It is a master specifically designed for professional and personal development , whose objective will focus on training in the different areas of business management and an adequate knowledge of the new methods of management and administration, in order to give a remarkable boost to the student's career as a director.

This program is designed for students to find answers to their professional concerns . Science and technology develop very quickly so we become obsolete day by day and, therefore, we need to update our knowledge, deepen more those who already have them or learn new things.

The professional prestige of the teaching staff guarantees the student an enriching experience, both personally and professionally.

Fast guide/>

Methodology Configuration/>

  1. The Executive Master Gadex is an Intensive Program of Skills and Management Techniques.
  2. The Master lasts ten months, with a weekly load equivalent to 20 teaching hours.
  3. The classes are conducted remotely, through a virtual platform that includes teaching materials and work forums.
  4. The theoretical-practical development is complemented by an 8-day internship in Spain, after completing the virtual phase. This internship is highly recommended and is included in the registration fee.
  5. The Master includes the realization of a Project prepared in groups by participants from different countries and specialties.
  6. The Master provides two formal recognitions, with the participation of the University of Cádiz, Formato Educativo and the Business University Foundation of the University of Cádiz.
  7. The registration fee of the Gadex Master is as follows, according to zones:
    Spain: 4,000 Euros *
    Rest of Spanish-speaking countries (subsidized): US $ 3,750
    Specific scholarships: It is communicated, when convened, in the local press.

    This price includes the distance classes, the tutoring of the International Project, the expenses of lodging and maintenance during the stay in Spain, professional guided visits during the Face-to-Face Phase and accident insurance in Spain. Click here to see the economic conditions of the Master, scholarships and grants available.

    * In the case of students from Spain does not include maintenance and accommodation on campus, during the face-to-face phase

  8. The tuition payment can be made within the defined deadlines, or in full when making the initial reservation (soon payment). The realization of prompt payment entails important economic, academic or personal advantages that can be consulted by the Gadex Coordination.
  9. There are 39 specialties of the Executive Master, being possible to attend up to two specialties simultaneously. Click on the following link to know the different options.
  10. The Master of the Gadex Program is currently developing its Tenth Edition, which allows those interested to obtain information and first-hand assessments of students who have already completed it. This can be achieved by consulting the attached graphic documentation or by requesting the addresses of former graduates from the Formato Educativo .
  11. Limited places. To start the registration process without commitment, you must register here .


1. Management Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Motivation techniques
  • Leadership as an acquired skill
  • Negotiation techniques
  • The management of groups and teams

2. Esthetic Marketing

  • Strategic marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • CRM Marketing plans
  • Management of new products Integration of the marketing function in the company

3. Introduction to Human Resources

  • Human resources management
  • Recruitment, selection and monitoring
  • Training and development of Human Resources
  • Performance management Compensation methods

4. Finance for Non-Financial

  • Economic financial analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Cost Management

5. Management of the Supply Chain

  • Management and Production Logistics Criteria
  • Production Systems
  • Process management

Admission requirements/>

Be in possession of a higher degree or accredit professional experience that endorses a level of responsibility and sufficient knowledge applied to the matter of the Master./>

Be a citizen of a Spanish-speaking country (including Spain) or, failing that, prove residence in it for a significant period of time.

Selection procedure/>

First, you must complete the pre-admission application , which is accessed through the " Enrollments " tab.

Formato Educativo will validate the information provided, in order to select the candidates and start the Program. However, in order to obtain the final degree, the student must provide copies of the University Diploma and Certificate of Certified Notes .

The decision of the Academic Committee of Selection, taken on the basis of the documentation provided, is unappealable. This decision will be communicated through an email sent directly from the Coordination of the Gadex Program

Seat reservation/>

The selected candidates have a deadline to make the payment of their reservation . If they do not, the right to the place is transmitted to the next student on the waiting list.

The reservation made is returned to the student in the event that the Program is canceled.

Formato Educativo reserves the right to make any alteration or modification in Calendar and / or Program, as well as any other condition that is convenient for technical, academic or market reasons. However always try to respect the exact conditions accurately.

Economic conditions/>

The total price of the Gadex Program (MBA Intensive) is 3,750 US $./>

It is included in this price:/>

  • The realization of a specialty chosen by the student.
  • Classes and distance learning.
  • Monitoring and tutoring of the International Master's Project.
  • Accommodation and maintenance in Spain during the Face-to-Face Phase.
  • Visits and public events that take place in the Face-to-Face Phase.
  • Group computer equipment in the Face-to-Face Phase.
  • Accident insurance in the Face-to-Face Phase in Spain.

It is not included in this price:/>

  • No displacement from the place of origin of the participants, inside or outside of Spain, to the place where the Face-to-Face Phase takes place.
  • Management and delivery expenses of the title.
  • Processing and expenses of the Hague Apostille (Legalization of the title)
  • No other cost or administrative management, of any nature, not specified.

Other options:/>

  • Tuition is reduced to US $ 3,350 in case the student does not travel to Spain and does the whole program remotely.
  • There is a discount for early payment in case of enrolling in the modality with a stay in Spain.
  • The price of the companions is of US $ 750 in addition to the cost of registration.
  • It is possible to perform a second specialty simultaneously, for an additional US $ 1,000 to the registration fee.

Scholarship Policy:/>

Occasionally some sponsoring institutions of the Gadex Program promote partial scholarships to enrollees of different nationalities. When this opportunity occurs, Formato Educativo communicates it in the press of the country that receives this scholarship and in a personalized way to the affected students.

Program taught in:
  • English

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This course is Online & Campus Combined
Start Date
10 months
3,750 EUR
Spain: 4,000 Euros; Rest of Spanish-speaking countries (subsidized): US $ 3,750
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