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Program Description

The Executive MBA program at United States University combines theory and practice—allowing students to apply what they have learned. Students are also able to work at an internship or job related to their field of study, while in school, by using their CPT. This program combines a large international student population with domestic students allowing both groups of students the opportunity to share their diverse work experiences.

United States University is located in beautiful San Diego, California. USU is a world-class university, offering both online classes and on-campus learning. There are hundreds of local businesses and companies that offer students and graduates opportunities for real-world experience, research while studying or employment after graduation. We demonstrate our dedication to our students through small class sizes that ensure no student is left behind. We keep affordable tuition rates that make education accessible. San Diego is home to a diverse student body that promotes inclusiveness and understanding in the classroom, community, and world. US University is minutes from beautiful beaches and has an almost perfect climate year round. Getting your degree can be enjoyable at US University.

Students will gain a broad understanding of the functional areas of a business (finance and accounting, marketing, human resources, information technology), as well as develop their leadership skills through courses in organizational behavior, business law and ethics, international/global management, strategic planning and organizational change and innovation.

Available: Hybrid: online with a twice a month residency

Average class size: 8 - 10 students

Time to complete: 36 semester credits / 4 semesters / 18 months

Transfer: Maximum of 6 units


  • International Students: $675.00 per credit
    • Approximately $6,075.00 per semester + applicable fees

Program Requirements:

Students who have not completed an undergraduate degree in business must complete BUS 440. BUS 440 Data Analysis and Decision Making for Managers (Formerly MGT 301)

Course Structure:

36 credits; 12 core courses, which include the final Capstone course.

Admission Requirements

  • Completed application form
  • $100 application fee
  • Copy of official transcripts; translated & evaluated by an approved NACES agency
  • Proof of English; IELTS score minimum 6.0+; TOEFL minimum 61+
  • Financial Support Declaration & documents
  • Copy of passport with photo
  • Statement of Purpose
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Optional CPT Course: MGMT 999

CPT is defined as “alternate work/study, internship, cooperative education, or any other type of required internship or practicum which is offered by sponsoring employers through cooperative agreements with the school.” Thus, CPT for F-1 students is intended to provide work experience in the U.S. in situations where the work serves as an integral part of a student’s academic program. CPT must be employed that may not delay the completion of the academic program.

CPT is offered as a .5 credit course per 8-week session. The cost for the MGT 999 course per session is $337.50 or $$675 per semester. The student must apply for CPT before the start of the session.

Last updated Nov 2018

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