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Full-Time On-Campus MBA

Auburn University College of Business

The Auburn MBA Advantage

-- The education model in the Auburn MBA Program is multifaceted and includes several key dimensions to produce a well-rounded leader.

-- For an Auburn MBA student, learning takes place in the classroom by way of traditional lecture, strategic leadership case, and collaborative team projects. The Auburn MBA recognizes the importance of learning both in- and out- side of the classroom.

-- Community is a keystone of the Auburn MBA and peer-to-peer contact is emphasized throughout the program. The Auburn MBA prepares students to be leaders within organizations immediately upon graduation.

-- The Auburn MBA recognizes the increasing role that the international economy plays in the workplace of today and tomorrow.

Full-Time On-Campus MBA

While entry into the Full-Time, On-Campus Program is the most competitive of Auburn MBA’s offerings, the learning environment focuses on team building, leadership and professional development. The unique community environment found in the Full-Time, On-Campus Program is something that can only be experienced at Auburn University and extends well beyond the classroom to the entire MBA experience.

Recognizing the increasing globalization of economies and individual businesses around the world, the Full-Time, On-Campus MBA Program includes a seven to ten day international trip during the second semester. The trip allows students to study the economies and cultures of several nation-states around the world. For an inside look at these experiences, visit the Student Life page.

Leadership development is a key tenant of the Full-Time, On-Campus MBA Program. In this Program, students learn in the classroom, in the field, in the community and on the job as part of a comprehensive management development program designed to prepare students for immediate entry into the workforce.

Students are able to customize the Full-Time, On-Campus MBA Program by choosing an area of specialization that best suits their career needs.

MBA Concentrations

Flexibility is a defining characteristic of the Auburn MBA. As such, students are able to concentrate in a variety of subject areas. Formal programs exist in the following areas: Agribusiness, Business Analytics, Economic Development, Finance, Managment, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Production/Operations Management, Sports Management and Supply Chain Management

MBA Program Structure

The most traditional offering for the Auburn MBA is the Full-time, On-Campus Program. This Program is a 17-month, lockstep program with approximately 50 students in each cohort.

The Full-Time, On-Campus Program spans three semesters with students entering in the Fall term and graduating at the end the following year’s Fall semester. Taking place between the second and third semester, a Summer internship is required for students with less than two years professional full-time work experience and recommended for all students.

Graduate Assistantship Program

Our most competitive applicants each year will be offered a graduate assistantship in addition to acceptance in the program. This assistantship comes with a FULL in-state and out-of-state university tuition waiver.  Students on assistantship work 10-15 hours per week in the business school and are also paid (in addition to the tuition waiver)  a generous monthly stipend. Please note that the tuition waivers do not cover graduate and professional fees. In order to be competitive for this opportunity, applicants must have a strong GPA and GMAT score. Generally successful applicants have GPAs above 3.2 and GMAT scores in the mid-600's.


For international students, the Auburn University Graduate School cannot accept a 3-year degree unless the student has also completed a 2-year graduate degree or a 1-year Diploma.

Admission to the On-Campus, Full-Time Auburn MBA Program is on a rolling basis with candidates applying for a specific Fall semester entry. The application process is quite competitive with an approximate 45% acceptance rate. Applications are reviewed based on a weighted scale considering GMAT scores (qualitative and quantitative percentiles), overall undergraduate grade point average, degree(s) earned and institution(s) attended, work experience, leadership accomplishments, recommendations, personal interviews, and essay responses.

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Start date
Aug. 2017
17 months
Full time
10,949 USD
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early decision deadline 01/11/2011
Start date Aug. 2017
USA Auburn, Alabama
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early decision deadline 01/11/2011
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Duration 17 months
Price 10,949 USD
/semester; $3,947:in-state students