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Program Description

Our Full-Time Master Program offers you an education that is both academic and human-focused, developing your managerial potential and encouraging professional growth.

Over the course of 22 months, you will experience a transformation based on learning phases. The Program begins with a period of intellectual growth during which you will develop skills and knowledge about the techniques and art of managing a company. In the next phase, you will put that knowledge into practice. Finally, you’ll be given the opportunity to participate in an international learning experience.

At IPADE, you will be part of a global learning community made up of highly talented young professionals that will challenge you to think beyond your limits. This community will prepare you for the complex responsibilities that come with leadership in the business world.

We hope to welcome you to our Full-Time MBA Program.
Ernesto Bolio Barajas
Full-Time MBA Corporate Director


The Full-time MBA Program is designed to develop the skills necessary to face Top Management responsibilities. Participants will undergo a profound transformation, and this training requires a two-year commitment to professional and personal growth.

Program participants get a professional boost that translates into greater performance and increased leadership skills. IPADE graduates stand out among their peers due to their highly developed global business vision and their deep sense of social purpose that must always accompany managing a business.

IPADE’s MEDE Program uses the Case Method and additional teaching tools to provide an intense formative experience focused on building skills and transforming leaders.

Academic structure

First Year

The Program’s first year is primarily oriented toward an in-depth study of different areas of management. During this period, participants acquire the technical tools necessary for excellent management. Along with these hard skills, participants will learn about leadership and teamwork.

Summer Internship

Between their first and second year, Full-Time MBA  participants must carry out a summer internship project with a company. The Project is conceived as a practical learning process in which the students have the opportunity to apply much of what they have been learned during the first year of the program in real business situations.

Second Year

The second-year emphasizes the development of a global vision, strategic decision-making processes, and other so-called soft skills. During the fourth trimester, students choose from among 40 international business schools for their international exchange experience. During the sixth trimester, students can choose four elective courses focused on the latest global business trends.


Using the Case Method, participants perfect their managerial skills by exercising the detection, analysis, and diagnosis of real business problems.

The Full-Time MBA Program helps the participants to develop their abilities to make accurate decisions, exercise flexibility and open-mindedness, and build the strength of character required for every managerial action.

The Case Method uses academic materials (business cases) based on real organizational challenges that are analyzed from different perspectives. This process is divided into three stages: personal study, teamwork, and a plenary session led by an expert professor.

Drawing on the cases and accompanying technical notes, participants acquire the necessary knowledge about the fundamentals of business management. Guest speakers and visiting professors provide additional hands-on inputs, expertise, and life experience.

1. Personal Study

Participants use their personal experience with the situation outlined to assess the issues and make an action plan.

2. Teamwork

The team of participants combines their personal and plenary analysis to make decisions as though they were the company’s board of directors.

3. Plenary Session

The case is analyzed using input from the whole class under the guidance of an expert professor.

Entry requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • 3 years of work experience.
  • Proficiency in English:
    • TOEIC (at least 850 points);
    • TOEFL IBT (at least 100 points);
    • TOEFL PBT (at least 600 points);
    • IELTS (at least 6.5 points);
  • IPADE’s Management Skills Test, GMAT (at least 600 points), or GRE (at least 150 points per section).

Admission process

  1. Appointment: Your first contact with IPADE: an event, an appointment, a breakfast, or a Skype call (for foreign applicants).
  2. Exam: For the exam, you can prepare with our online course. Ask the Admissions Team for details (don’t forget to fill in the “Electronic Application”).
  3. Interviews: Interviews with directors of the Program (don’t forget to bring your documentation).
  4. Committee: The Admissions Committee will decide if you are accepted or not and you will receive a letter to let you know the results.
  5. Enrollment: Once you are accepted, you have to pay the enrollment fee in order to have your place ensured and to apply for scholarships and financial aid.
  6. Scholarship and financing: You can start applying for scholarships and financing. Ask for information from the Admissions team.
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IPADE Business School was founded in 1967 by a group of prominent businessmen with the aim of developing future leaders with the ability to drive social and economic growth, rooted in personal integri ... Read More

IPADE Business School was founded in 1967 by a group of prominent businessmen with the aim of developing future leaders with the ability to drive social and economic growth, rooted in personal integrity, social responsibility and global vision. Read less
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