New world new pedagogical approach

The flexibility of a formation of today: to each his rhythm and his life

  • 1 dynamic model: workshops, workshops and projects
  • 1 sustainable rhythm: 1 evening per week (3h) + 1 Saturday per month (7h)
  • 1 training for executives: the duration of training is compatible with the professional objectives (15 to 18 months depending on the integration chosen)
  • 1 adaptable model: the system allows both the face-to-face and the remote for all events, including projects, to deal with all unforeseen events
  • 1 flexible training: it is possible to join the course en route

Most "

  • Personal Development / Leadership
  • Coaching for the realization of the professional project
  • Rise in managerial and technological skills
  • A choice among 4 MBAs at the heart of digital transformations
  • One week on an international "spot" (New York, San Francisco or Shanghai)

The innovative pedagogy of the Ionis group adapted to the most demanding executives

By joining the Executive MBA of Ionis-STM, you access the IONIS pedagogy: systematization of project mode, multiplication of workshops and workshops, intensive sessions and immersions. These methods originated in our schools and spread widely. TO Ionis-STM, they are adapted to the training of managers to respect their identity, while introducing them to these methods of active pedagogy. The trainers are all professionals of high level in activity, in daily contact with the techniques, skills, know-how and reasoning that they transmit to the groups they coach in a collective dynamic.

Title RNCP

For each of its MBAs, Ionis-STM issues a Level I RNCP degree.

Who is this MBA for?

To all executives who want to go faster in understanding contemporary issues and mastering solutions to meet them. The pace has been set to remain compatible with the strong constraints that are theirs. They themselves are conceived in the digital age, they retain the solutions that allow the flexibility, only guarantee of the completion of the course under good conditions.

Goal of the MBA

The quantitative explosion of digital data has prompted the emergence of the Big Data revolution, which has become the new territory for development and value creation for companies. Data from multiple sources (purchasing or browsing history on the Internet, preferences on social networks, internal data in companies, etc.) are intelligently transformed by Big Data technologies and methods into relevant information. This information is used by marketing professionals to refine their targeting and analyze all facets of consumer behavior.

The challenge for the company is to gain a better understanding of the behavior of prospects and customers, to anticipate their needs, to establish or correct marketing campaigns and to adapt the strategy of the company Market expectations. The MBA Management and Big Data will train Managers who can turn digital data into strategic information, thereby giving a decisive economic and strategic advantage to their company.

Program taught in:
  • French

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