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Program Description

A high-quality business program100% tuition-free in Latin America

COPPEAD is one of the best business schools in the world and offers the only Full-Time MBA in Brazil that follows international quality standards in training business leaders for global performance. For that reason, the program has partnerships with 42 business schools in all continents. In addition, because we are part of the most traditional Brazilian Federal University, the program is 100% tuition-free and corresponds in Brazil to a stricto sensu master degree.

At COPPEAD, students are immersed in an international and diverse environment, during a program entirely offered in English which receives candidates from various countries and states in Brazil. This allows for a differentiated classroom experience associated with the development of global networking.

About the Course

The program offers an intensive 660 hours of mandatory and elective courses associated with other complementary activities over 18 months. It is structured in 3 main thematic axes:

  1. Content: Solid conceptual formation in business management through a wide range of courses to build general management training. During the first year, the student should take 570 hours of courses.
  2. Career: Career development activities are offered since the first term, favoring the students’ reflection on their professional trajectories and developing strategies of replacement. The career activities culminate with the MBA Internship and Networking Week, where students begin their return to the job market.
  3. Research: 90 hours of individual tutoring applied to the development of a research project, in which the student develops skills such as critical thinking, the application of concepts, field research, presentation and development of scientific articles.

Thie first year is divided into 4 terms, each one lasting 10 weeks. In each term, students must attend the core courses and may customize their experience through the choice of elective courses.

In the second year, students will be able to participate in the MBA Internship and the Multicultural Projects Course, a consulting experience teamed up with students from the University of San Diego.

After 18 months, students have the opportunity to participate in the Exchange Program, attending a period in one of COPPEAD’s partner schools. Students who choose this modality can complete the program in 24 months.

At the end of each course, students are expected to take an exam, deliver an essay or a project. In the last period of the first year, students choose their academic advisors and begin to develop their master’s research project which should be completed at the end of the program.

The Full-Time MBA Experience

The program offers several benefits, such as:

  • Active methodology centered on the student (case method, laboratories, games, and role-playing) developing skills such as negotiation, argumentation, teamwork, decision under pressure and time management.
  • Courses given by PhD professors with relevant academic and professional experience;
  • Projects in Multicultural Teams, a special training program offered in partnership with the University of San Diego;
  • Internship positions in several Brazilian and multinational companies;
  • Exchange Program in one of 42 business schools over 5 continents
  • Career initiatives to support students in the process of returning to the job market, such as specific courses and networking meetings.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Rio lifestyle, well-known for its cultural activities and amazing natural landscape.

Career outcomes

As a graduate of the Full-Time MBA, you will become a professional with advanced cutting-edge knowledge and skills in business. After being exposed to an international environment, many of our former students get management positions overseas.

In addition, you will have access to other alumni from all COPPEAD’s courses and become part of an exclusive group of top professionals in their field.

Admissions Criteria and Process

Those interested in participating in the Full-Time MBA program must hold an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Strong academic background, maturity, professional experience, and English proficiency favor the admission of a candidate.

The academic capacity and international motivation for advanced studies in Business Administration are also considered since the full commitment of the student to the program are expected.

Detailed requirements and registration steps can be requested

A word from our alumni

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About the School

The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is a business school internationally known for its excellence in teaching and researching.

The COPPEAD Graduate School of Business of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is a business school internationally known for its excellence in teaching and researching. Read less
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