Full-time MBA in International Business

“Our Full-time International MBA is in an experience that is both exciting and life-changing. It means laying the foundation for your career, building relationships that will last a lifetime, and meeting leaders capable of affecting your professional future. You will learn how to use your potential, all the while taking advantage of the unique experience of living in Italy".

Andrea Tracogna
Director of full-time MBA in International Business

The full-time MBA in International Business is a Master of Business Administration covering all thematic principles of international management and developing decision-making and management skills.

Participating puts you in a world-class MBA programme in terms of content, instructors and students, organization, quality of services, networking possibilities and career opportunities.
The International MBA will give you tools for achieving your professional goals, increasing your value in the job market, and broadening your international career possibilities.
93% is the average placement rate (3 months after Graduation) average of the XXV and XXVI edition of the full-time MBA.

International MBA Accreditations

The only objective way of estimating the value of an MBA program, its dependability, and its international credibility is through the accreditations it has earned.

The accreditation bodies evaluate content, programs, instructors, methodology, and organization, certifying only the highest-quality MBAs in the world.

Our MBA is accredited by (Accreditations recognized by International Recruiters):

  • AMBA, Association of MBAs: the most important international accreditation for MBAs, only 160 Schools in the world are certified.
  • ASFOR: evaluates managerial educational programs in Italy, certifying top Masters and MBA programs.


MIB Trieste School of Management offers a wide portfolio of Merit Scholarships in the form of partial exemption from tuition fees.
Every year MIB awards up to 20 Scholarships to MBA applicants with relevant profiles.
Each Scholarship covers up to 50% of MBA tuition fee.


The one year Full-Time MBA in International Business covers all the topics of a traditional two-year MBA programme with an intense and demanding curriculum.

The intensity of the programme will reinforce your MBA experience, both from a professional and personal perspective.

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
1 year
25,000 EUR
(22% VAT included). The 2017 course grants some Merit Scholarships.
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