Executive MBA


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Program Description

The EMBA will provide you with the key skills, managerial competencies, and tools to address new challenges and make successful decisions, and always based on the experience of recognized professionals and with a practical approach you can take advantage of right from the start.

Access Profile

Professionals with 4 or more years’ experience who want to give a decisive boost to their career by combining the Master’s course with their professional activity and have a strong desire to overcome challenges and take on more responsibilities.

Therefore, the target profile is high-potential professionals, middle management, functional managers or entrepreneurs, who aspire to achieve positions of greater responsibility, for which they need to develop both their competencies and management skills while seeking personal growth.


The program consists of 3 modules and presentation of the project.

1. Understanding the background and business

  • Economic and Geopolitical Climate
  • Analysis of Business Situations
  • Commercial Success
  • Company Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Impact Marketing
  • Competing in Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Management
  • People Management

2. Strategy and value creation

  • Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • Strategic Direction
  • How to create and defend a Business Plan
  • Customer Experience
  • Internal and External Communication

3. Management of complexity

  • Project Management and Optimization
  • Business Transformation & Change Management
  • Management of fiscal and legal complexity
  • International and Virtual Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Internationalization of the company
  • Corporate social responsibility

4. Additional workshops

  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation & Team Working
  • Strategic Simulation

5. International trip to Africa (1 week)

  • Preparation of Master's Final Project (Business Plan)
  • Social Entrepreneurship

6. Optional international trip to Babson-USA (1 week)

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Providing students with the methodological and practical tools and techniques required to take on new responsibilities in the management field.
  • Preparing students to face change processes and be able to transform the challenges of the current environment into competitive advantages.
  • Strengthening influence and leadership capacities in a practical and ethical framework.

The program will be run in a highly practical way, combining specific concepts and fundamentals with case studies, examples, discussions, workshops, visits and conferences.
There will be spaces for teamwork and workshops to encourage networking. In addition, profile analysis and coaching session will be offered to work on strengths and areas for improvement.
Students will carry out a Business Plan, which will focus on a charity project in Africa. This Business Plan has the following objectives:

  • Being real: this initiative aims to provide advice and launch a charity project which would be very difficult for individuals and institutions in certain regions of Africa to carry out on their own.
  • Being supportive: with the same effort they would put into a project closer to home, participants feel committed to a specific need with which they can collaborate, putting all their knowledge and personal experience at the service of a community.
  • Changing people: this is an activity that will have an impact on the participant, providing them with first-hand experience of the environment in which a major part of the world's population subsists. The aim is to stir the social conscience of students.

Enrollment Procedure

  • Application for admission + documentation
  • Admission test
  • Personal interview
  • Admissions Committee

Application for admission + documentation:
Complete an application form accompanied by the following documents:

  • Copy of National Identity Card/Foreigners Identity Card/Tax Identification Number (DNI/NIE/NIF) or Passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • University degree certificate and academic record
  • One photograph

Admission test:
The Admission Test consists of a set of multiple-choice questions in which numerical agility, verbal agility, and text compression are assessed. This test can be done in person at our facilities or online.

Personal interview:
In the personal interview, the candidate's personal and professional objectives are discussed, as well as their suitability for the program.

Admissions Committee:
The admissions committee will make an assessment and inform the candidate in writing of the admission result within two weeks.

Price: 18.500 €

Last updated Dec 2019

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