Global Masters of Business Administration in Tourism 2020/2021

A Master of Business Administration is a graduate-level degree often focused on scientific approaches to business management. A global MBA takes an international approach to learning. On average, this program takes two years to finish.

What is a global MBA in Tourism Management? This graduate-level program gives students a better understanding of the complexities that face the tourism industry. For example, courses may look at the ever-changing technology that affects tourism. Some programs may look at the economic value and dependency of tourism as well. Each program will have unique required courses. Students may be expected to take courses similar to intercultural management, tourism marketing, international financial management, contemporary issues in tourism, and international politics and relations in tourism.

Participants gain a sensitivity toward the tourism environment, which can help them better understand how this changing field needs to adapt to new technologies. The project management skills gained make it easier for professionals to oversee a variety of everyday tasks and special ventures. The intercultural awareness provided by the program make scholars better prepared to work in an international environment.

The cost of this type of MBA can vary from school to school and year to year. If an applicant wants to get an accurate estimate, he or she must contact schools directly.

Graduates of a global MBA in Tourism Management program are ready to take on leadership roles within the industry. Tourism can include working at airlines, hotels, cruise lines or tour guide offices. Students may go on to become pricing analysts for an airline, room directors for a cruise line, general managers for a hotel or destination managers for a tour guide office. The exact opportunities available may depend on a person’s previous work and education experience. Some scholars choose to continue their education rather than join the workforce.

Universities around the world offer a global MBA in Tourism Management. Some schools may even have online courses. To learn more or apply, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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MBA in Global Hospitality and Tourism Management

UET University School Of Tourism (Scuola Universitaria Europea per il Turismo)
Global MBA
12 months

This Master of Business Administration or MBA (Global Hospitality and Tourism) is good for: graduates who wish to further their study, those who wish to become entrepreneurs a ...

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