IMBA – International Master in Business Administration in Barcelona

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IMBA – International Master in Business Administration in Barcelona

ESERP Business School

If you want to expand your education in order to have a greater ability to find a job on the international level, the ESERP IMBA – International Master in Business Administration in Barcelona is a fantastic option.

It is taught entirely in English, helping you to use the business world’s most important language in a skilled manner. Furthermore, we offer two scheduling choices in order to allow you to fit the programme in with your other daily activities, with both part-time (one year) and full-time (two years) options.

You will be prepared to manage a business and carry out a variety of strategies. Additionally, you will able to manage finances, carry out operations, logistics, and quality control, and evaluate businesses for the purposes of considering possible mergers or other activities. You will also learn how to negotiate, position your brand in the market, carry out strategic external analyses, and attract clients, among many other topics.


After having finished this programme, there will be many employment opportunities available to you. And for good reason, as you will be able to manage companies and departments, especially in regards to economics, and work as a consultant or analyst in order to help your company or others that may request your assistance.

Learn more information, for free and without any further commitment, about the IMBA – International Master in Business Administration in Barcelona. In addition to the ESERP degree, you will be able to obtain a university degree issued by UVIC-UCC. What are you waiting for?


Case-Study: Case studies are used to study the functional areas of a business, most of which deal with real problems that can occur in any company.

PMO: Management and support tools to transform a project into reality, with a global and dynamic vision of the environment that includes its strengths and weaknesses.

Inspireo Workshop/LEGO methodology: Improved entrepreneurship training by unleashing the potential of individuals in a creative and participatory work environment. Implemented through INSPIREO WORKSHOP.

Balanced Scorecard (design of business management strategies): Management model based on goals whose achievement is measured using business indicators.

Team Building: Students are divided into small working groups. Group work is a fundamental part of training future professionals to take on positions of responsibility.

Study Plan

Business Organization & Strategic Planning

Financial Management: Management strategy and value creation:

  • Financial Statements. Profitability, the measure of business success.
  • Elaboration, control and budget review.
  • Cost systems. Contribution margin.

Risk Management

  • Risk management: solvency and liquidity.
  • Commercial risk: credit management.
  • Business risk: mapping.

Legal and fiscal framework for a company’s activities.

  • Business and Societies: legal framework.
  • Fiscal planning.
  • Legal and commercial responsibility for management.

Company policy and general management. Organization and Strategy.

  • Types and procedures of organisational thought.
  • Organisational structure.
  • Business development. Virtual organization and growth models.

The role of Human resources in the company.

  • Corporate culture and talent management.
  • Selection and remuneration management.
  • Human Resources Management.

Management skills. Leadership and motivation. Team Management

  • Leadership and Management styles.
  • Mentoring & Empowerment.
  • Leadership and knowledge management.

Cooperation and conflicts resolution. Company ethics and CSR

  • Process and collective negotiation techniques. Trade Unions.
  • Communication and conflict resolution.
  • Analysis of situations of uncertainty
  • Business Code or Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility. Business Social Action.

Company Marketing and Commercial Management

  • Marketing Strategy and styles.
  • Consumer analysis. Market positioning.
  • Structure and function of the commercial network: planning and achievement objectives.
  • Commercial Plan. Strategy and implementation.

Marketing Strategies. Digital Marketing.

  • The brand. Meaning, concept and evolution.
  • Plan of strategic and operational marketing. CRM.
  • Digital marketing concepts. Website optimization.
  • Social Media. Corporate image.

Globalization and internationalization or Markets

  • Competitive mechanisms of international markets.
  • Analysis or international markets. Geopolitical risk.

Operations Management and role or Purchasing. Supply Chain.

  • Optimal order management.
  • Supply chain optimization.

Quality management. Innovation Management

  • Quality and excellence. Customer loyalty.
  • Analysis, measurement and quality control. Improvement plan.
  • Strategy and management of technological innovation.

Marketing Management

The fundamentals of marketing. Marketing Plan.

  • Design & implementation of Marketing Plan.
  • Main functions and tasks of the Marketing Department.

Marketing and Business. Marketing for industrial and service companies.

  • Company typology and environment.
  • Marketing department: structure and team.

Research & marketing Science: Market Research and neuromarketing.

  • Identifying trends and opportunities.
  • Collection and treatment of information. CRM.

Branding. Crisis Management and reputational risk.

  • Corporate brand and product. Brand image. Significance and differentiation.
  • Crisis: analysis, action plan, monitoring and evaluation.

Management Skills. Leadership and empowerment.

  • Leadership styles. Change management. Coaching, emotional and social intelligence.
  • Empowerment and motivation. Social climate. Talent management.

Sales network management. Negotiation and key account management.

  • Sales team skills/ability/competence. Training, motivation and reward.
  • Large accounts or special clients. Its management and importance.

Digital marketing and E-Commerce.

  • Creating a strategic Electronic Commerce Plan.
  • The technological structure of e-commerce.
  • Online payment methods.
  • E-commerce as an opportunity for internationalisation.

Marketing and supply chain management.

  • Optimal order management.
  • Supply chain optimisation.

Sales Budget. Price Policy. Profits & gross margin.

  • Fixing sales targets as expected demand, product or service.
  • Sales forecasts, the overall budget and income. Key aspects of the budget.

Legal Framework.

  • Brand protection: term and scope, renovations, optimisation and copyright protection.
  • Intellectual Property: legislation, procedures, defence and infringement.

Products strategy and brand positioning: globalisation and decision-making.

  • Market segmentation: outline, techniques and typologies.
  • Descriptive, favor analysis, components, cluster, conjoint analysis, MISS model.

Global Marketing. New Market & Export Subsidies.

  • Internationalisation and marketing in the global company.
  • Rating international environment and country risk.
  • FTAs. Common markets. Customs unions.

(*)The content of the programme, schedule, or materials may be altered due to changes in academic planning.

(*)The order of the modules is for purposes of orientation in regards to the scheduling of the Master’s programme.

Career opportunities

The programme will give you the ability to develop your professional activities in different areas, such as:

  • General Management

Strategic Planning Marketing Management – Commercial International Relations and Opening of New Markets Product, Sales & Brand Manager Accounting Management and Management Oversight Administrative-Financial Management Innovation, Research and Development Logistics, Quality Control, and Supply

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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