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Executive MBA - a program for owners and top managers of companies interested in their own professional growth, for those who already run the company, but want to do it on a qualitatively new level.

Business School IPM since September 2001 he has been implementing the Executive MBA program at the University of Kozminsky (Warsaw, Poland). University of Kozminsky is the only business school in Poland with all three prestigious international accreditations: EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB.

In 2015, Kozminsky University entered the Financial Times rating of the best business schools in Europe. And the Executive MBA program entered the top 100 in the world ranking of Executive MBA programs. According to the latest study of the 500 largest Polish companies conducted by the WPROST magazine, Kozminsky University is ranked by employers as the best private university in Poland. Also in the rating of the educational magazine Perspektywy, Kozminsky University took the first place among private Polish universities in 2014.

The objectives of the Executive MBA program

  • To study and master modern management models and concepts of doing business;
  • To systematize the practical experience of participants in the adoption and implementation of managerial decisions at the strategic level of company management;
  • Provide participants with a comprehensive set of knowledge that meets the requirements of our time and international standards, to develop their business and the company at a qualitatively new level;
  • To provide participants with tools and technologies for introducing the acquired knowledge into practice already in the learning process on the program;
  • To inspire the participants and provide a qualitative impetus for the further development of leadership competencies, strategic thinking, professional and personal growth.

Advantages of the Executive MBA program of the IPM Business School

  • European diploma of Kozminsky University, which received the most prestigious world accreditations in the field of international business education;
  • Careful selection of the composition of groups to achieve the synergy effect in the learning process and expand the range of useful business contacts of participants;
  • Training module at the University of Kozminsky (Warsaw, Poland);
  • International team of teachers;
  • A worthy reputation and international recognition of the quality of education at the IPM Business School, confirmed by the accreditation of IQA (International Quality Accreditation).

Educational process

Duration of training is 1.5 years

The Executive MBA program consists of 28 courses, special seminars, as well as personal effectiveness trainings.

The training is conducted in Russian by Belarusian and foreign teachers. Carrying out of examinations and examinations, execution of individual and group projects is carried out in oral and written forms. The list of necessary literature is offered to the listeners, and the library of the IPM Business School and the electronic library located in the distance learning system (SDS) are available.

The program widely uses modern techniques and forms of training: case study, business games, business simulations, discussions, group discussions, presentations, trainings, practical assignments on the material of the trainee's company.

The training is built on the principle of a holistic approach (search for competing strategies and principles of company management) through the analysis of each component to a new level of competence in the formation of strategies and building a company.


  • Evening : Thursday, Friday from 18.00 to 21.15 two Saturdays per month from 10.00 to 17.30 (in courses with participation of foreign teachers classes are possible on Friday and / or Sunday from 10.00 to 17.30)
  • Daytime : Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday once a month from 10.00 to 17.30 (in rare cases - twice a month)

Reviews of our graduates

"In my opinion, the MBA is a big, important and necessary step in the ladder of acquired knowledge and competencies. Without it, it is difficult to jump to other steps. The most important result of my MBA training is getting a variety of tools, ideas and opportunities, on the basis of which you yourself can develop and change the strategy and rules of doing business ".

Valery Papakul, lawyer, partner of the law firm "Stepanovskiy, Papakul & Partners", EMBA-11

"After training, the main thing is saving energy and time. ceased to interfere with the management of numerous doubts. Due to two factors: the first - this is real knowledge, the second - confidence in their abilities. "

Sergey Metto, General Director of POOO "Onega", EMBA-1

"MBA is the realization that each person is the creator of himself, his career and life. I always built my career and life through training. And the highest step was the MBA. MBA training for me is an awareness of my abilities, development of leadership skills, setting important goals and understanding ways to achieve them ".

Marina Kiriy, Managing Director, NA'SVYAZI, EMBA-23

"The Executive MBA in the IPM energizes, you feel like Duracell - ready to learn, work, develop. After the program comes the understanding that everything is just beginning, the most interesting is yet to come. And business turns into new material, and you start to sculpt it, as a master, as a master of business. It becomes clear what you need to "pull" and where to observe the reaction ".

Sergey Vainilovich, managing director, co-owner, EMBA-22

"It is very important to study exactly where you are going to work afterwards. Unequivocally training for MBA helps to expand the circle of communication with oneself equal. And do not forget that after graduating from the Executive MBA in IPM, you automatically become a member of the closed club of alumni EMBA Alumni Club ".

Sergey Klentsov, managing director of Cafe Netto, EMBA-15

The teaching for this program is only available in English.

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