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Executive Mba

Galicia Business School

Be a master, be a manager, be a leader ...

If you are a professional with talent, who already assumes managerial tasks and want to advance in your progression as a manager by growing your leadership and your abilities, this is your program. You will be part of a team of professionals who already know how to do and manage in their areas of responsibility and whose challenge is to "do", direct and lead, integrating the different areas of the company, preparing for new professional challenges.

Galicia Business School has designed its Executive MBA to boost the career of professionals called to assume greater responsibilities in the business field. It is especially aimed at those who have so far demonstrated their ability and leadership in the technical and / or management fields and who now find the opportunity to lead teams and assume greater responsibilities in the management of their organizations.

So this is a differential program:

  • Updated and oriented to the profile of the manager required by the leading companies through an authentic professional transformation of our participants oriented to team leadership.
  • Professional: all the speakers are active professionals in leading companies and referents in their specialties, which ensures the business and professional nature of our training project.
  • It assumes the new global and digital reality , in which innovation, globalization and the need to take on the impact of the digital dimension are key elements for managing people, teams and companies in the coming decades.
  • With a methodology learning by doing , at the height of our time and including the realization of an attractive Business Game to integrate all areas of the company, project, cases, real experiences, outdoor activities, role playing and gamification, among other dynamics oriented to senior management training.
  • Aware that your main asset is your time , and that is designed to make the most of it. That's why the classes will be strictly necessary, two weekends a month, very high added value and taught by professionals recognized in their specialty, and the complementary activities you can do them asynchronously through our virtual campus.
  • That provides you the networking to live up to your expectations, meeting in Santiago two weekends a month to a group of professionals like you, of high management potential coming from companies that refer to the whole geography of the North-East.
  • It has an international extension: Silicon Valley Immersion (optional). In this experiential program (no classrooms or master sessions) participants will spend a week in contact with entrepreneurs and managers who work in the most innovative companies on the planet, in their own organizations and in informal environments to get a first-hand experience of them. thus being able to form a plan of innovation and transformation for their organizations upon their return to Spain.


Professionals and executives that develop their activity in the managerial scope in companies and organizations. In order to participate in our Executive MBA, they must have at least six years of professional experience, of which at least two years must assume tasks of directive responsibility that they carry out in the exercise of leadership and team management. In addition, those participants who opt for the international extension and participate in the program Silicon Valley Immersion must have the level of English that allows the proper use of the activity.

The target audience must be people who are open to their own transformation process: they will be integrated into an authentic management training program that will act as an accelerator of their professional and managerial skills, improving their productivity and developing their profile and, therefore, their contribution to the results of your organization.

Given the professional approach of the program, it will be able to accede to the executives in exercise who, not counting with university qualification, accredit a relevant professional experience and aligned with the objectives of our Executive MBA.

In the face of admission to the program, special consideration will be given to the managerial potential of the candidate and the professional and managerial challenges that he or she must assume in the future in his or her future professional project.

At Galicia Business School we know that a good Executive MBA has three essential ingredients: a prestigious and professional teaching staff, a methodology oriented to managerial training and a group of participants with high potential. That is why we especially care for the selection of the participants and the homogeneity of the group.


Our Executive MBA combines many methodologies, aimed at improving the professional and managerial competencies of the participants. To convert it into a unique training experience we have the following instruments:

  • Case Method: We will employ very varied cases, which will allow us to learn about reality and improve in the analysis of business situations and decision making.
  • Role Play and group dynamics: We will work on real situations by putting the participants in concrete situations to later draw conclusions about the performance achieved and the personal improvement plan to be developed in that field.
  • Business Game: The business simulation, developed in teams and supervised by experts in business management, will place the participants in the management of a company in which they will integrate all the knowledge acquired applying them in a competitive market. It is about learning from real-time successes and mistakes, to integrate all the functional areas of the company.
  • Project: The project of diagnosis and improvement of a company will enable the implementation of everything learned and will be the best incentive for the improvement of the communication skills and presentation of projects of the participants.
  • Master Classes: managerial experiences. We know that learning is contagious and therefore, we design spaces approach to professionals and managers in logistics concerning that in the short distance move their experience and their organizations to participants.
  • Silicon Valley Immersion: Participants who opt for this international extension of the program will learn, without classrooms or master classes, living together for a week with entrepreneurs and managers of leading companies in innovation, and will be able to define their own innovation plan transferring their best practices.
  • Video game competition: Our executive students will live the experience of competing against the rest of the promotion in a video game in which they will test their managerial skills (decision making, leadership, etc.), using an innovative methodology awarded At national and international level.
  • Outdoor training: During the program there will be an outdoor activity aimed at improving the leadership and teamwork of the participants, an experience that will contribute decisively to the team building of the promotion.
  • Coaching and tutoring process: It is a key element of the program, since the different sessions of the Executive are nothing more than the path with which we want to accompany the personal growth and professional development of our participants, always accompanied by a certified coach.


The program will run from October 2017 to January 2019 . The format of development of the sessions is undoubtedly a differential of our Executive MBA. We are aware of the vital stage that our participants are experiencing. Their companies require more than ever their know-how and effort, and their families and friends also expect from them a minimum of reconciliation between work and personal life. That is why we have created a format that combines the high demands that, from all areas (personal, social and professional), are subject and the availability of time to tackle such a vital stage. Our program requires only two weekends per month to go to the facilities of Galicia Business School. All other activities will be done asynchronously, when it is best for the participants.

With this format we have made possible a high level Executive MBA that will take place over 15 months. Our philosophy is clear: classes of very high level, taught by prestigious teachers, and very well taken advantage of. In this way we maximize the utility and productivity of the program, making more efficient the investment of time and money of the participants. The sessions will be held on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning from 16:30 to 20:45 and from 9:30 to 13:45.


The evaluation of the program will have as central axis the preparation and presentation of the master's degree project. Another key element in the evaluation process will be conducting practical work and reports on cases and active participation in the sessions and test aimed at assessing the degree of assimilation of the contents of each of the blocks. In addition, to overcome the program will need to exceed 80% attendance at the contact hours of the program.

Price and location

The program will be held in Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña).

The amount of the Executive MBA is 12,450 € (this price does not include the international extension program in Silicon Valley). Consult conditions.

Consult special conditions for Alumni, companies associated with Galicia Business School and other groups that have a collaboration agreement with our school.

In addition, the SabadellGallego Bank, in its capacity as partner program, offers participants financing under preferential conditions.

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This course is Campus based
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Start date
Oct. 2018
16 months
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12,450 EUR
Spain - Vigo, Galicia
Start date : Oct. 2018
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Oct. 2018
Spain - Vigo, Galicia
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