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Program Description

Executive MBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) – abbreviated as EMBA – is an intensive part-time program leading to a master’s degree in management. Students who satisfactorily complete all the program requirements are formally granted diplomas with a master’s degree in Executive MBA by the Wrocław University of Economics.

The Executive MBA Program makes an element of the educational offer of one of the university’s faculties, i.e. Faculty of Management, Computer Science, and Finance. The program is conformed to the guidelines from the Bologna Process in higher education. Its content and design ensure the comparability of the graduates’ competencies and their diplomas with those that are offered at the Western European and American universities, particularly in the scope of managerial education. Furthermore, our program is congruent with the rules of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

At the western universities, the fundamental assumption is that the Executive MBA is a postgraduate program which is addressed to experienced professionals, often those occupying managerial positions. In general, there are two routes that students can take when pursuing an MBA degree: a full-time or part-time program. The second option allows participants to obtain an MBA degree whilst continuing to work full-time and perform their executive functions. The length of an MBA program varies from 1 to 4 years, depending on course load and university. The characteristic feature of education in the MBA system is that the applications can be submitted by graduates from various types of schools of higher education and representing different kinds of academic specialization. Conforming to these western organizational and program standards needs to be recognized as a condition upon which the full partnership in this field is possible, meaning mutual recognition of diplomas, granting dual diplomas, providing exchange apprenticeships, educating foreign students,  participating in various international financial and supportive funds, etc.

The Executive MBA Program is not only a response to the requirements imposed on us and our graduates by the international environment but it is also an attempt to fulfill the expectations of our university’s and faculty’s nearby environment – the dynamically developing region of Lower Silesia.

The Executive MBA Program prepares for careers in the business world in its broadest sense. It is designed to educate top and mid-level managers for both home and international companies as well as for non-business organizations.


Educational goals

Our ambition is to attract the students who are of a very high level of social diversity: graduates from different fields of study, at different age (both young and those with rich professional experience), with professional practice in different types of business and non-business organizations, including different kinds of their business profiles, originating from

different countries and ethnic groups, of different sex, of different political and religious orientations, of different marital status, etc., but at the same time, all of them need to be able to respect the distinctness of others and express desire, willingness, and capability of applying the norms and rules of customary social intercourse.

The main goal:

The main goal of the educational offer within the Executive MBA Program is to provide the students with an integrated vision of a company (organization) in the free market economy and develop knowledge and skills which are indispensable in formulating and analyzing the company’s problems, skills needed to make decisions within the scope of these problems, and skills which are necessary to realize these decisions in the context of changing external and internal environment.

Precise objectives:

  • Acquire the solid basis of competencies in the main fields of company activities, such as marketing, production, finance, accounting, human resources management, strategy, and policy of the enterprise.
  • Understand the company’s environment and the mechanisms of its functioning.
  • Develop an ability to manage teams as well as an ability to work and communicate in teams.
  • Acquire appropriate analytical, planning, and operational skills which may be demanded in complex practical situations.
  • Develop the capability to quickly and realistically conceptualize decisional problems and to accurately evaluate the direct and remote consequences of decisions being taken.
  • Acquire an ability to learn continuously and make use of modern scientific methods and IT tools that support decision making and problem-solving.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to cooperate in a multicultural environment and necessary to perform managerial tasks in an international setting.

Organization and structure of the program

The Executive MBA Program lasts 2 years (4 semesters) and the courses are realized in a form of weekend sessions (only Saturdays and Sundays). There are about 10-weekend sessions each semester. The full educational cycle covers two consecutive academic years. To successfully complete the Executive MBA Program and earn a master’s degree a student needs to pass all the courses scheduled in the program and defend a master’s thesis to the end of the 4th semester. The graduation ceremony crowns the completion of the Executive MBA Program. During the ceremony, the students are presented with their diplomas by the President or Vice-President of the Wrocław University of Economics, Dean or Vice-Dean of Faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finance, and Director of Executive MBA Program.



Executive MBA Program is paid studies.

The education costs are borne by the listener individually or by the delegating unit.

The semester fee for the studies (on the polish and the international option) is:

  • 8 750 PLN – for Polish citizens
  • 2 000 EUR – for foreigners

On admission to the 1st semester of study, the student is required to pay the tuition fee for the whole semester to the 15th of October of a given year.

Enrollment criteria

The selection process of the candidates takes into account the information contained in the application documents and the result of the interview.

In particular, the following criteria will be taken into account in the assessment:


  • type and level of education (2/10),
  • managerial experience (4/10),
  • motivations of the candidate (2/10),
  • candidate's predisposition (2/10).
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