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Program Description

Emory offers two Executive MBA programs: Weekend EMBA and Modular EMBA.

Our Weekend MBA for Executives offers strategic thinking skills and immersive short courses and helps you establish your expertise through one or more areas of focus. Delivering a business-friendly schedule, dedicated career services, and the flexibility to choose your concentration, we are designed for every high potential professional ready to take their career to the next level.

Our Modular MBA for Executives focuses on developing your strategic thinking skills and expanding your competency as a leader. You will strengthen your business acumen and round out your areas of expertise through a general management curriculum delivered through online courses and robust, week-long classroom experiences held on-campus quarterly.

Weekend executive MBA vs Modularexecutive MBA

Weekend EMBA Modular EMBA

Key feature

General Management curriculum with 8 electives to tailor your academics to your interests General Management curriculum with 2 electives designed to broaden your perspective and business acumen
Format On-campus format with classes held every other Friday & Saturday Hybrid format with 8 weeklong on-campus residencies plus distance learning; 66% of the program is delivered face-to-face
Length 16-20 months 16 months
Immersions 2 (Global and Executive Skills) 1 (Global)
Average work experience 13 years 16 years

Exclusively Emory

One of the world’s most highly regarded research institutions, Emory University has a reputation for scholarly achievement, accomplished students, and more than 70 cutting-edge research centers. Our name is recognized around the world and around the corner, so your degree opens doors no matter your location. Pair the Emory name with the indisputable distinction of Goizueta’s MBA for Executives, and you’ve got a formidable one-two punch for success.

Business-friendly format, bottom-line results

Start your Weekend MBA for Executives experience with a comprehensive core curriculum outlining how organizations operate across areas and functions. Then, personalize your academic experience by selecting electives aligned with your specific interests. You’ll bring theories to life through hands-on learning and immerse yourself in experiences that maximize your ability to create organizational value.

The Modular MBA for Executives boasts a unique hybrid format that is both flexible and comprehensive. By using a mix of online learning and in-person classwork, you’ll enjoy a rich academic experience tailored for busy executives like you. You’ll improve your business acumen, hone your managerial instincts, and enhance your leadership abilities in an ideal learning environment. Together, these skills allow you to simultaneously translate your learning into actionable insights to improve business performance.

Authentic leadership

Too often, leadership skills are the missing link keeping good professionals from being great. That’s why at Goizueta, leadership training is infused into everything we do. Through personalized assessments and meaningful feedback, you’ll not only achieve your leadership goals, but you’ll also find and hone your authentic leadership style. This means managing yourself, your team, and your organization—all while being the leader others aspire to become.


High-octane colleagues.

Who you surround yourself with matters. Emory's EMBA brings together a group of talented, successful, mid-level to senior executives and professionals so you learn together side-by-side in a collaborative learning environment.

This means you’re surrounded by experienced individuals who thrive on personal accountability and outstanding results. Your classmates have achieved success across a myriad of industries, businesses, and functions around the world, providing an expansive mindset that boosts your in-person learning, not to mention your professional and leadership development.

Your experience is further enhanced by accomplished faculty skilled at drawing out the best and most diverse perspectives in the room. Through robust dialogue in a collaborative and supportive environment, you will find a great home for your learning — and your unique ideas — to be amplified.

See the world differently. Your EMBA class includes students who have lived and worked abroad or currently do so. The global cultural and business knowledge that these students add to their classmates' experience cannot be overstated.

Through the Global Business Practices immersion, students will learn about business culture in different parts of the world and how businesses interact with the U.S. in order to judge the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

In this interconnected world, successful leaders understand international business. Our students grasp that reality, not just by learning from the diverse student makeup and course studies, but also through case studies and classroom discussions. At Goizueta Business School, you gain international, real-world experience inside and outside the classroom through international modules that explore current topics within the context of international settings such as Brazil, Argentina, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, and Vietnam.

No matter where you are from or where you want to go, this global focus presents a welcoming, diverse, and international experience that shows you how to learn, live and lead in a global world.


Goizueta offers year-round access to one-on-one career coaching. Our team is designed and staffed to support the individual career needs of the working MBA student. You can expect your Goizueta career coach to be available when you are, help you evaluate your career options, guide you on information sources and support, and help you stay accountable for your action plan.


For students undertaking a career search during or upon MBA completion, our Advanced Career Transitions provides skills development, preparation workshops, and connection events including:

  • Career action planning
  • Personal branding
  • Resume and LinkedIn refresh
  • Salary negotiations
  • Interviewing effectively
  • Case interview preparation
  • Networking strategies

Networking events

You gain access to this elite network from your first day, making the benefits immediately and a valuable part of the experience and beyond. Our alumni are willing to go above and beyond to help each other succeed.

  • All MBA Networking Event
  • Goizueta’s Spring Career Fair
  • Career Conversations – Alumni Insights
  • Summer Corporate Networking Night
  • Executive Recruiter Connections
  • Consulting Alumni Networking Night
  • Leadership speakers & class visitors from the corporate community

Career coaches

Our Career Management Center for Working Professionals provides every MEMBA student with a career coach to facilitate one-on-one career support, as defined by the needs of the student. Our career coaches work with you based on your specific needs and interests.

Emory network

A history of academic excellence paired with a reputation for producing high-achieving graduates makes choosing Emory a wise choice. Numbering over 130,000 the Emory Network is influential, powerful, dynamic and far-reaching. Share more than a degree.

Share an experience. Emory alumni form a network as diverse as it is successful, rivaling any competitors.


Climbing to the top starts with one step.

We're looking for candidates with proven track records and the drive to fulfill their potential. Are you up to the challenge?

EMBA eligibility

  • Professionals prepared to enter or are already in leadership positions
  • Looking to enhance executive leadership skills
  • Ready for a rigorous academic experience molded to fit your schedule
  • A bachelor's degree and a strong undergraduate academic record
  • Understand the value of a room full of different perspectives
  • Prepared to make valuable contributions in the classroom

2019 MBA for executives application deadlines


Following Round 4, applications are accepted on a seat-available basis until the class is full.

Applying in an earlier round allows more time after admission to prepare for the start of classes, but there is no advantage or disadvantage between rounds in terms of admission. Applicants should choose the round in which they feel they can submit their strongest possible application.

Positioned for success

Michael Gootman 15 EMBA continues to capitalize on his background in engineering and positioning himself for further success while working in capital productivity for McKinsey & Company.

Growing entrepreneurs

Antoinette Gaston 18 EMBA combined the business skills she learned at Emory with her professional background in science to launch her own skin care and beauty company.

Creating new opportunities

Raghav Balasubramanian 19EMBA experienced the benefits of Emory's EMBA program within the first term, leveraging the skills he was learning to find a new career opportunity.

Transforming leadership skills

Richard van Dam 18 EMBA leveraged Emory's leadership development program to improve his confidence and change the way he manages others and interacts with his CEO.

Last updated Jan 2020

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