Contemporary Management Education with Emphasis

- As our global vision implies, we aim to develop future business leaders who possess both global perspectives. Hanyang is indeed well positioned to pursue this vision. Hanyang already has exchange agreements with 146 schools in 20 countries.

- Our faculty strives to maintain the course contents to be novel, reflecting contemporary management thought.

World-Class Faculty in Collaboration with University of Oregon

- Hanyang MBA faculty ranks among the top in terms of academic research output in Korea. Many of them are active opinion leaders, successful entrepreneurs, influential consultants, and important board members themselves in the Korean society.

- With the cooperative agreement with University of Oregon School of Business, some of the MBA courses will be taught by eminent professors invited from the University of Oregon. Hanyang MBA will continue to globalize its curriculum based on our global vision.

Create your own Individualized Curriculum: "Self-designed Track"

- We offer the most flexible curriculum of any top-tier business school, empowering our students to take command of their coursework and their future. By selecting “Self-designed Track”, our students can strategically customize their education and develop specialized areas of expertise to accommodate their specific interest and skills. The flexibility of our coursework provides great advantages to our students, particularly when it comes time for them to compete in a highly specialized field of business.

- We offer eight functional tracks: Accounting, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Organization Behavior & Human Resource Management, Operations & Service Management, Strategic Management & Venture.

Emphasis on Industry-Academy Cooperation through "Field Study","VIP Lecture Series", and etc.

- We believe in a balanced approach to our education program. Our program entails a management curriculum that strikes a balance between theoretical concepts and practical real-world experiences. In our program, students can conduct one “Field Studies” before graduation. The student will choose topics for the Field Study according to their current needs or career goals, and professors will assist students in completing the project. Students will be able to take tools and techniques learned in the classroom and apply them directly to their workplace.

- At Hanyang MBA, you learn not only in the classroom, but directly from business leaders and policymakers in Korea. “VIP Lecture Series” featuring distinguished national leaders (such as CEOs of successful corporations, high ranking Government officials, influential writers, etc.) is offered throughout the semesters. This will not only bridge the gap between theory and practice but also provide students with a chance to learn from business leaders regarding the complex business environment.

- We have industry experts and specialists as our joint faculty members. They share their valuable industry know-how with students so that the students can apply these indirect learning experience in their job.

Solution-oriented, Case-based Learning

- Like many other world-class MBA schools, we use in-depth case studies in our teaching. Our professors use various excellent cases from HBC or Stanford. In addition, they introduce some of the interesting Korean cases some of which are prepared by themselves. Thus, the students have the privilege to be exposed to some important Korean business cases directly from the authors. In addition to case studies, other teaching styles and methods such as role-playing, videos, simulations and team exercises are used in class.

Grand Opening of State-of-the-art Facility

- Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of school life for prospective MBA students is to have an access to a new state-of-the-art business school building. Hanyang School of Business broke ground on a new \20 billion, 15,207m2 business school building on July 10, 2004. The new flagship building, which contains 8 stories plus two basement levels, was completed in 2006. It has numerous amphitheater classrooms and discussion rooms equipped with multimedia presentation system, student lounge, executive classrooms, a library, computer labs, a multipurpose dining facility, a fitness room as well as other amenities for learning.

Location Advantage: 20minutes from the center of Seoul

One of the great advantages of Hanyang is its unique location. It only takes about 20 minutes by subway from the center of either Kangbook or Kangnam area. Furthermore, one of the subway exit (line number 2) is located at the center of campus, making access to business school more convenient.

Opportunities for Tuition Waiver

We provide a tuition waiver for students with excellent academic qualifications. Students in the top 15 percent will receive tuition waiver ranging from 30% to 100% of tuition.

Basic Requirements

- Accounting pre-requisite: Students who have not taken any accounting courses are required to take a pre-requisite accounting class before the regular semester begins. An intensive one-week Special Accounting Lecture Series will be open for those students before the regular semester begins.
(If a student has already taken an accounting class before, he/she can be exempted from this requirement.)

- Students are required to take a total of 45 credit hours (15 courses of 3 credits each) in order to graduate, and accounting pre-requisite is not counted toward the graduation requirement.

- Students are required to take 5 courses designated in each track from 10 MBA core courses

- Students are required to choose one Global Communication Course (English, Chinese, or Japanese) in order to graduate.(if a student submits a certificate of foreign language score, this can be exempted.)

- Students can take one field Study before graduation: Student will choose topics for the Field Study according to their current needs or career goals, and professors will assist students in completing their project. Students will be able to take tools and techniques learned in the classroom and apply them directly to their workplace.

- Students can either take “Self-designed Track” or “Functional Track”

- It normally takes 2years to complete the program.

Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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