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Business Studies in Indonesia 2018/2019

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Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeastern Asia between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is made up of more than 17,000 islands. The climate is tropical, meaning hot and humid, but it’s more moderate in the highland regions. Although the official language is Bahasa Indonesia, more than 700 different languages are spoken in this area about three times the size of the state of Texas. It’s the largest Muslim-majority country in the world.

Studying Business in Indonesia

There are a great many institutions of higher education in Indonesia, and quite a number of them offer their degree programs in English so that it is possible to study business in Indonesia. Degrees offered include bachelor’s, master’s and PhDs. MBA programs may require a certain amount of work experience in order to be considered for admission. Executive MBA programs will usually require more years of experience working in the business world.

The amount of time you will need to invest to receive your degree will depend on the institution you attend. as well as the type of program you are studying. The academic year is typically broken down into two semesters per year and spans from September to June.

The amount of time it takes to earn your degree depends on the type of degree you’re working toward. A bachelor’s degree will typically take eight semesters or four years to complete while a master’s degree will usually take from three to four semesters for completion. A doctorate can take a couple of extra years after that.

The cost of your degree will depend on the institution you choose to attend and the program that you are enrolled in. In addition to tuition and everyday living expenses, you will also want to consider additional fees or costs such as books and supplies.

Getting your business degree in Indonesia may or may not represent a cost savings to you, depending on where you live. The country is a gorgeous place to be, however, and offers many opportunities for traveling to nearby regions. Southeast Asia and Asia in general are areas of strong economic growth, so for the student interested in international business in these areas, studying overseas can be an important way to make contacts and increase your marketability. In addition, it is extremely important that you understand the customs and business culture in the area you wish to work, and living there is one of the best ways of doing so.

Facts about Indonesia

Capital: Jakarta
Official Languages: Indonesian
Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Population: 237,424,363
Gross Domestic Product: $1.208 Trillion
Currency: Ruipah (Rp) (IDR)
Time zone: (UTC+7 to +9)