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Top 2 Global Masters of Business Administration in Global Management 2019

Many students interested in international business careers could benefit from the expert knowledge that a Global MBA can offer. This type of program typically exposes students to a wide range of cultures to help them develop a greater understanding of how business works on a global basis.

What is a Global MBA in Global Management? This type of degree typically prepares students to take on managerial roles in global businesses by giving them specialized knowledge of the business industry through courses such as finance, management theory, and implementation. Students may also study supply chain management, business strategies, accounting, and writing to complete their understanding. The goal of the program is to help students understand the impact of global businesses and how they function.

A Global MBA program usually teaches students valuable skills that can help them succeed in their chosen careers. Leadership skills may qualify them for job advancements and salary increases in the future, while communication skills enable them to network efficiently. Analytical skills can prove to be useful in personal areas of life as well as professional ones.

Because every school is different, there is no set cost for a Global MBA program. Each university has its own tuition costs, and location could also affect the price.

Students who complete a Global MBA in Global Management usually have access to many exciting careers. Many become business or branch managers, while others work as supply chain managers. Positions as marketing managers may also be available. Some pursue careers as business analysts, while others find jobs as compensation managers or logistics consultants. Many choose to launch their own businesses and become CEOs.

Global MBA programs are usually offered both on campus and online. Enrolling in online classes may give students more flexibility to balance their education with their personal lives, so search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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2 Results in Global Management

National Sun Yat-Sen University

Master of Global Human Resource Management is established on the need of the College to strengthen the HR profession and to give students some grounding in how key areas ... [+]

Master of Global Human Resource Management (Full-time MBA Program)

Master of Global Human Resource Management is established on the need of the College to strengthen the HR profession and to give students some grounding in how key areas of business are integrated into successful organizations. Its goal is to give its students a solid, well-rounded education in the HR field, accentuating team building and a global outlook. With the coming era of globalization, nations are racing intensely to gain a competitive edge by investing in innovative knowledge and global talents developments, especially in the pursuit of academic prestige and elite-talent cultivations. Therefore, it is important for the full-time Master of Global Human Resource Management to harness its resources and provide students with opportunities to acquire both theoretical and practical skills. The program aims at delivering a new English master degree program that will develop competitive global talents and equip students with human resource management knowledge, needed greatly today by international companies.... [-]

Taiwan Kaohsiung City
September 2019
2 - 4 years
Doshisha Business School

Doshisha’s Global MBA, a two year, full-time MBA program, is truly unique with an international student body, three innovative focus areas, an emphasis on social responsi ... [+]

Global business in the 21st century can no longer rely on simple calculations of profit and share performance as the primary measure of success. With the focus on sustainability, the Doshisha Global MBA guides students to explore and enquire beyond the established boundaries set by established theories and practices of global business and management to look beyond ‘business as usual’. As they grow into global-minded leaders, students will not only cover the breadth of standard MBA core subjects, but also develop deeper insights from the program’s three focus areas, and hone their analytical prowess through our program’s research thesis component.

The Global Business and Management Studies (Global MBA) Program... [-]

Japan Kyoto
September 2019
2 years