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Executive Master of Business Administration

International Space University

Executive MBA Program


Space is a new and diverse industry that is evolving rapidly, as a transition from publicly funded space activities towards the "New Space Economy" is taking place. It is an industry that brings together scientific as well as practical applications influencing our daily life and the economy at large. This space EMBA is designed to support individuals involved in this enterprise who want to further develop their careers and their businesses.

Specifically, the course aims to provide participants with the following skills:

1. Application of accounting, financial, economic, management and marketing principles in space organizations, to solve business problems.

2. Ability to relate this theoretical knowledge directly into the workplace.

3. In-depth understanding of the specific policy and legal frameworks governing space activities.

4. The ability to use effective business management techniques in an international environment.

5. The opportunity to generate and communicate ideas in an intercultural environment.

6. The skills to access and use business information efficiently and accurately.

7. Experience in marketing and the development of business plans to suit a range of market situations.

8. A basic knowledge of accounting principles.

9. Understanding of international space business and the specificities of the modern space economy.

10. Knowledge of the specific space project management techniques developed in the space sector.

11. The opportunity to apply learning and research skills to produce, as part of their final thesis, a thorough analysis of a business situation.

12. The ability and confidence to get more from themselves and from others, having enhanced lifelong learning skills and personal development.

Program Overview

True to the ISU tradition, the Executive MBA intends to provide excellence in the training of space leaders in an uncompromising manner. The modular nature of the program allows high-value professionals to remain dedicated to their relevant tasks while investing in their careers and future potential by joining a like-minded class. At the same time, the 9 residential weeks during an 18-month period allow the absorption of the relevant material and the creation of a balanced curriculum that seeks to exceed expectations and provide all the necessary skills for doing business in the space sector.

The traditional MBA core elements are taught in an interactive and applied manner, while coupled with elements of a Master's in Public Administration, necessary to incorporate a pragmatic understanding of the space sector. True to ISU's interdisciplinary nature, this program provides at the early beginning an overview of the technical characteristics and also significant team-building skills for the bonding of the group.

The Benefits

ISU's Executive MBA:

- Requires only a limited presence at residential courses, hence minimum absence from the working place (9 residential weeks)

- Offers distance learning capabilities during the interim periods

- Provides faculty from space industry and institutions

- Merges the classical MBA skills with a practical implementation of space elements and applications.

The inputs of space operators and the space industry, in general, have been sought, and already now SES, the world's leading telecom operator, is providing effective support to the program.

The Modules

The program is largely based on 2-week Modules. While benefiting from online assignments in the interim periods that aim to maintain the coherence of the group and absorption of material and without interfering with the professional obligations of the participants. These Modules take place in different parts of the world; each Module benefiting from local core-competencies and experiences while enjoying the functionality and continuity of an integrated degree.

Admissions criteria

Applicants will be admitted on the basis of their academic and professional achievements and must have earned a bachelors degree or equivalent.

Preference will be given to applicants:

- having a minimum of five years relevant experience

- having a proficiency in English

- demonstrating focused career perspectives in the space sector or similarly complex area.

In the case of applicants who are sponsored by their organization's human resources department, selection will be performed in cooperation with that department.

Admission procedure

Applicants selected by the Human Resources department of their organization shall submit the following documents to ISU either directly or through their HR department:

- A Curriculum Vitae

- A certified academic record, transcript or mark sheet

- A proof of language proficiency in English.

Non-sponsored applicants should submit the above items plus those listed below directly to ISU:

- An essay explaining the reasons why they wish to attend the course

- Two letters of recommendation

- A declaration of professional experience.

Tuition fees

This program is currently under review. No further information is available.

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