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Program Description

Build the essential skills to lead successful, sustainable businesses in the most entrepreneurial city in the world and beyond.

  • The USF full-time MBA degree offers you a personalized path to business leadership.
  • World-class academic content and expert, dedicated faculty
  • Career-oriented co-curricular activities and events
  • Collaboration with extensive Bay Area School of Management alumni and company networks

Six concentrations for full-time and part-time MBA programs

At USF, you'll have the unique benefits of a career-focused education, offering instruction, course selection, and specialized work experience that align with your professional goals, as well as unparalleled proximity to Bay Area networking, helping you form connections with international organizations, intern in virtually any industry, and gain first-hand experience with prospective employers.

We redesigned our two-year Full-Time MBA program in 2017

Our redesigned MBA program

  • Optimize the USF location in downtown San Francisco to build a strong professional network with leading organizations in the Bay Area.
  • Grow through an enriching program curriculum that reflects the USF Jesuit tradition of social responsibility and conscious reflection.
  • Prepare for the specific markets, fields, and careers you want to pursue—starting in your first year. Tailor your courses and program experience to reflect your career goals and interests from the beginning in the Career Accelerator Program or with an MBA Concentration.
  • Earn your MBA and advance your career goals at a reduced cost, with an MBA program that's been revised to offer students more opportunity for less.

Most students have one primary consideration when applying to MBA programs. How will earning my MBA with University of San Francisco increase my opportunities for career success?

What's different about the USF two-year curriculum?

  • Career Accelerator Platform
    Full-time students select one of three Career Accelerator Platforms that align with your professional goals—Human Factors of Business Performance, Business Finance, and Customer Success and Insights. Your Platform shapes your coursework and recommends industry-specific lecture series, as well as connects you with USF alumni working in relevant fields of interest, and prepares you for interview environments specific to your trajectory. You'll begin advancing your career as soon as you become a student.
  • Innovation Project
    Gain valuable work experience at a company you choose, like a local nonprofit, large corporation, or community organization. You'll build relationships and references through your innovation project, as well as present your work to your peers in the spring of year two.
  • Personal Advisory Board
    Each student has a personal advisory board consisting of at least one assigned peer, as well as a non-USF advisor, such as a former boss or mentor. You can invite as many advisors to serve on your board as you wish. Your Board encourages you to seek advice from trusted confidants, reflect on your goals and progress, and form meaningful relationships to last beyond your time in the program.
  • Management Exercises: A cornerstone of Jesuit tradition is a reflection of one's social impact and our ability to create social equity. Our management exercises are designed to encourage time with your Personal Advisory Board to reflect on yourself, on colleagues and classmates, on the client or organization you've worked with, and on how you can positively serve society at large.

Two-Year MBA Curriculum Summary


Fall Semester includes core courses to cover business fundamentals, such as accounting, finance, marketing, data analysis, ethics, economics, and leadership. You'll also explore your options for choosing one of three Career Accelerator Platforms, and select the members of your Personal Advisory Board.

Spring Semester is when you choose your Career Accelerator Platform, select three elective courses within this Platform, and take two more of your core curriculum studies.

Summer Study is the ideal time to pursue a summer internship and connect with potential employers. You can also gain first-hand consulting experience through The Malloy Group, conduct an independent project to strengthen your career skillset, or pursue coursework across disciplines with electives courses.


Fall Semester gives you plenty of opportunities to take electives within your Career Accelerator Platform, or perhaps re-evaluate your path and select alternative elective courses outside your Platform. You'll also determine your innovation project and select the company you'll work with throughout the semester.

Spring Semester culminates your work in the program, as you meet with your personal advisory board, present your innovation project to your classmates, view other students' work, and reflect on your experience as a whole.

USF Full-Time MBA alumni have achieved success in their professional paths all over the globe, joining and leading teams at companies including Airbnb, Bank of America, Cisco, Gap, General Electric, Salesforce, the United Nations, Salesforce, and more.

Last updated Jul 2020

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