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Program Description

Real-life solutions to real-life problems

  • We are "cutting-edge" in thought and action.
  • We co-create customized solutions to real problems.
  • We choreograph shared experiences and networking for life.
  • We are totally "market-driven" in everything we do.

Executive MBA

(17th Edition - 18 months duration)

The Executive MBA at ISCTE Executive Education provides participants with the development of essential skills for management , in a competitive, complex and interconnected international panorama, which has been reflected in the recognition of the course in Portugal and abroad.

EMBA is aimed at professionals who intend to engage in an intense process of personal transformation, both stimulating and demanding, with the aim of increasing their hierarchical responsibilities and preparing them for leadership roles in the management of value creation , development of its employees and in driving organizational change.

The academic and business experience of the faculty and a rigorous selection process that guarantees a high quality of the participants, are sure signs of the Program's added value.

Your knowledge and skills are your greatest assets.

Come to know us better and find out why our EMBA can be the decisive step in your development as a manager and in your professional career!

Unique experience - London Business School (Financial Times Ranking)

The Program includes a Course Unit at the London Business School, one of the best business schools in the world , a world leader in Executive Education. This experience consists of immersion in several advanced management topics, based on cutting-edge methodologies and conducted over 16 hours of sessions by professors with worldwide reputations.


Integrated leadership training plan

The accelerated cadence of interactions on a global scale requires an integrated approach to management challenges. More than ever, interpersonal skills are essential to collect different individual realities and extract value from all stakeholders in the inevitable processes of change.

EMBA has asserted itself as a top program for being able to materialize, over the last few years, an integrated perspective of business management and a methodological approach that reflects the importance of the connection between theory and practice, essential for day-to-day activities. day of executives and managers . At the same time, it involves the development of a set of soft skills that are fundamental for achieving prominent positions in organizational leadership .

Theoretical-practical classes

Advanced management hard and soft skills

Seminars and executive talks

Interaction and networking with business leaders

Individualized monitoring program

Acquisition of skills for better personal and professional development

Social responsability

Innovative content and applied experiences


The profile of participants in an EMBA is substantially different from the profile of participants in an MBA, as a result of age groups (average age of 39 years) and years of professional experience (average of 15 years).

EMBA responds to the training needs of executives who intend to acquire General Management knowledge, benefiting from the added value of sharing experiences with colleagues with solid and diversified professional experience .

The diversity of participants in terms of training, professional career and sectors of activity, combined with individual potential , contribute to making the EMBA of ISCTE Executive Education a unique program in the Portuguese panorama.


  • António Gomes Mota
  • Pedro Fontes Falcão

Expected program structure

1st year

  • Corporate Finance
  • Data Analysis
  • Business strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Data Analytics
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic People Management
  • Leadership and Motivation (includes Marines Leadership Course)
  • Markets and Economy
  • Negotiation
  • Corporate Financial Reporting
  • Marketing

2nd Year

  • Performance Analysis and Management Control
  • Digital Transformation in Business Management
  • Business Challenge
  • Internationalization
  • Business Challenge
  • Management Topics (at London Business School)
  • Business Ethics and Sustainability

What does it require?

  • Graduation.
  • Minimum of 5 years of full-time professional experience.

Selection criteria

  • Consolidated professional experience.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Maturity, communication and interpersonal skills, drive and potential to assume leadership positions.
  • Motivation to carry out the EMBA and the ability to allocate the necessary study time to the successful completion of the program.

The aim is to create a diverse group of participants, in terms of academic training, professional experience, functions performed and sectors of activity.

Last updated Apr 2020

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