESIC) and Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) have joined forces to create a unique pioneering international MBA for businesswomen/men designed to enhance their management and leadership skills and provide them with the expertise to solve complex challenges in an increasingly globalized environment.

This strong partnership between two leading Chinese and European institutions is a beacon for globally-focused professionals to acquire the insight, expertise, networks, and mindset to become successful executives and managers in tomorrow’s business environment.


A place for the West and East to meet

In-depth understanding of Eastern and Western business practices to seize business opportunities in an increasingly complex global environment.

A program designed for borderless management and global elites

Strong emphasis on inter-cultural and cross-border management in a multi-national group to sharpen participants’ business vision.

First-hand global international business experience

Participants become conversant with the reality and complexity of doing business in the West and East.

The IMBA at a glance

Teaching period:

55% in Madrid and 45% in Shanghai.

Final project:

The final project gives participants the opportunity to apply the knowledge and the experiences they have acquired during the program, both in Europe and China, to a real-world problem. Supported by faculty from ESIC and SISU, participants will design, develop, and present individually a real business plan in China at the end of the program.

The submission takes place in September and the presentation in mid-April of the following year. Candidates can return to their home countries after finishing the teaching period at the end of June, submit the project by post, and present it via Internet.

Degrees awarded upon completion:

International MBA from ESIC Business and Marketing School and MBA from Shanghai International Studies University.

Student profile:

Entrepreneurs who want to broaden their knowledge of international business practices, re-orientate their career or update their management knowledge with a global focus. In addition, participants should be passionate about the opportunities that globalization brings and the changes in the business environment that this is creating.

Teaching methods:

Student-centred learning guided by educators, tutors, and mentors to understand, practice, reflect and apply both subject-specific knowledge and transferable skills. The aim is to create a virtuous cycle of action-feedback-analysis-action for participants. All the delivery is in English. During the period in Shanghai, participants will join the MBA program at SISU.

Chinese Language course:

The program includes a Chinese language course during the stay in Shanghai.

Further double degree options:

After completing the teaching block in Shanghai, participants can continue their studies for 6 months at Florida International University (extra fees apply) and receive a Master of International Business.

A strong partnership between leading business schools

ESIC Business and Marketing School

ESIC Business and Marketing School is the leading business school specialized in marketing in Spain and a major business school in Europe. It offers learning solutions from an international, integrated, comprehensive and global perspective. ESIC Business and Marketing School has developed a strong presence in China with the aim of strengthening the curriculum of its programs and also enhancing the career prospects of its graduates.

Shanghai International Studies University – SISU MBA

SISU is positioned among the “Top 200 universities in BRICs countries” by QS in its “QS University Ranking 2014”, and is also one of China’s "100 key Universities for the 21st Century". In this context, SISU MBA aims at cultivating a new generation of global elites on the basis of oriental philosophy. These professionals are expected to have distinct and sustainable competencies, a global mindset, and the ability to integrate business knowledge with real-world experience while complying with business ethics and professionalism.

Two destinations in major financial centers

Spain and Madrid

Spain is home to seven of the FT Global 500 companies and six of the Euro Stoxx 50 In addition, the country offers the opportunity to develop and strengthen business links with China and Latin America thanks to its close relationship with these regions. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city of great cultural and historical interest. It is also one of Europe`s largest cities and a major business and financial center.

China and Shanghai

China, along with other emerging economies, is the main strategic objective of most multinational corporations as it has been widely accepted that they will be the drivers of growth in the next decade. In Shanghai, China’s largest city, participants will gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities to be found in Asia, especially in China. It is a multicultural city and a major financial center and is considered the gateway for business in China.


Global Network and International Dimension

A unique, global network
ESIC and SISU promote networking as a form of active feedback between the business world and academia. This becomes tangible in the organization of conferences, talks, meetings, cultural visits, etc. supporting the development of relations to enhance participants’ professional careers. In this context, the program offers access to the combined alumni network from ESIC and SISU, an extraordinary international web of students, professionals and renowned academics across the world.
An international dimension for professional careers
Participants will benefit from the professional career services from both institutions. ESIC and SISU provide career services and resources to participants and help them to meet their career aspirations; this offers a golden opportunity to access the global labor market.

Admission Process

Application packages early in the academic year, ideally 6 to 9 months before the start of the program. The admission process is rigorous and only complete applications are assessed. The 4-stage admission process is explained below:
The complete application package should be sent to ESIC in order to start the admission process.
Along with this form applicants need to submit:
  • Copy of the passport,
  • Two passport-sized photos,
  • CV,
  • A degree transcript giving final degree result and breakdown of individual subjects and grades (in English or Spanish). Copies should be authenticated/notarized,
  • GMAT scores (only for the IMBA). Applicants not in possession of GMAT scores will be invited to take a skills and knowledge examination developed by ESIC. Chinese nationals instead of GMAT scores should provide the results of the National Entrance Examination for MBA programs established by China’s government, for more information and minimum requirements of the National Entrance Examination for MBA programs in China please contact admission@shisu.edu.cn.
  • Proof of command of the English language, mainly IELTS or TOEFL IBT results (minimum 6.5 and 95 respectively). Applicants not in possession of any of these proofs can do a language test at ESIC (please arrange this with the admissions office), and
  • Two reference letters. These letters are expected to make explicit references to the applicant’s potential to develop a professional career in business and to pursue Master’s level studies.
The key criteria are past professional and academic performance, suitability for the program, and referee statements.
The Admissions Board assesses each application package and makes recommendations based on the academic requirements and on the candidate’s overall suitability for the program (please see the program’s brochure for more details).
Candidates recommended by the Admissions Board are invited for an interview. Interviews with international candidates can be arranged in their home countries.
Applicants need to submit the following two 500-word essays before the interview:
Personal statement: a critical analysis of the program’s potential contribution to the applicant’s personal and professional development;
Professional statement: the admission office will provide the guidelines at the moment of the invitation for the interview.
The interview will last 30 minutes and will be arranged with the program's director.
The structure of the interview follows:
  • In the first 10 minutes of the interview, the applicant will make a presentation of the two essays.
  • The remaining 20 minutes will be a discussion on the applicant’s suitability to participate in the program.
Successful candidates receive a letter offering admission. The complete process may take up to 30 days.
ESIC Business & Marketing School runs a varied portfolio of Master’s programs and welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds to maintain a diverse student body and facilitate a stimulating learning environment. Applicants are not discriminated against on the grounds of political views, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, disability or age.

Funding & Scholarships

Completing this type of program is an important investment.

At ESIC, we provide funding for students and candidates that meet the requirements of all of the grant programs. Furthermore, we award grants from the Tripartite Foundation to company staff.
Special Grant Programs
  • Grant Program for South American Students from the Carolina Foundation
  • Dual degree Master’s programs
  • ESIC-EXPIGA Scholarship “Strengthening Social Leaders.
  • Diversity Scholarship
  • Grants for Businesses

Accreditations & Certifications

Training the professional demanded by the business community for more than 50 years: this has been and will continue to be, our mission as educators.

Leading in Business and Marketing Training

We are one of the leading business school in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years training business and marketing professionals. We strive to incentivize, promote, and maintain a direct relationship with the business environment in order to provide you with practical academic training that focuses on the needs of the labor market. We offer training with values to successfully engage you as a highly-qualified professional with an excellent command and knowledge of the latest trends.
We are accredited and certified by the principal quality agencies and are members of the main business and sectoral trade associations.
ESIC’s International MBA received the EPAS accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) in February 2016.
With this ESIC’s IMBA joined the elite of EFMD-accredited programs strengthening thus its international positioning and boosting the employability of its graduates. EPAS recognizes and accredits the quality and the international level of business and management programs.
The quality of our programs is endorsed by national and international accreditations and certifications.


ESIC’s International MBA (IMBA) appears in the 27th position among International MBAs.

ESIC’s MBAs are included within the top 170 MBA programs in the world, ranked number 61 outside the US.

ESIC’s EMBA appears in this ranking of the top 100 EMBAs in the world, occupying the 29th position in Europe.

ESIC´s graduates wanted by international employers & ESIC´s value recognized by graduates

(#1 in employability in Europe (QS 2015)

(#1 in Return on Investment (QS 2015)

(1 of the 7 “Top-Tier Employability” business schools in Europe (QS 2017).

ESIC is ranked within the top 100 MBAs in the world, and more importantly within the top 50 for Marketing, Finance, and for the EMBA

ESIC’s MBAs appears 18th in the ranking of the best 49 programs for Latin American students.

The MBAs from ESIC are included in the top 77 international programs, occupying the 52nd position in this ranking.

Program taught in:
  • English

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