Post Graduate Level

You do not need to stop working to earn your MBA. You continue in your job and participate in our classes, usually one evening per week and on weekends, where you will interact directly with our faculty and industry speakers. The courses are also offered in eLearning format and can be done long distance with group sessions.

The program emphasizes the importance of your development as a manager and includes personal support and business coaching. You will work on company-based projects in high-performance learning groups. This program is ideal for those managers who aspire to senior roles and wish to maintain their career path whilst studying for an MBA.

Choose between single, dual or even triple MBA programs. Why would some ask to get a program with a dual or triple MBA degree? It’s pretty simple: If you consider studying further on degrees with different accreditations and from different parts of the world gives you more opportunities.

So go for a dual or triple degree with even more accreditations behind it and open up the doors for your future.

General MBA

The General MBA program is for students or employees who want to boost and excel their career. It is set up to move current careers forward with the gained knowledge and skills. The program has an academic and applied focus leading to develop the students’ capabilities in highly competitive jobs. IBSS selects teachers who have high academic backgrounds relevant to subjects they teach. Each teacher has professional experience in the related field. The teaching pedagogy adopted by IBSS for the General MBA program is the experiential learning approach that relies on the use of case studies and problem-based assignment materials which develops students’ knowledge, analytical thinking, and decision-making process.

The teaching methods are conducted as blended learning courses which combine teaching online or supported using study guides with self-paced online learning. In practice, this methodology has proven to be the ideal mix for busy working students. The online self-paced learning components of the program give them the flexibility they need to be able to meet the requirements of both their jobs and their studying at the same time. The session gives students the interaction which is a key element in avoiding feeling isolated within their learning environments.

Upon the completion of the IBSS General MBA program, students should be:

  • Knowledgeable of the context and awareness of the dynamics of organizational functioning.
  • Equipped with current knowledge and relevant analytical tools to carry out managerial duties in business organizations.
  • Competent and effective decision makers in solving practical issues in the globalized business environment.
  • Able to communicate well.
  • Equipped to manage a range of tasks in order to advance careers to senior management positions.
  • Adequately exposed to international business and collaborations.

The General MBA will provide students with a total of 120 ECTS points. You can finish 1 or 2 year as full time or flexible as part-time.

Students have the option of completing their studies in either 1 year or 2 years, depending on whether they choose to study full time or part-time.

Minimum Admission Requirements

(a) English Proficiency Requirements

It is important that students whose native language is not English have a minimum level of comprehension and facility in

English for our English speaking classes. For classes conducted in other languages, English will not be a requirement. Even when a student has met the minimum standard for admission by TOEFL or other tests, it is incumbent upon the academic unit to assess the student’s comprehension of oral and written English and may require remedial work.

Students who are not native English speakers or whose previous university’s was not taught primarily in English must provide one of the following as evidence of English language competence:

  • TOEFL test
  • IELTS test
  • Letter from the University where the student studied declaring that the language of study was English

If the student does not show any of the above-mentioned proofs, alternatively, an oral interview with an IBSS certified examiner will be conducted to assess the level of comprehension and communication.

(b) Entry Requirements

IBSS is committed to a fair admissions process and accepts a wide range of qualifications. The information on this page gives

an overview of the general entry requirements for all programs.

Masters Entry Requirements

Regular Entry

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
Program taught in:
  • English
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