Global MBA

Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Program Description

Global MBA

Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

The Global MBA program is established to offer an opportunity for companies to educate their elite managers in one of the world's top-rated MBA programs. The Global MBA course work is exactly the same as the regular MBA but the schedule and structure are creatively designed to accommodate the unique needs of each the companies in each region. Currently UMBS offers Global MBA for the companies based in or having operation in Asia.

Selective Program for Exceptional Managers and Professionals
Experienced corporate managers and professionals demand much more than a conventional MBA program can offer and the Michigan Global MBA Program is carefully designed to meet those high demands. To maintain the purpose of the program and to maximize the synergy among students, admission to the program is limited only to elite managers with corporate sponsorship.

Michigan MBA Curriculum

There is one Michigan MBA degree. All of the Michigan MBA programs adhere to the same stringent requirements. Upon completion of the required core courses, students can take up to 36 elective credits from more than 110 elective courses. All of the courses are taught by the distinguished University of Michigan faculty members. Upon successful completion of the coursework, students receive a Michigan MBA degree.

Sixteen Month MBA Program

We understand that time is a valuable asset for corporate managers and companies. We designed the Asia Global MBA to be completed in sixteen months—the least amount of time possible without compromising quality. By omitting the long summer vacation most conventional MBA programs offer between the first and second years, our program completes in less time. We believe in rigorous analysis, but always with an eye to important practical impact. Minimizing job absence of talented employees while offering a world class education is just another example of the commitment the University of Michigan Business School has to its partnering companies.

Diverse Cultural Learning

The cohort of students accepted to the Asia Global MBA Class of 2006 will begin the program by spending three months in Asia before coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan for thirteen months. The Asia term consists of sessions in Japan, China and Korea. Sessions in Asia are held at fully equipped corporate training centers, where the entire student body and faculty will reside throughout the four weeks. Facilities are carefully designed to allow students to fully immerse themselves in their course work without any distraction, to work in teams functioning as an organizational unit, and to deepen their understanding of diverse Asian cultures and business practices. The School offers cultural tours in each country to increase students’ understanding of local history and culture. Upon completing the term in Asia, students and their family members travel to Ann Arbor for thirteen months. In Ann Arbor, students are free to select their choice of housing from many options both on and off-campus. While in Ann Arbor, students will be offered more than 10 weeks of vacation time during which students and their family members can travel across America or visit other countries.

Life Long Friendship with GMBA Colleagues

Students participating in the Asia Global MBA program are high-potential managers of their sponsor companies. During the first two terms of the program, students participate in the required core courses together. Students are given the chance to get to know their colleagues on a very individual level. In the classroom and through diverse team activities, students help and learn from each other. Participants in the program not only build camaraderie among fellow MBA students, but build professional relationships and life-long friendships. During the two terms in Ann Arbor devoted to electives, Global MBA students not only join the more than 2,000 students that make up the Business School student body, but also, the more than 50,000 students, faculty, and staff members that make up the culturally rich and diversified University of Michigan community. Graduates remain part of the program via lifelong access to the Business School, personal ties with peer participants, and membership in one of the largest university alumni networks in the world.

Get to Know Michigan Faculty Members

Global MBA students have the opportunity to get to know esteemed University of Michigan Business School Faculty. We invite the most experienced and devoted faculty members to teach in the core courses. When teaching a core course in the Global MBA, faculty members time is 100% devoted to the global students and the course. Faculty members invite students to join them for lunch and dinner in small groups and hold office hours exclusively for Global MBA students. Getting to know faculty members is an asset to utilize not only during the course work, but also after returning to your profession.

* Program Highlights

Uniquely Designed: Our program is the most ideal MBA program for experienced corporate managers and professionals.

Michigan MBA Curriculum: The Michigan MBA curriculum has been recognized as the most innovative in the world.

Flexibility: Upon completion of the core courses, students can choose from more than 110 elective courses and take up to 10 credits in any of the University of Michigan graduate schools.

Network Building: Students can build relationships with an elite cadre of top Asian business leaders and students in Ann Arbor; they will also have access to the large Michigan alumni network.

Time Saving: The program completes in just 16 months.

Diverse Cultural Learning: Students spend three months in Japan, China and Korea before spending thirteen months with the diverse student body in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Extracurricular Activities: Throughout the program, students are offered diverse auxiliary programs including Executive Skills Workshops and cultural tours to strengthen students’ understanding of business skills and foreign culture.

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USA Ann Arbor, Michigan
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