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International MBA

Ranked the No. 1 MBA program for international business at a public university, the Darla Moore School of Business International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) is widely recognized as a pioneer in international business education and as one of the top MBA programs in the world. As a premier program from which corporations around the globe recruit their top talent, the IMBA has a more than 40-years history of producing global business leaders.

The IMBA unites candidates who are considered the best in their fields, industries, academic disciplines, communities and countries and then demands that they push the boundaries of their knowledge, perceptions, and limits. The Moore School is where the best become better. Better leaders, better strategists, better global citizens—our MBA candidates are driven, determined and disciplined. Our graduates don’t just make an impact—they literally change the world.

Become the Best

As the global economy has become more interdependent, corporations worldwide are searching for strategic leaders who are able to leverage the best of each country and region around the world seamlessly into one unique vision. The Moore School IMBA program challenges you to be that kind of business leader—a multilingual, results-oriented professional who understands information from a global perspective, who transforms business practices from the good into the great and the best into the better. Graduates emerge with the skills and know-how to play leading roles in shaping the future of their companies. They lead teams in far-flung subsidiaries and manage operations at regional and global levels. They are as adept at handling networks of cross-border production as they are with country-specific marketing campaigns.

The Moore School’s International MBA is a rigorous and distinctive program that combines the intense academics of a premier MBA with the acquisition of an additional language via a 4-to-12-month immersion abroad. In addition, our candidates complete a 6-month corporate consulting project overseas, demonstrating the ability to turn theory into successful implementation and showcasing their agility in countries outside of their own. As a result of these unique program features, IMBA graduates are better prepared to meet all the challenges of a complex and ever-evolving global business environment.

The application for admissions asks for general personal and contact information, academic and employment information, as well as information related to an applicant’s participation in certain organizations (i.e. US Armed Forces). Although not all information is required, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible as some of the data is relevant to certain fellowship opportunities (i.e. Peace Corps Fellows).

Professional Work Experience

A candidate's work experience is thoroughly evaluated as it is often a valid predictor of not only a candidate's academic success in the program but also his or her success from a career perspective. Therefore, it is required that candidates have at least two or more years of full-time, post-bachelor, professional work experience by the time they start the program. The applicant is required to include a resume as part of the online application.


The application also asks for a statement of purpose (maximum of 500 words) that should outline why you want to earn the IMBA degree. Additionally, there are short essay questions to answer. You may also add a personal essay should you want to share additional information for the admission committee to review.

Supporting Documents

Undergraduate Performance (Transcripts)

An earned undergraduate degree from an accredited institution is required to be considered for admission to the IMBA program. A degree in business is not required. Applicants from any major are encouraged to apply as we value diversity within our cohorts.

Transcripts from all institutions attended must be submitted to the Darla Moore School of Business as part of the admissions process. These documents must be sent to the Moore School's Graduate Division in a sealed envelope from the respective institution. The Moore School has access to transcripts of USC graduates; no further action is required if the University of South Carolina was the last school you attended.

The average undergraduate GPA range for a graduate of a U.S. institution is from 3.0 to 4.0.

Graduate Admission Test (GMAT or GRE)

Applicants must provide a valid (five years or fewer) Admissions test. The applicant may provide either of the following options:

  • Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT): The GMAT is composed of verbal, quantitative, written and analytical sections. The expected GMAT average for the IMBA program is 660-700 (maximum score possible is 800).
  • GRE General Test (GRE): The GRE is composed of verbal, quantitative and analytical sections. The expected GRE average for the IMBA program is 315 to 325 (maximum score possible is 340) for tests taken after August 1, 2011, and between 1350 and 1400 (maximum score possible is 1600) for tests taken before August 1, 2011.

Letters of Recommendation (2 required)

Letters of recommendation are required for the admissions review. It is acceptable to have either professional or academic letters of recommendation; however, we encourage candidates to submit recent professional letters of reference where possible.

We encourage recommenders to submit their letters through the online application system. The applicant is able to send an electronic request to the designated recommender. The recommender is then able to complete the review within the online system or upload a saved document.

English Proficiency Test (TOEFL or IELTS)

International applicants who do not hold a degree from a U.S. institution must also submit a valid (two years old or fewer) test score demonstrating their command of the English language. The applicant may provide either of the following test options:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): The TOEFL Is composed of listening, reading, speaking and writing sections. The minimum score is 95 in the iBT (Internet-based test) format.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): The IELTS Is composed of listening, reading, speaking and writing sections. The minimum score is 7.0 in the academic format.
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Since its founding in 1919 as the School of Commerce, the Darla Moore School of Business has grown into a thriving center of academic excellence, with an enrollment of nearly 4,000 undergraduate stude ... Read More

Since its founding in 1919 as the School of Commerce, the Darla Moore School of Business has grown into a thriving center of academic excellence, with an enrollment of nearly 4,000 undergraduate students and over 800 graduate students. Read less
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