Study Business in Finland

Located in Northern Europe, Finland is a Nordic country bordered by Norway, Sweden, Russia and Estonia. Although it is Europe's eighth largest country, it is the least populated due to its inclement, isolated northern half. Finland's parliamentary republic government is based in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, where most of the population resides. The country is a member of the EU, the Eurozone and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In 2010, Finland was ranked as the best country in which to live by Newsweek magazine. What Type of Schools Offer Business Degrees in Finland? Higher education institutions consist of research-oriented universities and profession-oriented polytechnics. Finnish students enjoy free education as well as paid living expenses provided by the socially democratic government. The World Economic Forum puts Finland's tertiary education system as the best in the world, with nearly 40 per of the Finnish population holding some kind of higher education degree. Although many graduates of polytechnics and universities have degrees in science-related fields (neuroscience, physics, genetics, etc), international students seeking business degrees will be pleased ot know that most of Finland's universities offer bachelor's and master's degrees in international business management, economics, finance and marketing. How Long is the Academic Year in Finland? Higher education courses begin in mid-August and end in May. Finland celebrates numerous holidays throughout the year that allows for time off from studies. Some of these include a week off in October, two weeks off for Christmas, the winter Carnival holiday in February and Easter. Tuition Fees Earning an undergraduate or graduate business degree in Finland is free to Finnish and international students. However, students are responsible for their living expenses while studying at a university. Currently, scholarships that help cover living expenses are only available for those involved in doctorate level research and studies. How Long Does it Take to Earn a Business Degree in Finland? A bachelor's degree in business takes three to four years but Finns consider a bachelor's degree just a stepping-stone towards a master's degree. In Finland, degrees earned at a polytechnic school are not considered equivalent to degrees earned at a university. However, other European countries do consider a polytechnic degree the same as a traditional bachelor's or master's degree. Obtaining a Master's degree in business takes another two years of study. Students wishing to earn a doctorate (licentiate) degree must attend a university if they originally attended a polytechnic. Why Earn a Business Degree in Finland? In addition to taking advantage of what may be the best higher education system in the world, international students getting their business degree in Finland will also find that Finland offers top quality working conditions, job security, a wide range of free public services to assist in finding employment and internationally respected businesses that are consistently searching for educated employees with specialized business degrees.