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General Information of the MBA

The Master's Business Administration International HispanoLuso (MBA IHL), is created to respond to the growing need of companies to incorporate young professionals with a modern, useful and adapted to business reality in its most international profile.

Able to lead teams of people and make decisions in global and multicultural environments in constant change and transformation.

The International character of the Master marks his stay of 4 months in the Portuguese capital (Lisbon), in such a way that the training program is shared between Spain and Portugal. In addition, the student will carry out internships in a company of their choice that may be in Spain or Portugal for 3 months.

  • Modality: The IHL MBA is a face-to-face program. With classes from Monday to Friday.
  • Duration: It lasts for 12 months, where 3 months are for professional internships.
  • Location: In Badajoz (Spain) and in Lisbon (Portugal).
  • Start of the Program: The program has two start dates: September and February.

The internationalization of ITAE Business School was established from its inception as an essential objective for a differentiating position.

Why choose the Hispano-Luso International MBA

  • The only Spanish speaker in the world: International projection will take you further. In a world that is more globalized than ever, pursuing an international master is the greatest guarantee of professional success.
  • Enriching experiences: Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences a student can have. You will study in 2 countries, but you will know multiple cultures that will make you grow personally and professionally.
  • Portuguese as a link: You will learn Portuguese in just one year, one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. All our students recognize that through our method they can follow the classes in Portuguese perfectly without prior knowledge of the language, and finish speaking it fluently at the end of the course.
  • International orientation: Companies increasingly seek more profiles with an international vocation, so your curriculum will become more attractive and multiply your chances for the future.
  • Talent enhancers: To work in the company, the best training is to learn from the company. The speakers are professionals able to perfectly complement the didactic, technical and theoretical areas with a real and practical vision of each area of ​​the business world. Professionals who live daily the reality that moves the participants in the programs.
  • A successful methodology: The teaching methodology is undoubtedly one of the key pieces that support the success of ITAE Business School , approaching the useful and practical reality of all areas of the company. You will acquire the most academic knowledge through the "Learning by doing" method, so that you will find the usefulness of what you have learned.
  • Activities that bring you closer to the reality of the sector: Activities "out door" seminars, forums, business meetings ... Learning outside the classroom increases contact with the business world and entrepreneurs, so you will see your network of contacts enriched.
  • An internship program to gain experience: You will carry out practices that will allow you to put into practice everything you have learned and complete your training in the department and company that best suits the needs and expectations of each student.

Why do an MBA:

  • 01 A program among the best
  • 02 A change of 180º
  • 03 Successful professional development
  • 04 A differentiating factor
  • 05 Live a unique experience
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About the School

ITAE Business School es una Escuela de Negocios con un origen único y particular. Heredera de la antigua ITAE, es una Institución independiente ideológica y financieramente, que adquiere su marca y su ... Read More

ITAE Business School es una Escuela de Negocios con un origen único y particular. Heredera de la antigua ITAE, es una Institución independiente ideológica y financieramente, que adquiere su marca y su know how. Su razón de ser y su existencia corresponden a la voluntad de unos profesionales de dar formación de excelencia a la sociedad. Read less